Thursday, October 31, 2013

it's uncanny

did you love My So Called life? Did you plan on marrying Jordan Catalano? I did. He was my dream.
Jared Leto has aged so very well. I love him more today that I did when I first laid eyes on him.

Recently he has grown his hair out and has ombre coloring.

isn't he lovely? So handsome, but also pretty. I just can't handle it. Notice his hair. The curls. The center part. The ombre. I realized...i have the same hairstyle.
So, since I can't really "dress up" for Halloween today...that I would throw on a blazer and black shirt, put on extra mascara so my eyes are big and bright, and make my cheek bones extra prominent. 

a few hours later the Hollywood Reporter released it's cover for the Actors issue. Jared is on the front...wearing the EXACT SAME OUTFIT as me today. I just need to find a ladder to pose on, and I'm set.
So yea. I'd say I nailed this costume.

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