Friday, December 21, 2012

secret playlist

do you have one?
i used to use spotify, where you could listen to some music "off the record" so other's couldn't see what you were listening to.
Now i have rdio, which does not offer that.
I always feel super lame when i'm listening to something humiliatingly teen-tastic and then see a friend log into rdio. They are able to see that at that moment, i'm listening to Justin Bieber. I used to try to switch to something else fast.
but then i noticed something amazing... rdio has a fun feature that shows you who else that you know has listened to something you are listening to by showing their picture under the album.

those are my friends...and they listened to the same guilty pleasure music that I listen to.

so, right now, here is what is on my secret playlist that isn't a secret at all

1) Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen- i don't care if it was the "song of the summer". to me it is the song of the fall, winter, spring, 2012-2015. I love this song.

2) Dancing on My Own by Robyn-  this is my jaaaaaaaam. This is what I listen to in my room, dancing. on my own (see what I did there?) there is a scene from the HBO show girls when the main girl, Hannah, just found out that her ex-boyfriend is gay, and is at home alone thinking about it, when her roommate shows up (f-bomb alert)...and they do exact same thing i do when i hear it.

3) It Will Rain by Bruno Mars- I don't know why I love this song. Maybe because it's a sad break-up song. Maybe because every woman wants to be told that a guy needs morphine if she ever leaves.

4) What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction- Shut up.

5) Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn- she's on the list twice. That's a big deal. This song is terrible, but it's SO GOOD. as in, the message is terrible. But I can't not dance to it. I am moving a bit right now. Her music video is crazy weird. But one of the guys at SNL decided to recreate it. And it's hilarious. 

6) Boyfriend by Justin Bieber- Duh

7) Give Your Heart a Break by Demi Levato- I don't know guys. I just love this jam. I gave this CD to my 14 year old sister last Christmas. And I kinda want to steal it.

8) I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift- You know you like this song. I don't even need to explain this one.

9) Halo by Beyonce- We've already talked about her amazing-ness. This song IS. THE. JAM. The clapping in the beginning. The fake-out fade-out. Her voice. The words. I listen to it at work with my headphones and GIVE IT MY ALL. I've been caught a few times, but i do not care. THIS SONG IS SO GOOD. Know what, it's not even on my guilty pleasure playlist. It's on my life soundtrack playlist. I listen to this song on repeat. a LOT. Like, already 3 times today.

10) Bad Girls by MIA- another jam. I picture myself walking in slow-mo when this is on. Wind blowing my hair back. A cigarette hanging out of my mouth. cars exploding behind me. dark eyeliner, messy hair...right? You see it, don't you? Or at least riding a bike like Mindy Kaling in the pilot of her show Mindy Project. This is another one that I can have on repeat.

11) Where Have You Been by Rihanna- This song is crazy good. When the chorus starts, i just want to shoot off confetti cannons. I feel like this is the ultimate dance party song.

12) Countdown by Beyonce- nothing needs to be said. I already said it. She is the best at everything. (fun fact...she was tote preggs in this video)

and LAST but certainly not least...the song that I picture in the background of everything that happens in my life...

13) Anything Can Happen by Ellie Goulding- this has "if my life was a movie" written all over it. Close your eyes and listen. Can't you see it? I feel like a confetti cannon would be fiitting in this one too. I think I just need to get a confetti cannon. I feel like I would use it a lot. This is another song I shamelessly play on repeat. Because I can.

so, play your secret/guilty pleasure playlist proudly. All your friends are probably listening to the same thing. 
what is on your list?

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