Tuesday, June 30, 2009

july 1st 1982

thanks for making me laugh

thanks for laughing at me

thanks for being encouraging

thanks for being born

thanks for being my best friend

i love you, and i am so so so SO grateful for you!
Isaiah 54

Saturday, June 27, 2009

so many things...

1) i was sick earlier this week and lost my voice. but i am better now. calm down.

2) i was heart broken over MJ's death. I was a big fan of his music and saweeet dance moves!!! I was even more sadened by ome of the things people have been saying about him lately. God created him, loved him, gave him incredible talent. Yes, he was a sinner. But so am I! In fact, i am the chief sinner. The saddest part is his separation from the King. a friend-of-a-friend said it beautifully "I think putting people in a box defined by their sin is anti-Christ. During life. Or after. When I die apart from Gods grace, I will die as Andrew. The self righteous film guy who talked about himself way too much."

3) A few weeks ago Jeanie got me an AMAZING gift that i finally broke out...

a sno-cone machine with cups, flavors and spoon straws!!!! today i had a wild cherry pepsi sno-cone. Perfect after an afternoon at the pool watching creepy guys show off their skills on the diving board...

4) about a year and a half ago my friend Carter started working on a film project. He took some friends out to LA to skid row
Skid row is the most dangerous area if the city. Carter had a burden for those people (all homeless) to hear the gospel. So and and his crew made sandwiches every morning, bought bottles of water and headed out. Everyone worked in different ministries all over the US, a lot of them skater-focused.
Here is a clip from the most recent installment. If you are like me, you don't watch videos on people's blogs. But please PLEASE find a few minutes in your day to watch this. It is intense. These are people who live on the streets and you hear about their problems. But Carter and his crew had been loving and faithful to them. They trust them, and through that are coming to know the one that died for them! Please pray for the Enoch crew and they continue with this project!


Friday, June 12, 2009

my roommate lauren works at PF changs.
Do you know what that means?

That means that last night, after setting up for the youth banquet, having the entire pipe-n-drape "hallway" we made collapse, breaking many of the lights hung on it, spending an hour fixing it, getting home, unable to sleep... i opened the fridge and found lettuce wraps with my name on them.


it was a good night,

Monday, June 8, 2009


epic fail:

please note the date of the last post.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

the park is popping.

so, charlotte is a great city. Nay, a fantastic city. It is pretty, warm, we have a football team and yet just 20 min away you see cows and pastures. 
but there aren't many awesome things to do in Charlotte that don't feel... forced. I don't know why, but that is the word that fits it best.
There is on thing. One glorious, amazing, lovely thing.
Pops in the Park!!!

Every summer during the month of June, the Charlotte Symphony has free Sunday night outdoor concerts. It is out near SouthPark, and you bring a blanket, wine, tasty food and lay out and listen to the incredible music. It is the MOST fun. 
Some people nap, some people play games, some people just catch up. Some of my favorite summer memories take place there.
Anyway, tonight is the kick-off. "Symphony Goes Country" is the theme. That is when they play songs from Oklahoma, as well as some other favorites. The best night is "Celebrate America" night, which is the last sunday in june. There are fireworks that night. It is pretty perfect.
So, that is my report on Pops in the Park. 
Everytime i typed "pops in the park" i would first type "poops" and have to correct it. Whoops. That is a different event all together. But equally magical.