Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I just love these guys...
the Bones Brigade had my favorite skaters.
Today I discovered that my very very favorite one, Rodney Mullen, did a couple of Ted Talks.
one is gross (talking about breaking down the scar tissue that had built up from all his injuries. Just trust me on it)
The other is wonderful

as I'm sure you can lead to quite the rabbit trail. As does pintrest, tumblr and most of all, buzzfeed.
But was a happy path for me to go down...interviews from my favorite skaters
even if you don't care one bit about skating, I suggest you watch a few.
(i'm including a favorite...with Lance Mountain cries because he still feels he was never good enough to be part of the Bones Brigade. I cry Every. Single. Time. i watch that part of the film...

Here is Lance crying. So sweet

Cab will forever be one of my favorites. I just adore him.

and the man that made it all possible...Stacy Peralta. I love him.