Thursday, January 2, 2014

peace out 2013

Dear 2013,
You were something. I can't quite put my finger on it. You were a challenge most of the time. But you also produced some of the sweetest moments of my life.
You definitely left your mark.
You brought some of the biggest hot tears as well as the loudest, happiest laughs.
You brought sweet new babies and birthdays. You gave us weddings and engagements. Friendships ended, new ones began.
You gave me the best (and most needed) vacation of my life.
You ended jobs, closed doors and brought bigger and better things. With valleys in between.

Since the blog hasn't been very picture heavy of late, here are some of the highlights of 2013 in pictures:
Started the year out the way I always do...with a BFF selfie
Rosie, my favorite chicken and answer to prayer, was born
more quality time and snuggles with Aiden
lots of face time, texts and phone calls with these 2 gangsta's (Andrew and Ammi)

Roomie's bday

the summer was filled with so much...everything. Getting an awesome job, music video shoot, new babies, cars breaking down, seeing one of my all time favorite bands, starting said job, baby brother graduating highschool and leaving for Navy boot camp...

and it didn't stop there...
many work trips to Boone

seeing her Royal Highness, the Queen Bey herself. 
we had no idea that Beyonce was about to change our lives
I hopped on a plane to fly to DC to then drive back down to was worth it

sweet time with my sweet jo-jo

Jeremy serving us probably the best sausage ever
i took a turn serving the masses in the food truck. All i did was take this picture
then it was off to the beach for the best vacation ever

my birthday came during the beach trip. This was made for me!

baby brother graduated boot camp

Aiden and I caught up on snuggles
Rosie got bigger
I celebrated my birthday again at home
we're 3 best friends that anyone could have

my sweet work friend Lindsay was introduced to all my friends. And it went well

my coffee drinking experience got better

we celebrated Christmas in October with a shoebox packing party
this big girl turned 5 and continues to grow, change, improve. We get more glimpses of her daily!
Aiden had some news to share with me...he's going to be a big brother!

 and based on the pictures in my phone, i apparently take pictures of things I'm not sure about and send them to friends. These were headbands and dark lipstick... yes to the lipstick.

we celebrated Isaac turning 2

my little tonto

and i was Woody Allen for Halloween

in Nov work took over my life. But it was happy work. Despite what this picture says

friends shared Shoebox pictures with my and my heart burst on the regular

Isaac saluted the Panthers
because for the first time in ages, it looked like we had a chance for the playoffs

I was mom to these 4 for a couple of days. We had a blast

we got the warehouse ready for the masses

and i hid.

this buddy came for a visit and we rang in his bday with midnight milkshakes at the scariest Cookout in town

my shoeboxes were ready to process (and went to Ukraine and Philippines) 

Waffles was my baby for a few days. 

Thanksgiving Face Time 

My Aussie came to town...and left again

but she brought me her sweet baby and i fell in love

so did Kristie

I became an official Clark family member and helped them decorate
Then December showed up far too quickly
I started cross stitching again

worked with these 2 gems

we got our tree

celebrated the last day of processing

the last shoebox processed in Charlotte (totally stole this off Instagram. Don't care.)

enjoyed my first Saturday off/full 2 day weekend in months

cut my hair off. and colored it (and got a new iphone)

got sick the last day of processing and stayed sick through Christmas
introduced the internet to maw-maw (Easter is when you met her. Thanksgiving you fell in love, by Christmas you were obsessed)

got myself a Christmas present to represent

road trip to Charleston for a wedding (this sums the 3 of us up so well)
Jen and Nathan's wedding

Nathan and Jen Milhous

last selfie of a mirror on NYE in Charleston

last picture of 2013

and just accidentally did this thanks to Picasa. No idea how. It just did it. And it's weird. Just let it happen

Well, there you go!
I'm not too sad to see 2013 go. I have high hopes for 2014.
Perhaps I'll blog more! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Ahhh...that was rich.
I'll leave you with a playlist.
since all the fun parts of the winter are over, it's not just winter and it sucks. These songs express that

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Zingara Brynne said...

Reading this brought a smile to my face! Looks like you had an interesting year, and I love how you edited that last photo :)
xxx cheers!