Friday, February 1, 2013

read need want wear

I've wanted to do a read/need/want/wear post for a while
have you heard of it? it's a gift guide. For yourself, your kids, your spouse, and most importantly... your Kendra!

Anyway, here is mine

read need want wear

1) read- Love Letters of Great Men- this book was a fake book initially. It was featured in the Sex in the City movie (side note: i had no intention of watching it. It was on one night when i was in a hotel trying to fall asleep). They turned it into a book, and it looks amazing

2) need- a new phone case. and I fell in love with this one for obvious reasons. it reminds me of old Trapper Keepers. 
3) want- a juicer.
4) wear- a Hello sweatshirt. I started crushing on these a while back. I keep almost buying one, but deciding against it for budget reasons. They had them on sale for $25 recently (they are normally $50) but timing was still bad. Aren't they adorable? Also, how cute is there American Flag shirt? I want that too

so, there is my list.
What about you? What are your 4?

ALSO... i made a button for my blog. Let me know if you'd be interested in putting it on your blog.
It's super simple and boring, but I honestly made it in like 2 minutes, so i don't care.

 photo button_zpsb4e32a3e.jpg

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