Saturday, May 30, 2009


go listen to the Next messages. NOOOOOOW.
During DA Carson's message he read this poem that he wrote... i loved it so much that i wanted you all to see it as well. It is on the next blog. as well as justin taylors

Before there was a universe,

  Before a star or planet,
  When time had still not yet begun—

  I scarcely understand it—
  Th’ eternal Word was with his God,

  God’s very Self-Expression;
  Th’ eternal Word was God himself—

  And God had planned redemption.

  The Word became our flesh and blood—

  The stuff of his creation—
  The Word was God, the Word was flesh,

  Astounding incarnation!
  But when he came to visit us,

  We did not recognize him.
  Although we owed him everything

  We haughtily despised him.

  In days gone by God showed himself

  In grace and truth to Moses;
  But in the Word of God made flesh

  Their climax he discloses.
  For grace and truth in fullness came

  And showed the Father’s glory
  When Jesus donned our flesh and died:

  This is the gospel story.

  All who delighted in his name,

  All those who did receive him,
  All who by grace were born of God,

  All who in truth believed him—
  To them he gave a stunning right:

  Becoming God’s dear children!
  Here will I stay in grateful trust;

  Here will I fix my vision.

  Before there was a universe,

  Before a star or planet,
  When time had still not yet begun—

  I scarcely understand it—
  Th’ eternal Word was with his God,

  God’s very Self-Expression;
  Th’ eternal Word was God himself—

  And God had planned redemption.


today i went to the pool for the first time this summer. YAAAYYY! I introduced new-roomie Renae to the tradition of hitting up Sonic post-pool. 
So, i used one of those spray sunscreens today. i am normally pretty good at those. and i got ALMOST everywhere. I got a little trigger happy on my shoulder, and kinda negelcted the rest of it. So now i have a super pale spot surrounded by pink. It looks pretty awesome. I keep laughing when i see it.

new favorite thing to do: listen to 80s-90s power ballads. I had some Bad English, Journey, Peter Cetera and REO Speedwagon going earlier. It makes me want to be in a music video. with hair constantly blowing in a breeze. Even when indoors. And the streets will always be wet, as if it just rained. Even when the sun is out. And neon lights reflecting everywhere. And a key-tar. *AHEMJORDANKAUFLIN*

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


next was awesome
i can't wait till next next. (that one STILL cracks me up.)

the messages were outstanding! Go get em! They are free on the website (

i got to see all my friends, enter into amazing worship and fall in love with my savior even more. 

thanks for everyone's prayers! i did not take a single picture, but shay did. 3 of them. So, those are coming.

on a separate note, i have to share this conversation i just had with Tyler via text...
his birthday is on friday, so i had called to see if he wanted to hang out with some people to celebrate this was the reply

"hope i am not waking you. thanks for the invite but i am in a wedding this weekend... big surprise right. the rehearsal is on friday night

i replied
"but its your birthday! Can we all celebrate another time?"

his reply
"i personally celebrate every day ;) oh yeah and i am having a party 10 am on Sunday. Band and everything. 6400 Prosperity Church Rd."

that is why he is my friend.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

NEXT attitude

Next is this week. how the poop-on-a-stick did this happen? It totally snuck up on me. Whoops. 
It will be AWESOME though!

Ok, this is for you. All of you

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

what is happening here

so... thats me.
there are 4 important things in this picture you need to see. Well, 5

1) i am holding the keys to my new (to me) car. a 2006 Suzuki Forenza. Dang straight. It is Dodger blue. Not to mistaken with Duke blue. 2 very different colors. One brings joy, one brings shame. We are the joyful one.
2) those sunglasses on my head. In the past 48 hours they have been in the possession 3 different people. They only just made their way home. Shaynah got them for me last year on my b-day and i haven't seen them in awhile. So i am happy.
3) i am on the phone (i really was when i took this. With Mindy). about a week and a half ago i was asked to plan the youth banquet. Not just decorations or food or volunteers. All of it. All. Of. It. So my life is now being on my phone with everyone trying to get this thing together.
4) as a result of that and the past 2 crazy days, my hair has been sticking up on the sides like that. I wore it to work like that
5) my nose is starting to get tan. That means summer is here. The pool is  almost ready... YESSSS

Psalm 19. All of it. read it again.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


so... i haven't talked about American Idol much this season
That is because this is the first time i have loved almost EVERYONE!
though my very most best favorite got kicked off a couple of weeks ago.

this is him
he is matt.

So now we are down to the top 3... as of this morning my faves were in this order

Kris Allen... i adore him. he is sweet and leads worship at his church and is super talented...

next, Danny Gokey. He is also a Christian and an awesome guy. Musically though, i prefer Kris

Lastly, Adam Lambert. He is obscenely talented and super creeptastic. There are moments I am horrified at him, and moments where I am blown away. So I didn't want him to win. at all.

... until i learned this: he graduated from Mt Carmel High School.

fact about me
when i was a little girl, there were 2 things i wanted in life. 2 things i dreamed about
1) to work at Sea World
2) to graduate from Mt Carmel, which is where my mom, 2 uncles, 2 aunts and 2 cousins graduated. I went to football games, track meets, homecoming, and  graduations there. I knew that school like the back of my hand. I would play in the stands, run on the track with my mom, watched water polo games... everything.  I loved that school. Red and gold baby.

clearly, i did not go to school there. But Adam did. Therefore, he moved up a notch in my book.

that is all.