Thursday, September 13, 2012

in my ears

i've been thinking about music a lot this week
i think there are a few reasons

1) i got the most amazing pair of headphones for my birthday. i can't even explain how they have changed the way music from my iphone/computer/record player sounds. this sounds quite dramatic, but i'm not kidding.

2) The Voice is back on. man i love that show. it's my new American Idol. Not because of Adam Levine. (that's a lie. it's 90% because of his pretty face)

3) I got some new music for my bday.

anyway, I started thinking about music. and some music i am madly in love with right now. and i wanted to share it with both of you. (i assume 2 people are reading this post). I'm going to include tons of links. Mainly so you can listen, and also so you can buy mp3's.

Elton John- when most people think of Elton, they think of current Elton. Or Candle in the Wind. That's not my Elton. My Elton is the version that you find in his self titled album and on Tumbleweed Connection. (i'm ashamed to say i didn't know about that one until the movie Elizabethtown.) The songs on there are incredible. Some of them even have a bit of a folk-y feel. Dare I say, even southern. Those albums are 2 of my go-to's when I'm home alone. I blare them.
some of my favorite songs of his are "I need you to turn to" "Border Song" "My Father's Gun" and "Where to now St Peter"

Today I've been listening to Dave Van Ronk. One of my friend's said "he's got an awesome smoker's voice". it's true. Bob Dylan ripped off one of his songs. Well, his version of "House of the Rising Sun". It's a really funny story.
Some of my favorites of his are "Gambler's Blues", "He was a friend of mine" and "My Baby's So Sweet"

Cold Specks is someone i fell in love with back in the spring. I usually listen to her twice a week at work. She just always seems to be the perfect fit. There is something surprising about her music. I can't put my finger on it. My favorite songs are "Blank Maps" and "Winter Solstice". you can watch a live performance of a few songs that is amazing.

Odetta  currently has a huge bit of my heart when it comes to music. A friend introduced me to her music while we were in a record store a couple of years ago. All he said is "she was one of Bob Dylan's biggest influences". Sold. Her music is very similar to old spirituals. I wore her record out. I really did. Earlier today a friend and I were talking about her and I said "I just want to sit at her feet, have her brush my hair and sing to me. That sounds very...'The Help'...i don't mean it that way". I can't pick favorites of hers. I just can't. But she did an album of Dylan songs that blew me away. So those are what I'll include. "Blowin in the Wind" and "Mr. Tambourine Man"

Donny Hathaway is like Stevie Wonder and Jon Legend combined. He is perfect 70's soul with a hint of Motown. I could listen to him for hours. I do actually.
my favorite Donny songs (or versions of songs that he did) are "A Song For You" (seriously, makes my heart melt) and "I'll Love You More Than You'll Ever Know"

so that is it. tons of links. tons of good music. most old, a little new. go bananas!
what are you listening to?

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