Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Extreme Makeover

I don't know if you have heard... but the city of Charlotte is KINDA a big deal. Extreme Makeover is in town! Ty and crew are in Charlotte this week. It has been all over the news. Some people here at work are taking off a day this week to go and help. I really really really REALLY want to, but my position does not really allow that as easily as theirs do. BLAST!
Now I won't have a chance to break Ty's megaphone. That has always been a dream of mine
ALSO... to prove how awesome and newsworthy Charlotte is, the Jonas Bros were in town. And played kickball. It was also all over the news. So instead of covering the economy, crazy weather and other local news... we are covering a kickball game and construction job. And I can't GET ENOUGH OF IT!

Here are 2 of the brother Jonas. I get them confused so i THINK it is Nick and Kevin. I think. I am not quite sure. All I know about them for sure, is the one in the white is the only one old enough to marry me and buy me that house i love on Old Statesville near Toast.

PS- They love Jesus. And they have pledged to be pure until marriage. Good job guys!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

i can't help it

Ok, I am sorry, but honestly, this totally made my day. I can't help it.
Bear with me for just a moment...
I read this today and started clapping and giggling.

"Gross on Peppers: He's better than ever"

You must understand a few things

1) Peppers is my FAVORITE player. EVER.

2) last year he was so bad, it looked like he was drinking a bottle of Nyquil before each game. There were rumors of the flu, mono, everything. He denied it and said he was just not playing well. And not to excuse his crappy-ness.

3) No matter what, I still love him. But I want him to be super awesome.
4) and most importantly... he has a beard in this picture. That makes me love him even more, if that is possible.

Here is the rest of the article

Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers is set to have a smashing season, says offensive tackle Jordan Gross.
“I'll say this with 100 percent confidence: I think he's going to have his best year ever,” Gross said Monday after getting bull-rushed backward by Peppers during a morning training camp practice.
“He's better than I've ever seen him. Barring anything unknown, there's no reason he won't go out and just set records. He looks really, really good.”
Peppers, 28, is coming off the worst season of his career. After recording 531/2 sacks in his first five seasons, he had 21/2 last year. His 55 tackles were one shy of a career low.
Gross wouldn't speculate on why Peppers had a down year.
“He got sick, (but) he's the only one who can tell you what he was going through last year.”
Like in previous years, Gross has to block him in practice. He said Peppers looks more imposing than ever and offered reasons for the improvement.
“I know he really enjoys being on the defensive right side,” Gross said of Peppers' offseason switch from left to right end. “I think it's a bit of a new challenge for him.
“I know he's been training all offseason. I've talked to him as much as he'll talk and he said he just feels stronger, faster, bigger than ever. It's definitely true just in these few days I've been going against him. He's been making me earn everything I've been getting.”
Peppers' skills and strength are more well-rounded than when he first entered the NFL in 2002. Back then, he was known as a quick, athletic pass rusher, but now he gets more straight-ahead push. Gross found that out when he was shoved back quickly by Peppers' bull rush Monday.
On Sunday, Peppers put a lightning-quick spin move on backup tackle Frank Omiyale in one-on-one drills.
“There's really not going to be anybody better than him this year,” said Gross. “If he keeps on the same pace he's on now, he's just going to kill people.”

My favorite part of the interview was when Gross said "I've talked to him as much as he'll talk and he said..."
Hahaha... that is why I love Pep.

Here are the rest of the boys, doing what they do.
(honestly, i am so excited about this season. Even if we are horrible, just seeing these pics of them playing together... EEK!)

See, look how scary and awesome and strong and awesome Peppers looks here. He is playing football like it is his J-O-B... which it is. So...yeah.

Look how happy Steve Smith is that he won't have to carry the team by himself...
(this was taken before he found out that they cancelled his shoot last week... at this point he still thought we would see each other. The pictures AFTER he found out are too sad. He was weeping. That is right. Weeping.)

Look who ELSE is back! Shake-n-bake-Jake! He is going to get it done. Yup.
(notice Pep going for him. See. ON FIRE!)

the best kicker in the entire world... Kasay. I love this man. And he loves Jesus.

Smith: "Hey Jake... are you actually playing this season? Like... are you NOT going to get hurt? Yeah... that would be great."

Jake: "GOSH STEVE! Don't be a JERK... guess what? I just cancelled your ESPN shoot. THATS RIGHT! NOW you can see KENDRA! And Williams saw her yesterday. WHAT NOW!?!"

WHAT????? DUUUUUUE (see how angry he looks? it only got worse. But I will spare you)

Our new British kicker, Rhys Lloyd. I can't wait for interview with his British accent. Lets hope he doesn't get American football and his football confused

YES! Matt Moore. One of my co-workers met him. She is older and super sweet. She told him about me and that I loved him (not true... well, not the way she meant it) and asked him to marry me. He laughed. She said "no really, I think you would like her"... he said "um... ma'am... I am already married"

Then she felt the need to share the story with the entire lunch table the next day. OH, and she gave him my full name. Lets pray he has a horrible memory if I ever meet him.


(true story, he almost rear ended me once. He pulled next to me and waved and mouthed "I am so sorry". Once I realized it was him I started bouncing up and down, waving frantically and yelling "HI! HI COACH!!! HI! " How awesome would it have been if he had hit me. I would have asked for his car. And season tickets for life.

What does this mean? Well, lets look at what we have so far... I got the magic panther donut a few weeks back, Williams came into the studio and smiled at me, and now this new about Peppers?


Monday, July 28, 2008

jet fuel

We have an awesome coffee machine at work. You pick a "pod" of coffee (a little single serving cup of grounds) in the flavor you want and put it into the machine, and ta-daa... a hot cup O joe.
Today I tried "Jet Fuel"... I think the name is pretty self explanatory. I needed it today, and so far it is working wonders.
Last weekend we had our honorary Charlotteans in town... the Murphys!!!
Keara is pretty much my new BFF. She is pretty much the cutest ever.

I am going to give you a moment to take in the gloriousness of this picture.

Take your time.

Let me know when you are ready....

Ok, this is Ali and Shea, 2 co-workers of mine. Some of you know Shea through Chris and Kath. Good kid.
This was from Shea's last day at work. The guys decided to wear shorts and clip on ties. Shea did not have a clip-on, so he wore a real tie. But that is not the point. Here are the points

1) Ali has dolphins on his shorts
2) those are not black suspenders... those are 2 of his LONG dreads. Honestly, they are almost to his knees

a few weeks back i went to another co-workers wedding, Misty. She has become a dear friend. The wedding was at Freedom Park, which is in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Charlotte. Shortly after i took this picture, it started POURING rain. We all had to run under the covering and they scooted back against the wall. Very... cozy.

This was right before she walked out. She was standing under a tree and her dad opened a HUGE umbrella to cover her. She was probably walking at this point since everyone is looking to the left.

Speaking of weddings, Friday Liz and I drove up to Roanoke Va for Todd Smith's wedding. Shay met us there, and everyone showed up Saturday morning.
The wedding was so sweet... and honestly my FAVORITE part was Todd's beard. Hannah requested it for the wedding, and it was incredible.

The pastor made many references to their story, the breakups and their hearts to seek the Lord and his will on all aspects of their relationship. It is so amazing to see how the Lord knitted them closer through all this.
And for real... the beard. Fantastic. In fact, when it was my turn to talk to them, I hugged her, and then we chatted about the beard. For a while. I could not take my eyes off of it. AND that is why Hannah is the most awesome. It was a good look for Todd the Bod. Or Todd the BEARD! YES!

Todd is one of those people who is loved by everyone. We became great friends while he was here. I still consider him one of my closest guy friends. I once joked with him that he would be one of my bridesmaids. Instead, I promised Adam that he and Todd can be the MCs at my wedding. And they can be as off-color as they want :)

JJ tried on Shay's sunglasses. Lovely.

i noticed this looked like I have sideburns. I don't.

these are our "we are tried and hungry and though we love Todd, we want to go home" faces
I found this oldie this week. This was from some point last year, when Jeanie, Kristie, Alathea and I went to Birkdale. Pre-Abi! It is crazy seeing how much this girlie has grown!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Dark Knight was incredible It is really dark, creepy (mainly due to the fact that you are watching Heath, knowing he is dead...) but fantastic. Christian Bale was wonderful as always. I honestly think he is my favorite Batman thus far. Heath Ledger was amazing in the movie. If you haven't seen the movie, I am sure you have heard that a million times. But honestly, seeing it is crazy. Go see that movie. Go. See. It.
(this is from my favorite scene of the movie. I laughed so hard in this part)

Tonight I leave for a short overnight trip to Roanoke Va
Our dear dear dear friend Todd Smith (aka Slim Smitty... aka Todd the Bod) is getting maaarrriied.
Some of you might be reading this (I am guessing none of you are actually reading this, but lets pretend someone is) and thinking "Todd... i know that name..."
Todd was one of the first M28 interns. He and Adam Campbell moved out here for the internship... Todd went home and Adam REFUSES to leave. No matter how much we hint at it.
Todd was such a joy to have out here, and built so many friendships. He is honestly one of the funniest people I know. Here are 2 Todd stories:
He helped Dena and I move into the house 3 years ago. He came with me to pick up the Uhaul truck. It was in downtown Charlotte, and he decided the best way to get to downtown from University area was to take 485 to South Blvd. If you don't live in Charlotte, we made a 15 mile drive into a 45 miles drive. We got the HUGE truck (they "upgraded" us) which was stick shift, and then it started to overheat. So we turned the heat on, like i was taught by my mom. Todd insisted on singing "THE HEAT IS ON!" the whole way to the house. And he did not stop singing it as we were in Dena's apartment complex loading the truck. He sang it all the way to the house.
but the all time GREATEST Todd story was my surprise b-day party. He was sitting on the edge of the deck, which is about 6 feet off the ground. Stretch walked up behind him, and leaned against the wall of the deck. Todd looks back at Stretch and yells in a falsetto voice "CATCH MEEEEE" and hurls himself off the deck backwards, full of faith that Stretch will catch him. Instead, Stretch just looks down at him as he falls, not moving, not trying at all. So by the time we all run to the edge and look over the little wall, there is Todd lying on his back on the ground looking stunned. I don't know if I have ever laughed that hard.
Todd found his adorable fiance Hannah... she is incredible. Their story has been amazing... something you would read about in a Jane Austin novel. They have broken up, gotten back together, become engaged, called off the engagement, get re-engaged, and now they are getting married on Saturday!!! Woo-hoo! God has been so faithful to them. There is no doubt that he created them for each other from day 1. But the best part is seeing how he has worked in their hearts! I am so excited!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


bad news: Smitty didn't come today. I don't want to talk about it.
To be honest, I totally forgot this morning when I got to work. But that is ok.
good news: I had the most awesome sandwich today. I kid you not. I went to Earthfare and got the FANTASTIC mozzarella tomato basil pesto panini. Get it. Because that scoundrel is incredible... as if unicorns, woodland fairies, Jedi knights and loving dinosaurs all gathered together and combined their magical powers to make the perfect sandwich. Add an Apple Izze and you have the best lunch ever. Also, I am going to see Dark Knight tonight. HOORAH!

PS- I SWEAR Andy Warhol was at Earthfare.

Other than the fact that he has been dead for 21 years... but other than that... HE. WAS. THERE. Making a lovely salad. And he probably went back to the Factory and made silk screen prints of the salad. Or my sandwich.

Monday, July 21, 2008


I walked into the lobby of the studio, and my boss was over there covering the receptionist desk. Normally we start chatting or what not.
Today I walked in and she was grinning. I got the the HUGE desk and she said "Di Angelo Williams is here."


So, I started to take off to roam the hallways in search of #34. I had an immediate mental picture of my tearing through the labyrinth that is Media Comm, and slamming into him. What a funny story we would both have to tell after that. "The Day I Met De Angelo" and "The Day The Crazy White Girl Ran Into Me & I Sued Her." Ahhh... memories.
Instead Teresa stopped me and said "he is about to walk through... just stand there"
So I stood as still as one who was about to meet the running back from the Carolina Panthers can be. I held on to the desk, took some deep breaths, prepared a speech that would sound charming and off the cuff. In my head it went something like this
"Hello De Angelo. My name is Kendra. I am a huge Panthers fan"
"Um... hi"
"Since I am such a huge panther fan, may i please have season tickets...."
"um... ok."
He would then hand me 5 tickets for the 50 yard line, 6 rows back. And we would high-five and go out for smoothies. And then he would let me come to training camp and give John Fox my thoughts. They would mostly consist of squeals and clapping.

Instead, he walked out and gave me a huge smile, said goodbye to Teresa (who was giggling worse than I did with Steve Smith) and patted me on the arm as he walked by "see ya" he said. I didn't say a word, just smiled the whole time. There wasn't really an opening for the "can I have season tickets" convo. Maybe next time.

As I was typing this, one of my co-workers came up to me and said "Did you see Williams?"
I grinned and said yes I did. He said "ok, since you told me to warn you next time... Steve Smith will probably be in tomor-..." that was all he got out, because I started jumping up and down and squealing. I ran out of the room, only to immediately return and ask what time he would be here. So tomorrow I am going to make sure to dress super cute and get my hairs did. All for this man.

Wouldn't you? Lets hope for season tickets. Or at least an autograph.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


So there I was... strolling through target on my lunch break, with a new Starbucks smoothie (yum!)...
I was planning on getting some wall decals for our hall bathroom.
So I was cruising right along, and then I passed the 2nd most dangerous section of Target (1st most dangerous is shoes...)

the baby clothes department. One of the tops jumped out at me... super cute brown and pink flowy tank top. As I looked at this top, I heard a squeaky little voice in my head

"Salutations Aunt Kenni! This is baby Kate... please purchase this for me! I will look spectacular in it!"

"wow baby Kate... that is quite a vocabulary you have, considering you are still in your mother's womb..." I said out loud, earning stares from the people around me

"I know... mommy has a good vocabulary too. I have learned it from her. And daddy is a nerd, so some of it is probably from his as well. But back to the point, buy it for meeee!"

So I did. She also pointed out some other tops. Including a onesie that said "My daddy ROCKS... he sings to me!"
My all time favorite though is the most amazing sun dress. They only had it in one size, and thankfully, she will be able to fit in it next summer! I cannot wait to see her in everything. I am in big trouble if I am already shopping for her.
At one point I had picked up a top and I heard

"ew... put that back. That is sooo 2 trimesters ago."

"what do YOU know... you haven't even see what people are wearing now." I replied

"have you MET my mom?" she asked in a sassy manner that will have to be addressed at some point after the birth.

"true... true"

Yay for baby kate!

Also, please meet my new workout instructor

Yes... all you Dancing with the Stars, my new work-out instructor is Maksim Chmerkovskiy! (aka Maks). I got the DWTS work out DVD.
There are 2 other dancers from the show along with Maks, teaching you basic moves and what not. It is a blast, and a lot harder than it sounds. Muscles hurt that I didn't even know I had. But again, total blast. Maks is a good teacher *BIG AWKWARD WINK*

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Everywhere I go, people chase me down asking "KENDRA!!! What are you doing for Labor Day weekend?"
It is pretty crazy. I can't even go into Starbucks without being hounded with questions.
BUT AT LAST! The answer is here!
I am going with Kristie, Shaynah and Bethany to Folly Beach/ Charleston! Woo-hoo!
We got a "yes" on the fantastic house... and the more I look at it, the more I love it.

the front of the house
the kitchen... we are going to cook some fantastic food in here. I am sure of it.
the screened porch
a hammock! Hoorah!
and again, the rest of the porch, and the shower is somewhere out here

the homeowner keeps reminding me about the shower. She said it is fun to be "nakey"in the shower. She said that during our first conversation. Wow. I was sitting with Shaynah as she said this. I was like " this is true. That is a fact."
I had 2... yes 2... weddings this past weekend. We all went to Angelo and Kasay'a wedding, which was AWESOME! Shay and I tore up the dance floor. I kid you not. Kyle did an awesome job with the music. I forgot my camera (which i realized halfway through the ceremony and gasped out loud...) but I will steal some of Shay's.
the ceremony was at the Cabarrus College Chapel (GORGEOUS!) and the reception was at a train depot! It was so awesome.
Then on Sunday I went to my sweet friend Misty's wedding. It was incredible! The wedding was in Freedom Park. And it POURED on us. But it ended up being one of the most fun weddings ever. I will show pictures later, but it was hilarious (SHOUT OUT HEATHER...the most gorgeous bridesmaid!)

Monday, July 7, 2008


Ok, to start off...

Daniel proposed to Emily 4th of July morning. So sweet! They are both hilariously happy and excited. If they weren't so stinkin' cute, it would be disgusting. We all probably would have gagged.
Daniel did a GREAT job with the ring, and even sent her to get a manicure before the 4th of July party, since he knew everyone would be looking at her hand. Smart boy.

Back track to Tuesday... Shay's b-day! We went to see Dave Matthews (her all time FAVORITE, and he happened to be playing in Charlotte on her b-day! Awesome present!)

I made her wear this tiara the whole time. she was actually thrilled to do so, this picture was a reaction to the people sitting next to us. They were a tad annoying.

Shay and I with Ryan, one of our favorite brothers!
(please note my headband. This is my favorite thing that I currently own. I have been waiting to buy it for over a month, and finally got it.)

Ok, back to the 4th. Shay once again opened her home to host the "4th of July Festival of Fun"!!!

Lis was a card shark.

Our heroes Joey and Ryan grilled out in the pouring rain! They were rewarded with ribs instead of the burgers we got. They MORE than deserved it! (just moments later Joey wore goggles when it REALLY started pouring)

I asked Daniel C. and Baby T what they thought of the party thus far...

Then we made the walk to the lake for fireworks! The boys outdid themselves this year. There were a few scares (Daniel and Mark being hit with a firework... whoops. Thankfully Daniel was oblivious... he was still looking into Emily's eyes.) but overall it was fantastic.

Then we finished the night by all jumping into the lake.

This Labor Day, Shaynah, Bethany, Kristie and I are going to Folly beach. We are spending the long weekend at the beach, spending a day or so in Charleston. Instead of getting a hotel, we decided to rent a house... I am waiting to hear back from a few, but i think this one is the winner.

What you are looking at is the back of the house.. where there is an outdoor shower. I have a feeling we will be fighting for that one.

Saturday morning I had the joy of going to brunch with Jeanie and the girls. Jeanie was so sweet to take me to our favorite breakfast place, Toast! The girls was hilarious and fantastic as usual.

we found a train by the farmers market that Alathea had fun it. The only way we could tear her off of it was the bribe her with a present from Target...
Sweet Abi!
When we asked Alathea what she would like her present to be, she said "moo moo". And, of course, she wanted a real cow. Not a toy one. And she would feed it eggs and it would live in her room.
Thankfully, she settled for a pink horse and the most amazing shoes ever. Right after this picture, she made me put them on her, and then did not take them off. The girl at the checkout line had to scan her feet. Jeanie wrote a blog about the fantastic shoes (

It was a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Paul Tripp pt 2

I was reading through some of his old blogs and I found this...
"...that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and seek him in his holy temple." (v.4b)
Now, admit it, you love you and you have a wonderful plan for your life. Somehow someway we all are too focused on our own lives. All of us get captured by what we want, what we feel, and what we have determined we need. Everyone of us is a dreamer. We've all been given the amazing capacity to envision the future and to plan toward it. A dream is imagination, coupled with desire and projected into the future. There are things that you'd love to have as part of your life. There are things that you'd like to accomplish. There are locations you'd love to experience. There are relationships you'd like to enjoy. There are situations you'd like to avoid. Every day you get up and you work toward some kind of dream.But dreamers don't just dream their dream, they also dream to be sovereign. In some way, at some time, all of us have wished that we'd enough control over our lives to guarantee that the things we've dreamed, we'd be able to experience. We'd like to control people and situations just enough to ensure that the "good things" we've dreamed would actually come true. What does the Bible call all of this? The Bible calls it worship.You see, you and I are worshippers. This is one of the things the separates us from the rest of creation. As worshippers we're always living for something. Something is always laying claim to the affection and rulership of our hearts. There's always something that commands our dreams. There's something that we look to to give us identity, meaning and purpose, and that inner sense of well-being that everyone seeks. Now, Scripture says that there are only two choices (Romans 1:25). You're living in pursuit of the creation or the Creator. You're looking for your satisfaction and meaning in the physical created world, or you're finding it in the Lord.What this means is that there's a war of dreams that rages in our hearts, and in the middle of the fog of this war it's so easy to get it wrong. It's so easy to think that because I have my theology in the right place, because I am biblically literate, and a functioning member of a good church, that my life is shaped by worship of the Lord. But, that may not be the case at all. On closer inspection, it may actually be the case that underneath all of those things is a life that's driven by personal success, or material things, or the respect of others, or power and control, etc. I am deeply persuaded that there's a whole lot of idolatrous Christianity out there. The most dangerous idols of all are those that fit well within the culture of external Christianity.It's here that Psalm 27 is so helpful and convicting. What's David's dream for his life? What's his plan? Well, it sounds so spiritual as to be impractical, but it gets right to the heart of why we were created in the fist place. David says, in Old Testament language, "I want to spend my life in worship of the Lord. I want to dwell in his temple and gaze upon his beauty." The shekinah glory presence of the Lord filled the holy place of the temple, like a cloud. It was a physical picture of God dwelling with his people. David was saying, "I want to be where God is. I want to do what I was created to do." No, David isn't some super-spiritual mystic. David gets it right. His quest is for a life that's shaped and directed by a daily worship of the Lord. David knows who he is: a creature created for worship. David knows who God is: the only "thing" in the universe that's truly worthy of worship. His dream is the best dream that you could ever dream. Far from being impractical, this dream, if lived out at street level, will bring purity and peace to your life.What's your plan for you life? How close is your plan to the plan God had for you when he gave you life and breath? Is there, perhaps, something in your plan that competes for the place that only God should have? May your plan for you be identical to his plan for you!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


It is my besties b-day!
Happy 26th Shay!
Here are some stories about Shaynah...
When I turned 25, I had a really hard time with it. it caught me off guard how old it felt (i know, i know) Shay gave me a hard time about it and said "Whatever. it's just a number. Get over it" Cut to 10 months later, when Shay turned 25. She was a MESS. She was worse than I was. So being the sweet, sympathetic friend that I am, I told her "Whatever. it's just a number..." "i deserve that" she replied
This is from last year (my b-day!) we went to Wilmington for Shay to compete in an open water swim in the Ocean. It was the best b-day trip ever! She beat Ben and Tim by 15 & 20 minutes!

Shay and I have a joke about 10pm on Friday night. That is when she is so overwhelmingly tired from the week, that she just gets super mean and cranky

This picture is one of my all time faves of my friends. Michael took it and got us all in it. Shay makes me laugh the hardest in it.

We have this fantastic habit of laughing so hard we both fall on the floor. Doesn't matter where we are. Doesn't matter who is around. Tim Rhue once became very concerned when she and I fell off the couch onto the floor laughing about something. He didn't know what was going on, or why everyone else was ignoring us.

It has happened in public places... like this picture. I took it in a hat shop in San Diego. Moments later I was sitting on the floor snorting with laughter. At least we find ourselves funny.

This might be my favorite Shaynah picture of all time. Brilliant. Moments like this, we answer the question "why are we still single?"

Happy Birthday to my sweet friend! I am so thankful the Lord put you in my life!