Monday, January 6, 2014

dis year

I never make resolutions because...i just don't. Normally the ones I make either don't stick, or they are ones that aren't really measurable.

But this year i have some GOALS. I like that better. Less pressure

1) Start cooking again. I used to cook. And I was good at it. But somewhere in the last 7 or so years I stopped. I'd cook here and there. but I just wasn't into it. Part of it is that cooking for 1 person is a challenge. And sad. So this year, I am going to cook again. I bought this cookbook for a friend and decided to get one for myself too. It's amazing. It's not just for people who don't know how to cook, but also those who hate cooking, who think they are bad's for everyone. Jessica Seinfield (wife of Jerry) is brilliant. She put together some amazing recipes. Last night I kicked it off with roasted eggplant. It was incredible. This week I'm planning on making Lemon Thyme Salmon, Sweet Cherry Tomato Pasta and Huevos Rancheros. I'm pretty excited

2) Make it to level 2 of the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. This is one of the best workouts ever. But I do it sporadically and have yet to make it to level 2. I need to do that. So, my hope is to get there. Which means I need to dominate level 1. We will see.

3) Become Michonne
Michonne, S4
Walking dead funny moment michonne Carl
I watch walking dead now. I did it fast too. Blame it on being sick over Christmas. Michonne is my hero. She is tough, kills the zombies with this insane sword, but also looks out for the group. I adore her. I want to be her. I'm just going to start carrying a sword around. It'll be great.

4) read more again. I was on a roll. Guys, I read so many books. And then I just stopped. Like, in the middle of a book. Just stopped.
I've started back up again. Here are the ones I've started, and the ones I've ordered and plan on reading

Life After Life- this is one i borrowed for my beach trip and never got around to finishing. It jumps around a lot. It takes a bit to figure out the pattern, but it's fascinating! It's about a girl named Ursula Todd. She is born in 1910 in England, but dies during child birth. Then it starts over. Like, after 3 pages. She is born, this time lives, but dies soon after. The entire book is pretty much her life starting over every time she dies. She doesn't remember her "past lives" but gets inklings about something possibly going bad, and tries to change it. For example, at one point she dies because she gets sick from their housekeeper, who gets sick after going to London for the day. So the next "life", she feels the need prevent the housekeeper from leaving, even tackling her and knocking her down the stairs so she breaks her leg and can't go. It shows all the different directions her life goes. It's fascinating!

Insanity Defense- this book is by my darling Woody Allen. It's a collection of all of his prose, including his 3 other books. I've just started it, but already love it. It's a good coffee shop read.

I ordered some other books that I mentioned here...and they get in TODAY. I cannnnnnot wait.
Any other book suggestions?

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