Thursday, May 9, 2013

that one time i turned the corner and ran into the prez of the company i used to work at and screamed and grabbed his arms

So one time I was turning a corner at my old job and the president of our company was turning from the other way and he was kind of a scary dude and I was startled and screamed and grabbed his arms and stood there for a minute before walking away.

I guess that was pretty self explanatory in the subject. Sorry 'bout that.

so, i'm trying to find a job. Here is the issue. I ADORE my job. I love the company, the people i work with, what i do...all of it. Love love love love.
but it's a temporary position. and my dept can't hire me due to budget issues. and they are super bummed to lose me. they actually told me that. I'm not just making it up.
so I have to find another job. I've been looking since February. I have till the end of this month. And no bites. Well, some bites, but never leading to job offers. It's kinda hella scary. But i know that the Lord isn't blind to this. He isn't laughing, watching me have mild panic attacks every time I look at a calendar, or get another "thanks but no thanks" email from someone I applied with.

I'm trying to have peace, to remember that the Lord already knows what's going to happen. I don't have to panic. I don't have to be fearful.

so that's happening

also, last night I broke my favorite mug
it just happened kinda fast. and when it happened i was SO sad. then a moment later i noticed the trail of BLOOD DOWN MY HAND AND ARM. It looked someone was murdered. Someone who doesn't have much blood. Like a vampire before they go through all the leftover blood in their system or something.
the point hurts. SO BAD. it is in a weird spot...the crease between my thumb and hand.
but what hurt MORE than that...was that the mug was my I heart Jim mug. With a picture of Jim Halpert from the office. and I do love him.
I feel it's quite poetic that as the show is ending, so is the token of our love for eachother
so, i felt he needed to know. Not Jim Halpert, because he is just a character on a TV show...but John Krasinski. If only there were a way where a normal girl in NC could get a hold of him...
so i did

this is the picture in included.

 I felt he didn't fully grasp the severity of it all. So i added this

and included this picture

it doesn't look bad there. but when it was bleeding, and now that it's kinda scabbed (i just said "scabbed" on my blog. I apologize) it looks gnarly.

I hoped that he would either find me delightful and charming, or feel bad for me and maybe send me a new mug. maybe he'd autograph it. i don't know what i was thinking. Blame the loss of blood.
so John Krasinski might have seen that. I hope not. but he might've.
Speaking of John...

have I told you guys about Sun Kil Moon before? I love love love love him. Perfect rainy day music. Or driving around at night with the windows down music
Anyway, Mark Kozelek has a new project (same guy...)
and I can't stop listening
here you go

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