Wednesday, May 1, 2013


just a couple of things (probably a lie. since a couple is 2. and it will probably be like 15 things)

1) my friend Dan and I have been collaborating on instagram for about a while now with a series called "Draw this Dan". It was just a random thing we started. I'd come up with an idea and he'd draw it. we finally made a tumblr for it
please check it out and spread the word!

2) Do you watch the show Nashville. I totally do, but just for one reason...

That's Connie Britton as Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights. To me, she will only ever be Tami Taylor. No one else. I don't care how many shows, interviews, movies that i see her in. Tami Freakin' Taylor.
I just searched youtube for a TT clip, but all I could find was tribute videos of her and coach. I scoffed, and tried another seach...then when right back to them where I got stuck for 15 minutes watching them. They are all absurd. but amazing. If you want to go down that path, here , here and here
anyway, i didn't find a clip, but i found this supercut of Tami and her signature phrase

anyway...that was a crazy long rabbit trail. but that is what FNL does to me.
what I was trying to get to is...on Nashville, Rayna (Tami) has 2 daughters. The acresses are sisters in real life, and adorable and talented musicians!
I adore this scene from the show, when Rayna (whos is a major country star) lets them have the stage for sound check

and then this is a clip of the girls honoring Johnny Cash on his bday

guys, if you've never watched Friday Night Lights...please please please please please do it. please

3) (told ya). I started drinking smoothies a lot. like, green ones. the kind that is just fruit and veggies. I throw in a little kefir to make it smooth, but other than that, only fruits and veggies. let me tel's been a lot more amazing that I expected. I'm thinking about posting the basic easy recipes i used, along with the schedule. doing smoothies... you poop like a dream! I promise!

happy Wednesday

Oh, and while we are on the subject (worst sound quality ever)

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