Monday, February 4, 2013

bey show

So, I made this board on Polyvore. What is it for you ask?bey show

bey show by kendrasands featuring forever 21

Well, just me thinking and planning about probably seeing Beyonce in July.
I know what you are thinking "dreams come true"
You remember me lamenting about wishing i had her perfect cinnamon colored skin.
wanting to ride around with her and Jay in their yacht... anyway, these are the things I feel i'd need to be in the presence of Queen Bey.

1) glorious hair that I can whip around along with her
2) raybans to keep the paparazzi camera flash from blinding me
3) a sweet a$$ jacket to keep all the glamour edgy (already got one of dem)
4) a little nod to one of my favorite Beyonce song in the form of a tshirt. 
5) the reddest of red lips. because we can.
6) these $1,200 Brian Atwood heels. Because she can run across the stage in them, I should probably do the same. and look at them. JUST LOOK AT THEM. Maybe they should be a gift from her.
7) gold nails to match her gold hair and eyes and skin and heart and voice
8) sequined shorts or skirt so the aforementioned camera flashes and stage lights can reflect like crazy.

 think all of these items will really help. 
Guys, how incredible will this be?
She will sing Halo. In the same room as me. I can't promise i won't cry. Or try to sing along as loud and powerful as her.
it's not a done deal yet. But i don't care. I'm getting excited already

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