Friday, March 8, 2013

March 9th

tomorrow is March 9th.
I'm sure you knew that, since any human here in America over the age of 6 should have basic
 knowledge of how to read a calendar.

At 3 o'clock today though, it will be a special anniversary.
It will be the 1 year anniversary of a text message from Michael asking if he can call me.
to which i responded
"why? You're weird. What do you want?"
that is because I am a sweet, kind and gentle lady.
His response was a picture. 
A picture of his wife, and my best friend Shaynah. She was wearing a hospital gown, lying in a hospital bed, giving me a weird, awkward smile. 
She was in labor, a week early, with my soon to be nephew Aiden.
So, the rest of my day was shot. I just stared into space, grinning. Also, I had just come off of the Master Cleanse, and it was the first day I was allowed to eat real, solid food after 10 days. And I was going to Chipotle. So it was probably the best day of my life.

texts were exchanged. I bought a onesie for Aiden that said "i love my auntie". it was for a 6-9 month old...and we figured he'd be huge, so he'd probably wear it at 3 months (side note: he only just now can wear it)

the big moment didn't come until after 3am the next morning.
Aiden James Jerrell came into the world.
I had no idea that I could love a child that isn't my own,  so much.
Michael sent me this video a few hours after Aiden was born. I had gone back to bed to sleep, planning on heading over to the hospital later that morning.

I can't lie, this video made me leave the house earlier than planned. 
I remember everything about that morning.
The speed limits I broke on my way there. The phone calls with Michael where I could hear a baby in the background. Walking into the room and seeing Shaynah, who had always been scared of holding newborns, holding her own son, the first moment I picked him up. The noises he made. 
His eyes when he finally opened them.
our first (OF MANY) pictures together.
But guys...I love that video. There are so many things that make it amazing. It was the first video Michael ever sent me of Aiden (there were MANY more to come), so obviously that was huge. He waves ALL THE TIME. Like, started doing it at 6 months. He sucked on his hand...still does. And Michael knew what the future would look like. My Wednesday's with Aiden have been my favorite. Every Wednesday I go over there. We hang out. I feed him dinner, we play, he takes a bath and then momma comes home. It's been the most special. He's working on saying my name (Nenni) and i taught him to blink HILARIOUSLY.
there is no better kid. I'm so happy that I get to be part of his life. That I'm familiar. That to him, I'm family. That he grins when he sees me. That he'll crawl over to me in a room full of people. 
I love him with so much of my heart. I say that Aiden is my favorite person in the world. It's 100% true in every way.

Anyway, that's all the sap I have for you. I'm going to go listen to "Hey Jude" and cry under my desk for the next 30 minutes. And then re-watch that video 100 times. Since that is what I did the day he was born. Even after holding him.
Happy (almost) Birthday Aiden. 

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