Monday, March 4, 2013


I'm going to the beach
not anytime soon. but i'm going.
Like...1st week in September. That is no where near close.
But I read this last week, and decided I liked the 1st point...relish in the anticipation. The article said some people get more excited in the planning of the trip.
Initially when I read that, I thought "HAH! NOT me!" and realized that I was pinning items on pinterest that i want for the beach. Whoops.


beach by kendrasands on Polyvore

1) beachmat from Roxy. I love beach mats. You don't have to worry about them blowing away as much as towels. and they are much easier to get sand off of
2) perfect oversized beach blanket from Roxy. These are amazing.
3) knockaround sunglasses. cheap, cute, durable. I wouldn't cry if i lost them, like i would my raybans.
4) this coverup looks perfect

i've been listening to the new Hillsong United. It's just so good guys. So so so good.
at one point today on Rdio, all my friends were listening to it. I think that is the sign of a good album.

1 comment:

Leaning said...

Oh boy am I ready for the beach/summer/flipflops/pool/margaritas/warm/sun/no-more-cold-wet-windy-rainy-days. And thanks for making it that much harder to wait through the month of march before the warm weather gets here, you're a peach.
(that beach mat is super cute, though)