Wednesday, September 11, 2013

track number 8

who dat girl?
dat girl is me.
sorry for the silence. it's just been the craziest of summer.
brief recap, and then music

I got the job i really wanted. It's with Operation Christmas Child. And I adore it here

I went to the beach for a week with my MD friends. I ate, played, tanned, turned a year older, cried at the airport and bounced back to reality.

and i made new playlist.
This one i'm excited about. I talked about the idea with one of my friends at the beach after we listened to this song a few times. (it's my favorite on this album. i don't know if it's the fact that he calls out the writing process, or that the cats are named Monster Fluff, Half Fluff, No Fluff and Samhain
we then agreed that usually the 8th track is the best on a album. So I made a playlist of the 8th tracks on albums I love
and here it is
(there is some old school know...laugage

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