Thursday, April 25, 2013

drunk diane

i have made it very clear my love for Annie Hall.
Diane Keaton is adorable in it.

I love her in everything she's in.
have you seen Family Stone? She is amazing in it. Just incredible.

She is in a new movie and is currently doing the talk show circuits.
She was recently on Ellen...and apparently Di gets a little nervous before hitting the she likes to partake of some liquid courage.
I watched this live on Tuesday and was crying laughing. She is so adorable.
She is very Annie Hall in this scene.
Perhaps the cutest part is when she talks getting married.
How is it possible that no one ever asked her. Just look at her
(brace yourself. the conversation starts out a bit awkward. I love that Ellen can't stop laughing at her)
When she says "i enjoy the kissing of the men"... amazing

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