Monday, September 10, 2012

thirty wONEderful

ashley came up with that.
pretty catchy, eh?

31 has been pretty great so far.
i had to work, which was a first in like 4 years.
but in a way it's kinda fun. everyone seems to like you better on your birthday, am i right? i am.

Ashley gave me my gift at lunch. i already colored 1 picture
ryan gosling coloring book from Ashley
 co-worker Jessica sent me this email
Ryan Gosling from Jessica
 And Dan did a #dandrawthis for me. a never nude birthday unicorn

my birthday night was spent watching Aiden. I arrived, taking over for his grandma, and found treats from shaynah. and he was pretty perfect

my awesome funfetti cake from Shay
I received this birthday surprise from a certain Jenny James in Alexandria!

it led to a few texting convos with her and Aly, trying to figure out how to use it. I think i've got the hang out of it now. and it's awesome.

i also celebrated with my first trip to our new whole foods and ordered a pretzel bread sandwich. it was amazing. but in my eyes, anything with pretzel bread is the best. they should start saying "best thing since sliced pretzel bread" instead of sliced bread. i might start doing that.

friday night was girls night. we went to hear a band (meh) and eat pizza...and right when i was about to call it a night...we went to karaoke. here's the thing... i don't sing. but i went. and i watched. and i was in awe
sarah, lissie and misty singing "i've got friends in low places"

misty dedicating "alone" by heart to me. it included a microphone swing (it flew off the cord) and a knee slide.
Ashley and I laughed, cheered, and left with Ashley saying "man that was awesome. But we aren't going back for a looooong time." i replied "And I am never singing, even when we do come back!" *remember these quotes*

the next day was my bday party! YAY
shay and kristie did such an awesome job with these! and ashley was the perfect hostess! 

this is the only picture i took during the entire party. amanda sitting on the floor and dan in a chair. that's it
my party was a blasty blast. so many sweet, wonderful friends, spoiling me, feeding me, and giving me beer. pretty perfect.
towards the end of the night, we were retelling the story of karaoke. people laughed. our friend Heather chimed in "aw man... i want to go" see where this is going right? If not, go back up and re-read the quotes from me and ashley. cool? ok. lets continue
about 20 minutes later, 4 people leave, headed back to the bar, ashley and i talk it over, and decided that yes, we are going back. 2 nights in a row. and we bring amanda and our friend cody. who is a man. hanging out with 7 girls.

Cody singing 4 non blonds "Whats going on"
the bouncer guy found out it was my bday party "you should sing!" "um no. i don't do that."

cut to 30 minutes and 1 gin and tonic later
Heather, me and Lissie "singing"
Heather and I pow-wowed. We both know all of hte words to Salt N Peppa's "Whatta Man". so, we agreed that we would go up...together. but, since we don't sing...we needed someone to be En Vogue. Lissie handled that part.

I am proud to say i didn't need to look at the prompter once. it's my jam

one final bday note...
this happened and made my day

in case you don't know...that is deangelo williams (#34) and Jonathan Stewart (#28) of the panthers. they are known as Double Trouble. And they wished med a happy bday. NBD.

I lied. LAST last thing.
this is what my bday balloons looked like yesterday morning. how sad is that?

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Seems like you had an awesome birthday. :)