Monday, February 18, 2013

thanks Ted!

Saturday I was planning on driving to my maw-maw's house (that's right. You heard me. I live in NC. that is what she is called) to see some my aunt in town from San Diego.
There are very few people whom i love as much as i love my Aunt Sylvia. She was the first member of my step-extended family that i met. I initially met her at my cousins water polo match. My (soon to be) step dad took mom and I there. I was 8 years old. As soon as we walked up to them, she scooped me up, sat me down next to her on the bleachers and wrapped me up in her jacket to stay warm. I was the first "girl" she'd had around, and she was pretty excited. I immediately loved her the best. That led to tons of weekends and summer days at her house, playing with my cousins, going to the beach, learning to swim in their pool. She also bought me a crazy-awesome neon pink and purple swim suit. The kind with the zipper. Remember those? Yea. I was hot stuff in that. It made it easier for my cousin Shawn and I to pretend we were trainers at Sea World. We owned that game.
Leaving them was one of the hardest parts about leaving San Diego. So anytime she comes to town, i get crazy excited.
I spent a good deal of time getting ready. It was a cloudy, chilly day, so I didn't mind being locked in the warm bathroom for 20 minutes.
When i came out...there was snow. All over the ground. Not just a little. A lottle.
Keep in mind, there was zero snow falling from the sky before I entered the bathroom. Now all of the snows ever were on the ground. ok, maybe not all of them. But most of them. Regardless, it led me to look out the window and say "that escalated quickly."
So i began to drive and after about 10 minutes on the road, realized this wasn't going to work.
I called them, let them know I probably shouldn't come over, turned around, bought soup, wine and cookie dough at the store, and redboxed (i've turned it into a verb. Whatev) a couple of movies. I went home, put on my comfiest clothes, curled up on the couch, eating pizza and wine with my roommate, watching the snow fall and fall and fall and fall
and then we decided to pop in the movies
And that is what this post is about
"Kendra, i thought this post was about seeing your aunt?"
This post is about one of the 2 movies i saw.

I rented To Rome with Love which is a cute Woody Allen movie. His movies make me happy guys. Just happy.
and Liberal Arts.
I've seen a lot about Liberal Arts because I follow Josh Radnor on twitter. Josh Radnor is Ted Moseby from "How I Met Your Mother". One of the most obnoxious characters on TV that I can't help but love and root for.
Josh wrote and directed this film. Naturally, to promote it he has tweeted about it a lot. a lot a lot.
So Ashley and I watched it. And it was a good movie! I really liked it
But there was one part I kind of loved
In this scene, Jesse, the lead, has befriended Elizabeth. She told him about the Survey of Classical Music class she took, how it changed her life, and she made him a mix tape. In return, she asked that he write her a real letter.
So, here is Jesse listening to the CD, and writing about his take on it.

I was raised listening to classical music. I had just kind of took it for granted.
But this scene made me want to listen to all of those songs. over and over. I didn't feel like skipping back and writing down everything they said and my google search came back empty. So I went straight to the source.
I asked Josh himself if the playlist was posted somewhere.
the next morning, I awoke to this

and he was right.
Thanks Josh/Ted Moseby! ( I totally got excited that he tweeted me. I won't downplay it)

so... here it is. The playlist.
I've been listening to it at work. It makes even typing more enjoyable.
I listened to it on the drive it. A train passed and I got kind of lost in that for a moment. Almost missed the light turning green
Enjoy my dear ones!

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