Thursday, November 7, 2013


I have mentioned before that I work at Operation Christmas Child. If you haven't heard of us, we are the shoebox people.

As you know, Christmas is coming at us like a speeding bullet that ever Superman can't stop (though I wouldn't mind if Henry Cavil popped into my office and tried to stop Christmas. I'd watch. For a nice long time. Amirightladies?)

Do you know what else is flying at us? National Collection Week. That's when you drop off your packed shoeboxes at a collection location near you. is a link where you can look up by your zipcode. Or if you are lazy, you can email me at kerjoy at gmail dot com. I'll find out for you. Because i'm kind and loving like that.

To get you in the shoebox packing mood, I will show you one of the cutest pictures on the friend Janet's little girls picking up shoeboxes to pack, as well as 2 videos. One that is cute, one that should make you weep unless you don't have a soul.

ya'll their faces. especially Edy, the little one. I just can't.

Second and Third

Jay/kay check out this one too. this kid is the best ever.

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