Monday, October 1, 2012

Linda's daughter

if you saw my mom, you'd immediately make a comment about how much we look alike.
one of my friends told me that before he knew my name, he mentally referred to me as "the girl that looks just like her mom"
we are short. we have the exact same build. I have her eyes and dimples.

Personality wise, we could not be more different. I am much more laid back that my mom. I don't really get angry. at all. She has a bit of the Irish temper. But I will burst into tears much easier than she does. You can imagine what the combo of the temper and my tears looked like during my teen years. Yikes.

Personality wise, I am more like my dad.
But I think most like my mom's younger sister, Julie. She and I have the same sense of humor. We are both sarcastic. And often cross the line with a joke. And often get scolded by Grandma. In the past when my family would get together, there was always a point where we would all be laughing, and you'd hear Grandma say "Juuuuuuuuulie!". Yet, she would always be still laughing.
A few months ago, we were all together in my other aunt's kitchen. Among the laughing you'd hear "Kendrraaaaaaaaaaa!" just as often as the "julies!"
side note: Grandma is just as bad as us. Sometimes worse. We get it from her. But there is no one to scold her, so she gets away with it.

But again, I am Linda's daugther. I have her love for chocolate, old movies, reading, classical music and art.

Mom has this amazing art history book that she kept from school. I used to flip through it all the time.
I haven't been to an art museum with mom since i was a little kid. But i know that we have the same habit of taking far too long in them.

Mom introduced me to my favorite painting.
It's called Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyck.

It's currently hanging in the National Gallery in London. So now i guess I have to go to London.

Also, I am flying to Chicago to see Aunt Julie in 10 days.
She is where I not only got my sarcasm, but my love of good coffee.
And we are going to drink all of the good coffee.
And make jokes without being scolded by Grandma. It's going to be the best.

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