Monday, February 25, 2013

girl crush of the moment

Have you see Silver Lining Playbook? If you haven't please do,

Jennifer Lawrence is so good in it. Obviously because she keeps winning everything. And I was cheering her on before I saw the movie.
Her speeches are amazing. At the golden globes she made a comment about not wanting to know who Harvey Wienstien had to kill to get her up there.

Every interview she does is gold. She is so funny
She is very quick, very dry.
Here are some examples

Hilarious, right?
As you know, she won the Oscar last night. And fell up the stairs
And her knight in shining armor came to rescue her (Please oh please let it come out that they are dating. they have to be)
here are a few more amazing clips after she won the Oscar

but the BEST moment of the night was this clip

during all the JLaw crushing, my friend Lydia text me this
I feel like she would love us.
Hooray Jennifer!
Thank you for being so awesome and rescuing us from obnoxious Anne Hathaway speeches. BARF.

Monday, February 18, 2013

thanks Ted!

Saturday I was planning on driving to my maw-maw's house (that's right. You heard me. I live in NC. that is what she is called) to see some my aunt in town from San Diego.
There are very few people whom i love as much as i love my Aunt Sylvia. She was the first member of my step-extended family that i met. I initially met her at my cousins water polo match. My (soon to be) step dad took mom and I there. I was 8 years old. As soon as we walked up to them, she scooped me up, sat me down next to her on the bleachers and wrapped me up in her jacket to stay warm. I was the first "girl" she'd had around, and she was pretty excited. I immediately loved her the best. That led to tons of weekends and summer days at her house, playing with my cousins, going to the beach, learning to swim in their pool. She also bought me a crazy-awesome neon pink and purple swim suit. The kind with the zipper. Remember those? Yea. I was hot stuff in that. It made it easier for my cousin Shawn and I to pretend we were trainers at Sea World. We owned that game.
Leaving them was one of the hardest parts about leaving San Diego. So anytime she comes to town, i get crazy excited.
I spent a good deal of time getting ready. It was a cloudy, chilly day, so I didn't mind being locked in the warm bathroom for 20 minutes.
When i came out...there was snow. All over the ground. Not just a little. A lottle.
Keep in mind, there was zero snow falling from the sky before I entered the bathroom. Now all of the snows ever were on the ground. ok, maybe not all of them. But most of them. Regardless, it led me to look out the window and say "that escalated quickly."
So i began to drive and after about 10 minutes on the road, realized this wasn't going to work.
I called them, let them know I probably shouldn't come over, turned around, bought soup, wine and cookie dough at the store, and redboxed (i've turned it into a verb. Whatev) a couple of movies. I went home, put on my comfiest clothes, curled up on the couch, eating pizza and wine with my roommate, watching the snow fall and fall and fall and fall
and then we decided to pop in the movies
And that is what this post is about
"Kendra, i thought this post was about seeing your aunt?"
This post is about one of the 2 movies i saw.

I rented To Rome with Love which is a cute Woody Allen movie. His movies make me happy guys. Just happy.
and Liberal Arts.
I've seen a lot about Liberal Arts because I follow Josh Radnor on twitter. Josh Radnor is Ted Moseby from "How I Met Your Mother". One of the most obnoxious characters on TV that I can't help but love and root for.
Josh wrote and directed this film. Naturally, to promote it he has tweeted about it a lot. a lot a lot.
So Ashley and I watched it. And it was a good movie! I really liked it
But there was one part I kind of loved
In this scene, Jesse, the lead, has befriended Elizabeth. She told him about the Survey of Classical Music class she took, how it changed her life, and she made him a mix tape. In return, she asked that he write her a real letter.
So, here is Jesse listening to the CD, and writing about his take on it.

I was raised listening to classical music. I had just kind of took it for granted.
But this scene made me want to listen to all of those songs. over and over. I didn't feel like skipping back and writing down everything they said and my google search came back empty. So I went straight to the source.
I asked Josh himself if the playlist was posted somewhere.
the next morning, I awoke to this

and he was right.
Thanks Josh/Ted Moseby! ( I totally got excited that he tweeted me. I won't downplay it)

so... here it is. The playlist.
I've been listening to it at work. It makes even typing more enjoyable.
I listened to it on the drive it. A train passed and I got kind of lost in that for a moment. Almost missed the light turning green
Enjoy my dear ones!

Friday, February 15, 2013

i'm on a roll

i know this has been a beyonce heavy week. but you know what? I just gotta do me.

You may or may not know, but Queen B has a documentary coming out this weekend. Sadly I don't have HBO. But I do have the internets. And I do know how to google "watch Beyonce documentary for free". Not that  I will. But I will.

i love the site hellogiggles, and they posted this today
A Wishlist of Reveals for Beyonce's Documentary
it's questions that they hope Life is but a Dream answers

-B. Bey. Beyowulf. Queen B. Bee-hive. Sasha Fierce. Benancé (okay, maybe that one’s just me). We love to assign her nicknames, but what would SHE like to be called? Has anyone ever thought to ask?
-Does she get mad when people don’t put the accent mark on the é in Beyoncé?
-Does she have a junk drawer?
-Will she finally put the baby bump speculation to bed?
-Does B eat McDonald’s? Personally, I would really enjoy watching her eat a cheeseburger.
-Jay-Z: boxers, or briefs?
-Obama cameo: Y/N?
-Will she give me more details on the Destiny’s Child reunion, please?
-Can we look back at some of her Destiny’s Child getups and all have a good laugh together?
-Do she and Jay split the check at dinner, does he always pay, or do they trade off?
-Does she wear slippers?
-What if B ISN’T a bath person? I always assumed she was.
-Does Jay wear sunglasses inside? To bed?
-Does he ever make her breakfast? Is she a French toast person, or a pancakes person?
-Will we see Beyoncé sing Blue Ivy a lullaby? Does she ever duet with J?
-Where is Blue Ivy, ever?
-Is this entire documentary just going to be footage of her at the gym? (I can only assume anyone that fab is inside a gym 98% of their waking hours.)

This was my valentines day

I woke up and found a sweet surprise from my roommate. Instyle magazine, chocolate and flowers are my love language. especially when they are all in my bathroom. It was the first thing i found when I woke up this morning
i was having a super awesome hairday. Thanks St. Valentine!

this was the only thing i asked for this Valentines day. Oh, and a baby elephant

found this surprise on my desk from a secret friend.  I didn't know Ryan Gosling had snuck into  the office.
my funny Valentine
such a heartbreaker

came home to find this special valentine from my best Behr all the way from MD

I decorated roommate Ashley's door. With all her favorite men
my handsome dates

and Finch. Look at him. LOOOOK AT HIM

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

it's happening


 After a mild panic when it looked like everything was sold out, my hero roommate made it happen! And I think the only person who is more excited about it than us is Beyonce herself!

in honor, here is a playlist of all of my favorite Beyonce songs. Make sure you have room to move around. And yes, Crazy in Love is on there 3 times. It was necessary to have it show up multiple times when the playlist on on shuffle. You never know when you need to belt out "Cuz your love got the best of me..." at the top of your lungs.

enjoy dear ones. enjoy.
xo K (and B)

Monday, February 11, 2013

on the real real real

Galileo art print :)

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted
and saves the crushed in spirit
Psalm 34:18

this verse tends to seem a bit dramatic. I've kind of avoided it in the past because of that. I feel that any brokenhearted-ness I've experienced doesn't apply here.

There have been many moments in the past year or so where I've struggled with brokenhearted-ness. And I always hesitate to share it with others. I pray about it, go before the Lord, and just try to grin-and-bear-it. I put on my big girl pants, and a big happy face, thinking that if I acknowledge these fears and weak moments to others, it will show that I am not content. Even when I am. I fear that things are either black or white. I can either be content, or struggling. Not both at the same time.
There are a few things wrong with that.

First, I was not seeking the encouragement and prayers I needed. And that robs me of a lot, but it also robs loved ones of a chance to pray for me. I know that I am always happy to pray for others. It's great to stand with them in that way. But I am preventing others form doing that for m, because i don't want to acknowledge where I am struggling.
That's stupid.

Second, sharing times where I am weak and struggling isn't showing that I am discontent. I am actually really content where I am right now. My life is pretty awesome, and I am incredibly grateful to the Lord for that.
It's ok to get exhausted with fighting for joy. And honestly, I have been lately. So weary.

I'm allowed to have weak days. Especially if they are influenced by the calendar (WINK WINK LADIES...)
(side note: watch this. It's hilarious.)

or upcoming holidays this month (sigh. So stupid.). That isn't a bad thing. Ignoring those moments is a huge mistake. Because, by pushing them down, they can take up residence in my heart, making themselves comfortable in that dark corner and taking root. I don't want that. But calling those moments out, laying them before the Lord and seeking friends...that allows the Lord to shine light on them, and allows me to deal with them. So I can get back to being content and where the Lord has me. 

There are many things that have helped.
First, this song

It is one of my favorites from Hillsong United. I listen to it on repeat most mornings.

Second, is reading the rest of Psalm 34...letting the rest of the words bring hope.
For example:
I sought the Lord and he answered me
and delivered me from my fears.
Those who look to him are radiant,
and their faces shall never be ashamed.
This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him
and saved him out of all his troubles
The angel of the Lord encamps
around those who fear him, and delivers them.

I've let others encourage me with their prayers and sweet emails. My friends have been very vocal about this. They've let me know in great detail what they've been praying for. And I've sought them out. I've been honest, humble, transparent and a mess (when needed). And they have loved me in it, even during ugly crying.

Also, remembering that the Lord already knows my heart. He knows when it aches
Proverbs 13 says
Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.

See? He knows. He isn't watching me have a meltdown, with his mouth hanging open and a disgusted look on his face saying "What. The. wrong with her??? Oh my ME...girl needs to CHILL-LAX!"

Another in the present. That sounds so cliche. I know. But I have to. I let my mind wander. sometimes i let it go 5 minutes or 5 years down the road. Money. Work. Marriage. Kids. I let scenarios play out. Wishful thinking, fearful's not helpful at all. Or sometimes I let myself go down memory lane, dwelling on things that have happened, questioning what they mean, wishing i had done something differently. That isn't helpful either. But if I am here, in the present, dwelling where the Lord has me, I can rest in that. I won't be anxious for what's next. I will be able to see every good and perfect thing He is freely giving me. That is SO hard for me to do. But I'm doing it, DANG IT!

Lastly, rejoicing in what IS happening now. Everything. From my best guy turning 1 next month, to a great night out with my best friend (which hadn't happened in a looong time, thanks to the aforementioned "best guy" who is turning 1) to sweet, unexpected texts from friends, telling me that they are the fact that my long-time-love Justin Timberlake is releasing a new album after 7 years. his new single on repeat all day. It's awesome. And I have actually alloweed myself to think he is singing to me. Because who wouldn't want this song to be about them?

I've listened to 

So there you go. The big, ugly truth. Just gettin' real with ya'll.
God is good
He loves me, he knows my frame, and he cares for my heart.
So, I'm good.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

hurry up spring

So, i had an idea. I think from time to time, I will post a playlist. Just music I am currently into. I know i've done posts about it, but haven't really provided a way for you to join in and listen. So this is how i'll do it.
to start off with, this is a playlist i've made to try to encourage spring to speed it up and get here already.


Monday, February 4, 2013

i found a giveaway for you!

my darling friend Kristen just gave her blog a make-over

It's awesome!
anyway, she also have a giveaway!
Head over there and check it out! I'm risking a lot by telling you about it...because i want to win. But i love ya'll enough to do it!

bey show

So, I made this board on Polyvore. What is it for you ask?bey show

bey show by kendrasands featuring forever 21

Well, just me thinking and planning about probably seeing Beyonce in July.
I know what you are thinking "dreams come true"
You remember me lamenting about wishing i had her perfect cinnamon colored skin.
wanting to ride around with her and Jay in their yacht... anyway, these are the things I feel i'd need to be in the presence of Queen Bey.

1) glorious hair that I can whip around along with her
2) raybans to keep the paparazzi camera flash from blinding me
3) a sweet a$$ jacket to keep all the glamour edgy (already got one of dem)
4) a little nod to one of my favorite Beyonce song in the form of a tshirt. 
5) the reddest of red lips. because we can.
6) these $1,200 Brian Atwood heels. Because she can run across the stage in them, I should probably do the same. and look at them. JUST LOOK AT THEM. Maybe they should be a gift from her.
7) gold nails to match her gold hair and eyes and skin and heart and voice
8) sequined shorts or skirt so the aforementioned camera flashes and stage lights can reflect like crazy.

 think all of these items will really help. 
Guys, how incredible will this be?
She will sing Halo. In the same room as me. I can't promise i won't cry. Or try to sing along as loud and powerful as her.
it's not a done deal yet. But i don't care. I'm getting excited already

Friday, February 1, 2013

read need want wear

I've wanted to do a read/need/want/wear post for a while
have you heard of it? it's a gift guide. For yourself, your kids, your spouse, and most importantly... your Kendra!

Anyway, here is mine

read need want wear

1) read- Love Letters of Great Men- this book was a fake book initially. It was featured in the Sex in the City movie (side note: i had no intention of watching it. It was on one night when i was in a hotel trying to fall asleep). They turned it into a book, and it looks amazing

2) need- a new phone case. and I fell in love with this one for obvious reasons. it reminds me of old Trapper Keepers. 
3) want- a juicer.
4) wear- a Hello sweatshirt. I started crushing on these a while back. I keep almost buying one, but deciding against it for budget reasons. They had them on sale for $25 recently (they are normally $50) but timing was still bad. Aren't they adorable? Also, how cute is there American Flag shirt? I want that too

so, there is my list.
What about you? What are your 4?

ALSO... i made a button for my blog. Let me know if you'd be interested in putting it on your blog.
It's super simple and boring, but I honestly made it in like 2 minutes, so i don't care.

 photo button_zpsb4e32a3e.jpg