Friday, February 15, 2013

i'm on a roll

i know this has been a beyonce heavy week. but you know what? I just gotta do me.

You may or may not know, but Queen B has a documentary coming out this weekend. Sadly I don't have HBO. But I do have the internets. And I do know how to google "watch Beyonce documentary for free". Not that  I will. But I will.

i love the site hellogiggles, and they posted this today
A Wishlist of Reveals for Beyonce's Documentary
it's questions that they hope Life is but a Dream answers

-B. Bey. Beyowulf. Queen B. Bee-hive. Sasha Fierce. Benancé (okay, maybe that one’s just me). We love to assign her nicknames, but what would SHE like to be called? Has anyone ever thought to ask?
-Does she get mad when people don’t put the accent mark on the é in Beyoncé?
-Does she have a junk drawer?
-Will she finally put the baby bump speculation to bed?
-Does B eat McDonald’s? Personally, I would really enjoy watching her eat a cheeseburger.
-Jay-Z: boxers, or briefs?
-Obama cameo: Y/N?
-Will she give me more details on the Destiny’s Child reunion, please?
-Can we look back at some of her Destiny’s Child getups and all have a good laugh together?
-Do she and Jay split the check at dinner, does he always pay, or do they trade off?
-Does she wear slippers?
-What if B ISN’T a bath person? I always assumed she was.
-Does Jay wear sunglasses inside? To bed?
-Does he ever make her breakfast? Is she a French toast person, or a pancakes person?
-Will we see Beyoncé sing Blue Ivy a lullaby? Does she ever duet with J?
-Where is Blue Ivy, ever?
-Is this entire documentary just going to be footage of her at the gym? (I can only assume anyone that fab is inside a gym 98% of their waking hours.)

This was my valentines day

I woke up and found a sweet surprise from my roommate. Instyle magazine, chocolate and flowers are my love language. especially when they are all in my bathroom. It was the first thing i found when I woke up this morning
i was having a super awesome hairday. Thanks St. Valentine!

this was the only thing i asked for this Valentines day. Oh, and a baby elephant

found this surprise on my desk from a secret friend.  I didn't know Ryan Gosling had snuck into  the office.
my funny Valentine
such a heartbreaker

came home to find this special valentine from my best Behr all the way from MD

I decorated roommate Ashley's door. With all her favorite men
my handsome dates

and Finch. Look at him. LOOOOK AT HIM

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