Sunday, December 28, 2008

it was the happiest of christmas'

here are 2 things that i loved about it... (there are many many more, but i don't feel like typing them all out...)

one of the best things was an ornament i bought. it was a HUGE triceratops. but one of his horns broke off, so stretch renamed him my biceratops.
since i intended to glue said horn back on, he never made it to the tree. but he sat below it, guarding it in a mighty mighty way. and i admire him for it.

next, i bought myself a gift.
one of my favorite books. i remember mom reading it to me often. once i almost bought the original french version, but i was super happy to find this one.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry christmas!

(mom, i made sure to find a clip that DIDN'T have the rest of this scene. Don't need you crying on christmas :)...)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

what i did this weekend

What I Did This Weekend by Kendra Sands:

This weekend was a special weekend.
I saw 2 of the sweetest people in the world unite in marriage!

not only that, but i had the joy and privilege to stand with them!
the Lord has been kind to give me a front row seat in the relationship of Daniel and Emily. She lived with me through their courtship, I helped Daniel pick out her ring and plan his proposal, and then got to be part of the AWESOME wedding! I have never seen such a joyful ceremony... 
congrats sweet friends!
(all photo creds Liz Shea. She is the best.)

Monday, December 15, 2008


Happy almost christmas from sunny San Diego! Where today's high was in the upper 60s, and it doesn't plan on going lower than 50 all week. Aaahhh... another SoCal christmas!

wait what? i am not in san diego? i haven't spent a christmas there in over 15 years? this is CHARLOTTE weather???????

yeah. can't lie... i am a fan of Mr. Global Warming. but since it IS mid december, it only feels right to wear a scarf. with a short sleeved shirt.
my rainbow-brite tree and i wish you and yours a happy christmas...
(this should have been my christmas card. but i don't send those. so pretend it is. and maybe print it out and write a lovely message on the back from me. you can even sign my name...)

mine started early. sunday to be exact
guess where i was...

it was a glorious game. and it was fa-ree-zeeing. my dear friend Krystal supplied tickets for me and some co-worker/friends (co-workers sounds so... unfriendly. we are friends. and happen to work together. which makes it all grander). so we went to the last home game to see our boys WIN! playoffs? please?

super excited me... i didn't care that it was cold. (though i went a little nuts on the layers. tank top, long sleeved shirt, jersey, hoodie, coat, scarf, tights under my jeans, long socks and furry boots. Oh, and my mittens that i only wore for a few minutes. you will soon see why...)
 Joel and his adorable new bride Kelly! 
i donated my infant sized gloves to a good cause. Butner didn't think they would fit his ginormous hands. OH BUT THEY DID. and they kept his paws extra toasty
the reason why i often feel like the mother of 5 year olds. but they make the day much more fun. (the game was for Butner's belated b-day...but i pretend it was for my Christmas.)


Thursday, December 11, 2008


a lot of sites are doing a list of the best videos from this year

since i can't remember all the ones i loved, i will put them up a few at a time.

first, these

this is just plain AWESOME.

if you haven't seen this one yet... i DARE you not to cry

did you ever wonder what was happening in music videos? Well, some brilliant human out there decided to help us out.  This one is my favorite. Every time i hear the real version of head over heels (which is often since it is on my ipod) i accidentally sing these words. Mainly the "really big glasses" and "check out my cool new sweater i just bought it at the gap" line

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

these are a few of my favorite things

Stu, Steve Young and Emmet. (before Steve was hit in the face with a paper cup. HILARIOUS)

my most-favorite ever. JuJu Pep!

my new 2nd fave... DeAngelo!!!!

I think i need a DeAngelo Williams jersey and Shaynah needs a Jonathan Stewart and we will dance like they do.

Smitty and Shake-n-bake Jake!

I guess I was a good girl this year and got my Christmas present early...38-23!!! What an incredible game... some of my favorite moments

Pep is ready...

Smitty making amazing catches. Just his thing, you know? D escapes another tackle. That is his thing. And he is more than good at it (hoping he comes into the studio this week. if so, i will propose. i will i will i will.

Shake and bake Jake passing to Stewart... who was AWESOME

and here is a little piece of my heart. field goal being kicked, and i see a hand emerge from the mass of players. i know that hand.
then BAMMMMMM.... field goal BLOOOOOOCKED. by whom? Oh, just my pep. I was repping the right number yesterday. #90 baby!

I have been giggling all morning, still so happy!
ANNNND i get to pay the boys a visit on Sunday! Can't wait!

Monday, December 8, 2008


the cutest becca i know tagged me
Rules: 1. Go to the 6th folder on your computer 2. Pick your 6th picture in that folder and upload it to your blog/whatever 3. Comment 4. Tag others and let them know they've been tagged!
i am on my work computer, so lets see what i got

Hahahah I love this picture
Shaynah, Tim, Ben and I went to Wilmington in September. At a bathroom stop (the boys had many of those) Shaynah and I noticed the cracker stuck to the door. So we documented it after laughing for a while. We left it there the rest of the trip...

ok... tag time
nannie, kat, and jeanie,

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

seven brides for seven brothers

my favorite musical

Frank is the brother i love...
millie: all good bible names! Except Frank... is Frank a bible name?
caleb: There were no F names in the Bible so Ma named him Frankincense because he smelled so sweet