Monday, April 8, 2013


hey guyz. it's monday. i'm going to start adding a "z" to anything i canz. itz coolz.

so, i've been posting things that don't really have much to do with me, other than my obsession with the Bluth's and West Wing.
First off...I need to take back my answer to the Josh/Sam thing. I said Leo. which is true. He is the best. But also, i've kind of fallen in love with Toby. More than expected. Like, i'm tempted to write in a character that is played by me that marries toby. and then take out the whole "andy and the twins" storyline. just a thought.
i think i have a thing for grumpy old jewish guys. I just adore him.

it's been an exciting week. Not really. but stuff has happened
i got to hang out with the Calnin kids. Eliot wanted to color. the only thing i had was the Ryan Gosling coloring book that i got for my bday last year. so i let him go at it.

ashley brought me some goodies from her NYC trip. It was a lot of glorious joyful glory goodness.

also on Monday... i went into work late and had my french press with me. so i was greeted with this

and i started taking daily outfit picture exchanges with Aly. this is my cas-look. hence the hand in the pocket. because i'm just a casual gal ya'll. Keeping it cas.

we went out for Ashley's birthday for dessert crepes and I got her what I thought would be the most awesome gift of all time...a throw-back to her youth. I bought this.

sadly, they changed the covers of the BSC books. and they look stupid now. And you can't tell immediately what they are, like you could back then
so it was anti climatic  lots of "what....ooooh! fun." and what not. whatever. I still thought I was the bees-knees for getting it. I felt like Kelly Kapoor.

Everything I Need to Know, I Learned From Kelly Kapoor

i thought Lauren was going to do something to i kinda panicked. this was the outcome

Sarah and b-day girl!

Heather and Misty
Heather has always been my partner in crime. I know that I can count on her for amazing ideas, or for helping execute mine. Though no one else had our backs when we tried to get a guy to buy Ashley's shots, to go to karaoke  or whatever else we thought up...she did have my back in loudly singing loudly at Miyagis. We owned No Scrubs, Izzo, and It wasn't me.

then sunday included park time with this guy, who was OBSESSED with trying to eat grass and clover. I mean, you'd thing it was his job

and today I had Cody do this...
based on this

and Cody made me watch this first thing this morning

last but not least, i made this playlist today because it's monday and i wanted to stay in bed and i needed a musical pep talk
WARNING- this is a heaphone-neceassry playlist...if you know what I mean. NSFW. bombs are dropped. 

happy monday my dearest dearz.

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