Thursday, December 19, 2013

Unicorns and Duke Sucks

My boss travels a lot. Like, he's been in the office less than a week in the past 2 months.
Today he arrived, looking quite sad.
"I have sad news" he said.
I finally stopped clapping and "woooo"-ing (which i do when he shows up after weeks of being gone...gotta make the man feel important and welcome.) and asked what's wrong. I was scared. Super scared.
He paused, slowly pulled off his sunglasses and said
"I got you a unicorn. But it escaped last night. I can't find it anywhere"
He then went on to describe how beautiful it was "it's mane looked like Christmas tree garland...sparkly." as I gasped and "aaawww"ed at it. "What did it's horn look like?" i asked. "A spiral of colors"
"Like this?" and I held up a sticker of the Lisa Frank unicorn that I just happened to have lying around...

"yes *sigh* yes. Exactly like that. I'm so sorry"
at least he tried.
Why do I now get the feeling that I won't actually get a Christmas gift from him.

speaking of, I told you I'd share some of the books I bought.
Since some of the Christmas gifts have been opened, I can shaaaare them!

so, here is the partial list:

For roommates:
Color Me Swoon.

this book is exactly what it looks like...a dreamboat coloring/activity book. It's hilarious. Pictures of cuties from all genres (80's, hip hop, movies, indie bands) along with hilarious games, puzzles and activities. And a rating system. It's amazing

Love Letters of Great Men

this is exactly what it looks like. Love letters from famous and powerful men throughout time. Good for any girl in your life. Unless she is bitter and cynical. Then just get the coloring book

Beatles Poster Book

This is for any Beatles lover in your life. My roommate Ashley adore the Beatles. There are 20 amazing posters in here from their US tours.

Where Chefs Eat

I'm particularly proud of this one. Same roommate as the Beatles posters LOVES to travel. And she plans her trips around where she is going to eat. This book is full of suggestions in many US cities, but also placse all around the world. All different price points. Including a food truck or 2!

The 2 Male Co-workers On Your Team That Are Pretty Impossible To Shop For:
This one was tricky. I work with 2 awesome guys. Here is what I know about them.
1) they both LOVE UNC (bonus points for them)
2) they love college sports
3) one is married and adopting a little boy
4) the other one likes YA fiction....but the cool ones like Hunger Games
5) they both are hilarious and think I AM TOPS!

I'm guessing on that last bit. They've never said it...but i feel it. Oh. And one is my boss.

So, this is what I got them


"ummm"... i hear you saying. "you bought a grown man a book written for teenage girls?" Yes. Yes I did. First off, this book is for all ages. I'm not just saying that because I'm in my 30's and read but, but it seriously is. It's excellent. And he's talked about wanting to read it. So, I went ahead and got it for him. And he's pumped. He said it's going to be his Christmas break reading. BOOM bonus points. He liked it so much, he got me a unicorn! That escaped. But it's the thought that counts

Duke Sucks

the subtitle is really what makes this book amazing. "A complete even-handed, unbiased investigation into the most even team on planet earth"
Each chapter is a charge against Duke. Such as "Duke Causes Cancer". It's hilarious. And the guy LOVES it. He was reading the charges out to anyone who would walk by his desk. I scored big time with this gem.

Ok, that's all for now. More later when the rest are opened!

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