Tuesday, March 31, 2009

this is called a bribe

baby kate...
look what i have. remember him? remember when we were at Target and you laughed at mr. octopus cup? you love him, don't you?  

do you want to drink out of mr. octopus cup?
well, you need to come visit aunt kenni. this is where mr octopus cup is going to live. and if you don't come over soon, i might drink out of him one day. and by "one day" i mean "this morning"

Sunday, March 29, 2009

i gots the madness

question: what is this picture of?
answer: lazy Sunday, trip to Target, left over PF Changs (in my teeth), a bottle of Frugal Joe's beer, and most importantly... Carolina basketball.
i have caught March Madness. I was super excited about my brackets going into this, but now... not so hot. According to ESPN, i have 700 points. No thank you  Villlanova. No thank you Michigan State.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


when i google searched "Boston" this came up. So this is what i except Boston to be like. Sunshine-y and sailboat-y. I expect everyone to be sailing. everyone. 

and i also expect everyone to have glorious accents. And I expect to pick up on them. I will call everything "wicked awesome"

the past few weeks have been challenging, but FULL of grace. The Lord has been surrounding me with friends who scream truth to me to block out the lies that are being whispered in my ear, giving me peace, bringing scripture to mind, and reminding me that my greatest need has been met.

I also re-discovered a song that I love ("everything" by Tim Hughes)... so i have been singing it. A lot. Pretty much all the time at work. It bugs everyone... but they will get over it. my favorite part is this
God in my resting, 
God in my working, 
God in my thinking, 
God in my speaking

God in my hoping, 
God in my dreaming,
 God in my watching, 
God in my waiting
God in my laughing, 
there in my weeping, 
God in my hurting, 
God in my healing
By my everything, my everything. Be my everything
Christ in me, Christ in me, Christ in me the hope of glory, be my everything!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

so... after working Saturday 12-10 pm, Sunday 12-7pm, Mon 4-10pm, tues 4-10 and tonight 4-10... what does the glamorous life of a 20-something single girl look like?

i walk in the door, throw on Comfy Pants, slippers and try to settle down before bed. can you spot the differences between the picture above and the picture below?

1) the picture above i had just woken up, was wrapped in a blanket and blinked when the picture actually took. 
2) on the 2nd one I have on make up, this was taken 2 days later and 2 new zits had formed (i already had a glorious one on my chin that i had named Connie) also, i have make-up on in the bottom picture to be "camera ready" as they say... and my contacts were so dry, i was afraid they would shatter if i blinked.

thankfully there are  only 3 more nights of this (HAH... only) and then it is DONE. .
The perk has been that I can spend time with some people during the day. We were able to have people over on SnowDay, I hung out with Shaynah yesterday and today i got Target time with Anne and Kate.

Wow. I just re-looked at the pictures... and let me say... there is some lucky fella out there who gets to wake up to THAT every morning. Get in line boys.
The sad thing is, I am pretty sure the first one would be my sleeping face. Not just my sleeping face, but my prettiest sleeping face. I am sure Shaynah and Anne, and anyone else who has seen me nap can confirm that. Once years ago Anne and I had a sleepover and tired to tell each other if they had an ugly sleeping face. I think we discovered I did.  Very much so.

ANYWAY... i am incredibly grateful for my job. Just ready for it to go to normal working hours.