Monday, February 25, 2013

girl crush of the moment

Have you see Silver Lining Playbook? If you haven't please do,

Jennifer Lawrence is so good in it. Obviously because she keeps winning everything. And I was cheering her on before I saw the movie.
Her speeches are amazing. At the golden globes she made a comment about not wanting to know who Harvey Wienstien had to kill to get her up there.

Every interview she does is gold. She is so funny
She is very quick, very dry.
Here are some examples

Hilarious, right?
As you know, she won the Oscar last night. And fell up the stairs
And her knight in shining armor came to rescue her (Please oh please let it come out that they are dating. they have to be)
here are a few more amazing clips after she won the Oscar

but the BEST moment of the night was this clip

during all the JLaw crushing, my friend Lydia text me this
I feel like she would love us.
Hooray Jennifer!
Thank you for being so awesome and rescuing us from obnoxious Anne Hathaway speeches. BARF.

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Ethaney said...

i am so sick of anne hathaway and her irritating speeches. she just has this really fake and superficial way about her that i am SO over.