Thursday, April 10, 2014

april 10

Psalms 34:18
the Lord is near to the brokenhearted and save the crushed in spirit.

Today has whole new meaning and glory.
April 10 was always just a day. Nothing special.
Today it is the day that Bobby Remsnyder was born. And also the day his parents had to say goodbye to him.
My dear and brave friends found out this past Monday that their baby had no heartbeat.
This was their 3rd child
Their first son
A child that had been hoped for, prayed for, and rejoiced over.
The night we found out that he was a boy was one of the most joyful. I live 400 miles away, so I was FaceTimed in.
I saw the shock on his mom's face.
My friend who was holding the phone whipped it around to show his dad. It was the most surprised of faces. It was beautiful.
I started texting jokes to his mom, that I'd be sending plenty of StarWars themed gifts. (she hates it)
I told his dad that we had another little skater.
It was the happiest of weeks.
But at 20 weeks we found out their little boy was with Jesus.
This morning he was born. He's tiny. He's beautiful.

Our friends have had constant flows of texts, phone calls, verses being sent back and forth. We are playing the same album on repeat. It's something none of us ever thought we'd have to walk through. This is something that happens to friends-of-friends. It's something you pray about for someone else.
Our community, though currently spread out all over the continent, is stronger. Bound with love for this sweet family and trust in our heavenly father.

Today when the news came of Bobby's birth, I left work. I got in the car and drove. I listened to this song on repeat

I prayed. I got my favorite coffee and became furious when I heard other people in the shop tell stories of hook-ups, horrible friends. Didn't they know? Didn't they understand that 2 parents were savoring moments with their baby boy who isn't breathing? Holding a baby that they love but is already gone? How dare they.
I got back in the car and drove to my favorite park. I took the scenic route, windows down. It was the most gorgeous day. April 10 is beautiful. As i prayed and sang it all came down. This was real life. God is good in the midst of this. He loves us. So dearly.
I sat on a table at Freedom Park, on the little island. It's next to the water, below a weeping willow. I knew it was cliche but didn't care. I continued to play the song on repeat, praying for my friends, crying, talking to the Lord, asking for comfort for the 2 strongest people i know.

Have you ever noticed in those moments how aware you are of your surroundings? It's like a super power kicks in. I can't explain it. Your senses kick into overdrive. I could hear all the birds, the water lapping. I felt like i could hear all of the leaves on that tree as the breeze blew the branches. After an hour I left. As I walked away I saw things I never noticed. There were turtles EVERYWHERE. They were perched on rocks, soaking in the sun. There was a huge beautiful snake that crossed the path in front of me. I saw lizards everywhere. They all caught my eye. It was Bobby's day. Creation was glorifying it's maker. They were rejoicing over this dear boy's life. That was all I could think. They all knew.

The moment before I got up, I forgot to repeat the song...this next one that I tend to overlook came on.
The end says:

Our eyes be lifted up.
Our great eternal hope arise
The great design drawn out for me

In our silence heaven whispered out
In our darkness glory pierced the night
we were broken but now we're lifted up
King of heaven God is here with us
Angels crying aloud
Singing holy
All the praises resound
God with us

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

deal with it

after the last post i found about 10 more "deal with it" gifs that had me laughing like a weird crazy person at my desk

i'll share them at the end.
but first
next month marks 2 awesome, crazy, hilarious, wonderful years with this weirdo

things you should know about Aiden
  • these pictures were taken 3 seconds apart. the first face is because i told him he couldn't shove more food in his mouth until he finished his bite. that was the response. kid is serious about food. but he bounces back quickly
  • he's an entertainer. he keeps everyone cracking up. he lives for the laugh
  • he calls me Nenni. it's the best nickname i've ever been given. so that is who i am. we don't try to correct it. i'm nenni. that's that.
  • he can make animal sounds now. the best are his sheep and gator ("chomp chomp")
  • Family Fued is his favorite show because all of the clapping
  • he loves his mom more than anything. he's such a momma's boy. it takes everything to distract him when she leaves. he sometimse panics when i show up, afraid she is leaving. but quickly calms down once he realizes it's all cool
  • he loves to take you by the hand to show you something. Once we were in the car, both in the backseat and he was so excited ot show me everyhting "nenni....park. NENNI! CAR! nenni...people!"
  • he loves people. anyone who's name he doesn't know is "people"
  • correction: his favorite person is himself. he loves facetime becasue he likes looking at himself. if you want him to do something on camera, you have to flip it so he can see himself as it happens. he gets lost in his own eyes
  • he can recognize most letter from the alphabet
  • he is going to be a big brother, and can say "baby sister"
  • he  thinks he is a lot older than he is. he loves playing with the big kids
  • he says "hankerchief" super funny. 
  • he can say "i love you" and loves to give hugs. seriously...heart breaker

and now to the GIFs!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

the best song ever

i hope when reading that you got excited and thought "wow, Kendra ACTUALLY found the best song ever, which she is about to share with me. And since I love her music-tastes, i totally trust that this is really the best song ever!"

bad news guys...that's not what's happening here.
but i have some funny stuff to show you. and one of those things includes One Direction. and they have a song called "best song ever". which is in fact not the best song ever. not even in the top 10. but since I now kind of love them, i thought i'd give them the honor of having this post named after that song. YOU ARE WELCOME HARRY, NIALL, LIAM, LOUIS and ZANEEEEEEE (yes, i know all their names. it happens)

i'm just going to leave that one right here...feel free to come back to it...forever.

then there was of the best things that ever happened to me this year.

i've watched this probably 15 times. the best best moment is at the end when the blonde whisper-sings the last bit and his spit keeps popping. (do you like how i pretended i didn't know his name? yea. that's Niall. whatever. NO SHAME)

and's exactly what it looks like. a girl gets drunk and films herself trying to cook.

lastly, since i've already confessed my feelings towards One Direction, there is this
(also, please note that my love for them is more of a maternal thing. i want to make sure they are eating well, not dating icky girls and don't get colds. that's all)

Harry's valley accent is my favorite

Monday, January 20, 2014

binge watching is the new black

Yikes guys.
binge watching
am i right?

if you don't know, binge watching is when you find a show in netflix and instead of watching one episode a week with a long break for summer and mid season finales... you watched ALL OF IT in an absurd amount of time.
It's the best/worst.
It's what has taken over my weekends. And sometimes weeknights. BUT, i don't feel the need ot be home on a Tuesday night to watch such-and-such show.

Anyway, it's something we all do. Right? RIGHT?
here are some of the show's i binged watched (including a major confession that I am mortified to admit) well as my ratings

Sherlock and John..

Guys, this was one that took me a while to jump on board with. I don't know why. But when I did, i fell in love. Not with Benedict. I don't get why women are madly in love with him. He looks like a praying mantis to me. But he is the best Sherlock I've seen...sorry RDJ.

There are only 3 episodes per season, which is a mean, cruel horrible trick. I'm thankful i binged on this I didn't have to wait 2 years like all the other fans. Yikes. I give this one

Rating: 3.5 Diet Cokes. The only reason it doesn't get 4 is because it's only 9 episodes total. Rude

The Walking Dead:


This show had NO appeal to me. I don't care about zombies. It sounded gross. But then, one day in December while home sick I thought "meh...why not. I'll try it out". Oh. My. Gosh. I became a freak. It was all I wanted to talk about. All I text my friends about. I was furious that they knew things that I didn't. I had to avoid all things TWD on the internet, and still accidentally found out a major spoiler about my favorite character. It's SO good. It's gross. Like, super gross. So many gross zombies. One particular made me almost gag (if you watch...the one in the well at Herschel's farm). But guys. Thankfully, I don't have to wait months and months like everyone else for Feb 9. Just a few weeks. And I'm ready. I am TOTALLY CAUGHT UP. Just so you know, they are halfway through season 4. And since the week before Christmas, I totally caught up. WHAT DOES THAT SAY???? It says that I can 100% survive a zombie apocalypse. I can get the walkers/biters, not prob. Looking around my house I can find 5 things that I could use as weapons. I reassured my roommates of this. I can protect us, fret not.

also, these are things I found that are only funny if you watch the show. I never got them until now. Now, they are my favorites
Norman Reedus - Daryl DixonStuff... Things... Rick lolRick Grimes....stuff and things

Where is Carl? #thewalkingdead

And he comes up with excellent baby names.

Rating: 3 Diet Cokes. The story line got a little absurd in season 4. and I'm still mad about them killing off a certain someone in the mid-season finale. But I do love it. Never mind. 4 Diet Cokes. Sorry guys, I was just bitter there for a second.

Luther --- One of the best  damn television shows I've ever watched.  Period.

I just...i can't. I can't even begin to tell you.'s beyond. Sorry. Ok. So, Luther is another BBC show about a detective that doesn't play by the rules. If you imagine all of that being said in a rom-com voice-over voice, you'd hate it. But IT IS SO GOOD. Since again, the BBC is cruel, there are only 6 episodes in season 1 and 4 in season 2. RIGHT? Rude. I have like 1 episode left in Season 2. And I started last weekend. IT IS SO GOOD.
Here is a crazy thing about this show. If after episode 1 you made a love/hate list of characters, by the finale more than half of them would trade sides. It's bananas. I can't even describe it. There are characters you hate to love and ones you really don't want to hate.
I know you haven't even heard of this show most likely and don't care. BUT PLEASE TRUST ME ON IT. My friend Lindsay got me and Ashley hooked, I got my friend Kati hooked who is getting her husband hooked. IT IS SO GOOOOOOOD

and mainly...Idris Elba, which you REALLY don't understand until you watch. I was all "meh"...but then. Yikes

Rating: 4 Diet Cokes. It would get 5 (impossible score) but again, not enough episodes. It's mean and cruel and I hate/love the BBC.

and lastly...way down here...ugh. I hate myself for this. My guilty pleasure

Pretty Little Liars:Pretty Little Liars ...

i know I KNOW. I know I hate myself for this. I watched it on a whim. Actually, there is more to it than that. A certain friend who shall remain nameless and I were watching another absurd show. It finished. We decided we needed another. I suggested this one, just because i had heard it was crazy. She started first and text me "OH MY GOSH PLEASE CATCH UP". So I did. And I got 2 other people hooked.
Guys, it's Desperate Housewives meets Gossip Girl. IT IS SO GOOD. It's trash. It's stupid, but it's good.
Rating: 2.5 Diet Cokes. But really 3.5 Diet Cokes, i'm just too ashamed to admit it.

So there you go guys.
Happy Binge Watching.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I just love these guys...
the Bones Brigade had my favorite skaters.
Today I discovered that my very very favorite one, Rodney Mullen, did a couple of Ted Talks.
one is gross (talking about breaking down the scar tissue that had built up from all his injuries. Just trust me on it)
The other is wonderful

as I'm sure you can lead to quite the rabbit trail. As does pintrest, tumblr and most of all, buzzfeed.
But was a happy path for me to go down...interviews from my favorite skaters
even if you don't care one bit about skating, I suggest you watch a few.
(i'm including a favorite...with Lance Mountain cries because he still feels he was never good enough to be part of the Bones Brigade. I cry Every. Single. Time. i watch that part of the film...

Here is Lance crying. So sweet

Cab will forever be one of my favorites. I just adore him.

and the man that made it all possible...Stacy Peralta. I love him.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


this happened.

yay for the Bachelor coming back. Yay for the crazies being in full force. Yay for me swearing I wasn't going to watch...and lo and behold.

Monday, January 6, 2014

dis year

I never make resolutions because...i just don't. Normally the ones I make either don't stick, or they are ones that aren't really measurable.

But this year i have some GOALS. I like that better. Less pressure

1) Start cooking again. I used to cook. And I was good at it. But somewhere in the last 7 or so years I stopped. I'd cook here and there. but I just wasn't into it. Part of it is that cooking for 1 person is a challenge. And sad. So this year, I am going to cook again. I bought this cookbook for a friend and decided to get one for myself too. It's amazing. It's not just for people who don't know how to cook, but also those who hate cooking, who think they are bad's for everyone. Jessica Seinfield (wife of Jerry) is brilliant. She put together some amazing recipes. Last night I kicked it off with roasted eggplant. It was incredible. This week I'm planning on making Lemon Thyme Salmon, Sweet Cherry Tomato Pasta and Huevos Rancheros. I'm pretty excited

2) Make it to level 2 of the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. This is one of the best workouts ever. But I do it sporadically and have yet to make it to level 2. I need to do that. So, my hope is to get there. Which means I need to dominate level 1. We will see.

3) Become Michonne
Michonne, S4
Walking dead funny moment michonne Carl
I watch walking dead now. I did it fast too. Blame it on being sick over Christmas. Michonne is my hero. She is tough, kills the zombies with this insane sword, but also looks out for the group. I adore her. I want to be her. I'm just going to start carrying a sword around. It'll be great.

4) read more again. I was on a roll. Guys, I read so many books. And then I just stopped. Like, in the middle of a book. Just stopped.
I've started back up again. Here are the ones I've started, and the ones I've ordered and plan on reading

Life After Life- this is one i borrowed for my beach trip and never got around to finishing. It jumps around a lot. It takes a bit to figure out the pattern, but it's fascinating! It's about a girl named Ursula Todd. She is born in 1910 in England, but dies during child birth. Then it starts over. Like, after 3 pages. She is born, this time lives, but dies soon after. The entire book is pretty much her life starting over every time she dies. She doesn't remember her "past lives" but gets inklings about something possibly going bad, and tries to change it. For example, at one point she dies because she gets sick from their housekeeper, who gets sick after going to London for the day. So the next "life", she feels the need prevent the housekeeper from leaving, even tackling her and knocking her down the stairs so she breaks her leg and can't go. It shows all the different directions her life goes. It's fascinating!

Insanity Defense- this book is by my darling Woody Allen. It's a collection of all of his prose, including his 3 other books. I've just started it, but already love it. It's a good coffee shop read.

I ordered some other books that I mentioned here...and they get in TODAY. I cannnnnnot wait.
Any other book suggestions?