Thursday, January 30, 2014

the best song ever

i hope when reading that you got excited and thought "wow, Kendra ACTUALLY found the best song ever, which she is about to share with me. And since I love her music-tastes, i totally trust that this is really the best song ever!"

bad news guys...that's not what's happening here.
but i have some funny stuff to show you. and one of those things includes One Direction. and they have a song called "best song ever". which is in fact not the best song ever. not even in the top 10. but since I now kind of love them, i thought i'd give them the honor of having this post named after that song. YOU ARE WELCOME HARRY, NIALL, LIAM, LOUIS and ZANEEEEEEE (yes, i know all their names. it happens)

i'm just going to leave that one right here...feel free to come back to it...forever.

then there was of the best things that ever happened to me this year.

i've watched this probably 15 times. the best best moment is at the end when the blonde whisper-sings the last bit and his spit keeps popping. (do you like how i pretended i didn't know his name? yea. that's Niall. whatever. NO SHAME)

and's exactly what it looks like. a girl gets drunk and films herself trying to cook.

lastly, since i've already confessed my feelings towards One Direction, there is this
(also, please note that my love for them is more of a maternal thing. i want to make sure they are eating well, not dating icky girls and don't get colds. that's all)

Harry's valley accent is my favorite

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