Thursday, February 26, 2009

happy b-day johnny

jenn showed this to me
since i plan to name a future son after this man, i thought it would be approps...

and one of my favorites...  Johnny's last video. I still get chills.

Happy Birthday Johnny Cash. You are missed!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


so, a bunch of random things...
1) i purchased some comfy pants. They are now my favorite thing ever in the universe from the beginning of time. My day normally plays out like this: pull into the garage, come in and dump my purse on the table, RUN... run i say to my room, and put on my comfy pants. i sometimes wear them to bible study, caregroup, movies... they are pretty much the biggest part of my life right now.
2) shaynah and i are going to Boston in April! "Why Kendra?" we don't really have a reason. We just want to
3) work is going well. It was a hard transition. my heart isvery much at home, after being unemployed for 3 weeks. i cleaned like crazy, cooked, painted... let me tell you something. Laundry isn't nearly as horrible at 2pm as it is at 8pm. it was hard to go back to work the first day. i actually cried the entire way home. i had just a taste of being a home-maker. It makes me more excited for the day that will be my job. But for now, i am so grateful for my job, that the Lord provided it for me, that i am able to work for christians. I just long to be home the whole time i am there. my mental "to-do" list pretty much explodes at noon.
4) i have been to ikea twice since it has opened. it is on my list of favorites right under comfy pants
5) um... is anyone else watching Lost... because... HOT dern.
6)DFL (our bible study) is the highlight of my week. that is all i have to say about that
7) telecast's song "Everything" is one of my current favorite worship songs:

no matter what this day will bring
i will lift my hands and sing
oh be my everything

i'll make my life an offering
in you alone i believe
oh be my everything, my everything

when the world comes crashing down around my feet
and i can't see ten feet in front of me
Jesus, i know that you are strong when i am weak
so please help me allow you to be
my everything

8) Slumdog Millionaire is one of the best movies i have ever seen

the end

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


dear squabbles
tell your mom that you demand to see me. tell her you miss me so much you will scream and scream. and tell her that aunt kenni demands new pictures of you

i love you cutie face.
and i love your mom too. your dad is ok.

Monday, February 16, 2009


a few of us decided to take a trip up to G'burg on Valentines day weekend. It ended up being one of the most fun weekends I can remember EVER having! Saturday morning Britty Kauflin made us crepes, then we hopped on the metro and went straight to the mall. we ate a horrible lunch...
ok, side story. I wanted some mac and cheese. So did JJ. So we ordered a kids one to split. It tasted like poop. I am not kidding. We were so shocked by it, we kept taking more bites. I was crushed. I had been craving it for a full 15 minutes, which isn't long, but still. So we refused to pay for the mac-n-poo. 
the boys were so kind to us, allowing us to go wherever we wanted. Case and point... the second we walked out of the horrible lunch establishment, we walked straight into starbucks.
we headed over to the Smithsonian of American History. So much fun! We then decided to do a monuments tour which consisted of me pointing to our left and saying "that is the capital" and then to our right and saying "that is the washington monument". We took a couple of pics and were on our way!
We went back to the K's to make dinner. FACT: get 4 Sovereign Grace girls in a kitchen with no food... they can still prepare a feat. We are like the female Macgyvers. The sweetest part of the night is when the boys went to the store to pick something up. Jenn had an awesome idea of making banana pudding to surprise them (a favorite). we rushed to get it made in time, hid it in the fridge and patted ourselves on the back. minutes later the boys came in looking quite pleased with themselves and presented the most fantastic looking chocolate cake i have ever seen. It was totally the Gift of the Magi... but not really. But we had double amazing dessert!!!! Here are the pics...

All of the good pictures are by Chavia. 

getting ready for a group shot. it took a while

so cute
we made the boys dinner... this is 
jj's attempt at a group shot. 

this is when Chavia took over...

right before she got yelled at. 
this one is me again. shaynah and i have one of these from everywhere we have ever gone. and only we could look at this and say "oh, that was outside of the Smithsonian museum of American History on Valentines Day '09"
the group shot. Shay was on the phone with Jared, so he could be in it 
(for those of you who need introductions... shaynah, me, jj, tyler and jenn

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


the adorable fire ball turned 3 today!

i watch the lechner girls every other wednesday. Once when i put alathea to bed, i told her the story of when jeanie told me she was pregnant up to when alathea was born. I thought it would be a one time deal, but now she insists i tell her every time!
It involves when jeanie called to tell me she was preggers (which was SO exciting... i used to threaten to hide jeanie's birth control pills... i actually did a couple of times, but in super easy spots. I don't tell alathea that), when i insisted it was a girl, but the doctor and joe's mom said it was a boy (she loves that part of the story), when jeanie called me to tell me that i had been right all along (she loves that part too... as do i. i like to remind jeanie of it), how jeanie's tummy got bigger, and the day i first saw that pretty baby girl. That is my favorite part of the story for 2 reasons. First, it was an incredible day. I remember it so vividly. the moment i first looked at her, and my heart was completely smitten. She smiled, which joe insisted was gas, but i knew what was really going on. i had often prayed over jeanie's belly that i would be alathea's favorite, which is hilarious in hindsight, seeing how fickle she is. but the second reason it is my favorite part is because of the first time i told her the story. she was in bed and i was kneeling next to it and told her that as soon as i looked at her, i knew she would be my special girl. She reached up and put her hand on my cheek and said "Kemri is yay-yay's spechaahh girl too"

i melted into a puddle on the floor.

So happy birthday crazy monkey girl. I am SO glad you are in my life!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

happy birthday sweets!

I can't believe my sweet cookie monster "niece" is a year old today! I love this kid so much! Her big sister's b-day is later this week, but today was their shared party.
Abi always makes me smile. I watched her at my house last week, and she was super clingy. Can't lie, i loved it. Having her follow me around, only wanting aunt kenni to hold her, made my heart burst. I adore this girl so much... she and her sister will always have a chunk of my heart.
I am so thrilled and humbled that all these mom's have welcomed me into their kids lives! There was a moment at the party where i looked around and saw all my "nieces and nephews" and started to grin. I love these kids SO MUCH! Walking in and  getting hugs, having babies handed to me, even being invited to the party... BLISS! I love these kids so much, and I am so honored to be able to watch them grow up! I get to see theses amazing women raise them, learn from their example, and try to serve them. But honestly, it is more selfish reasons that i want to help out. Ladies, you are all such dear dear friends to me. Thank you for letting me part of your kids lives! It is a honor and joy! I can't wait to see what amazing men and women in the Lord they grow up to be. Well, i can wait. I love them at this age.

abi and her cake
yay's sharing... was after she decided that abi wanted to eat it from her forehead. she bonked her a few times
almost 3! Big girl! and still refusing to smile for me. thats m'girl
the aftermath.