Tuesday, January 26, 2010

excited hands

the Lord has been giving me a dream for a while. An awesome exciting scary crazy risky big wonderful beautiful terrifying dream.

Not like "zzzzzzzzzz NeilzzzzzzDiamond...zzzzzz on a unicornzzzzz" dream.

But a slowly building burden and vision in my heart that one day clicks and all of the pieces come together and you get so excited you start crying. One where you a praying and hoping that this is the Lord's heart for you and others and thrilled that you might get to take part in it. The kind where it can either fizzle out in a few weeks, or ignite into something amazing and scary.

I will give more details later, but until then please pray for me! Pray for wisdom, discernment, diligence, patience and obedience!
Thanks all

Monday, January 25, 2010


um. ok.
so this episode of Lost was just on as a re-run. When we meet Claire's mom.
I found myself cracking up re-watching it. The first time i saw it, it was super intense.
This time, I was losing it.
Here is the clip


here is what i wish had happened

Claire's mom: ... her name was Cleeeeeeeahhr.
Jack: What?
C's mom: Chhhleeeeeeeeeeeer
Jack: Sorry, i am having trouble understanding you. What was her name?
C's mom: Cahhhlllllleeeeeeeeeeer!
Jack: Clear?
C's mom: No. Qqqlllllaaaabbbbhhhrrr.
Jack: Quwear?
C's mom: NO. Why can't you understand me. CCCCOAIKKJPOFGIOEHRRRRRRRR.
Jack: Maybe if you tried enunciating a little better.
C's mom: Listen butt face. I am crying. And Australian. Throw me a bone
Jack: Ok... one more time...
C's mom: Cleeeeeeeeeeeeehere
Jack: Yeah. I got nothing. Sorry.
C's mom: CLEEERRREE....CLEAR....C-L-A-I-R-E....
Jack: OOOH oh oh... so sorry. CLAIRE. Yeah. We pronounce that Cuh-La-Air. Cllllaire. Yeah. wow. I had no clue what you were saying. Well... cool. Nice talking to you. Me and Kate gotta go with Cla... um... this baby here that is of no relation to you what-so-ever. At all. K... bye.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


i want this.

actually, more than that... i want to be Ree. I was up till 1am last night reading her blog. i love her. and in all honesty, i think if she met me, she would really like me. we would be friends.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

workin' hard for my money

I am super blessed to like most of the people i work with. honestly, some of my dearest friends are people i get to see everyday. so, take a walk with me... you might want to put on some shoes. because we have to walk all the way to Indianland, SC. Walk with me and meet my "work" friends.

First of all, this is Ashley. Ashley is one of the few who has crossed over and hung out with my "other" friends, or "real" friends as I mistakenly called them one day at lunch. That didn't go over well. Ashley has come over to the house, visited CrossWay... and in case you can't figure out who she is, i am helpfully pointing to her in this picture.

This is Christen. She is preggers with her first baby, a little girl named Finley. Christen works in my department with me and we pretty much wouldn't survive in there without eachother. People often mistaken us as sisters. And i don't mind one bit. She is pretty much the awesomest

Bekah is the reason i survive day to day. she works in our cafe, and provides me with the coffee that is now a necessity. I have a "usual" and she makes the prettiest "foam art" with my latte foam.

this is what my 15-min break run to the cafe looks like

these are the boys. On this specific day, they were talking while one was washing dishes. and they all matched. Even to the scarves. that happens more frequently then i think they would like to admit

Here is Christen again, showing off Finn

now starts one of the most magical portions of this post. not THE most magical... but pretty close. Every year the boys have "mustache Monday". It is like Christmas. Words cannot express the joy that fills my heart each Mustache Monday.

This is Neal. That is a fake 'stache because he can't grow one.

Joe-ski, and his uber creepy stache

David, and his "i drive a camaro... and listen to AC/DC" stache

and Blake, with his "working at the local paper, having drinks for happy hour in 1984" stache

Ok, i hinted to it just moments before, but now we are at the most magical part of this post. You might want to take a moment to catch your breath... b/c you might lose it once you scroll down further...

are you bracing yourself?

a brief introduction: My friend Blake (the 1984 stache guy) found an incredible iphone app, which he kindly bought before i had my phone, so i could experience the sheer joy and glory of it. This is a picture he took of me when he informed me he was downloading the app

He took the first picture with his phone. Once i got an iphone, he made me return the favor.

Ladies and gentlemen, i present...


are you ok? are you still breathing? Can you even read this through the tears in your eyes? Tears of joy and majesty?

The first one was obviously me. It was a miracle that i was even able to keep such a noble and pensive face for the picture. I was instructed that a Unicorn would not be jumping up and down, grinning and clapping and in hysterics. That a unicorn would be peaceful and calm and noble. So that is what i tried to show. I think i was sucessful.
The 2nd is my friend Emily. Her face showed some excited hysteria.
And lastly, i had my oppritunity to return the favor to Blake. He still had his mustache from the day before, and exemplified the noble, peaceful spirit of a unicorn. you can even see the glory glow where the other unicorn is touching his face

last, but not at all least, this is a picture from chapel. right before it starts. you can see the stage, people mingeling, and one of the boys already about to fall asleep

there you go. please leave your guest ID with the receptionist. She will be happy to direct you to the exit, where the security guards at the main gate can point you to 485.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

whats going on

before i actually start, let me say that the Panther's just beat the Saints. That is the 3rd game in a row that they have CRUSHED and amazing team. We are talking about the football team that didn't even know how to throw the ball to their own teammates. And they beat the Vikings, Giants AND Saints??? DUDE. And in one of the last plays of the game, look who got an interception...

Das right.


i have failed you as a blogger. my apologies.

here is a bit of what has been going on. It will become much easier to keep track now that i have a new phone that take pics. The iphone is a glorious thing. glorious.

First, it was a lovely christmas. Here is my tree. I am taking it down soon, which is the worst ever. I try to keep it up as long as possible. But i feel like today is the day.

We had a NYE party at the house. Complete with tiaras and top hats. as it should be done

Tyler does not kid around when it comes to frying mozzarella sticks.

there she is (this picture convientitly shows off her ring)

everyone playing the "family game", which is super fun and intense and i tend to get really competitive.

Ray reading to ring in the new year. (I was very much standing on a chair to take this.)

Michael also ready...

Shay is reaaaallly ready.

Shaynah discovered an amazing snack earlier this year... Bugles and EZ Cheez. You spray some cheese into the bugle. and then you make a tower. Michael went a bit overboard on this one

Ikea was serving free breakfast this weekend, so i went with my favorite UKer, Kat

Ikea coffee is surprisingly awesome

I was at the Klebers a lot this past week helping Shay work on wedding details. These are paper birds that will be hanging on fishing line. She cut them out of a NYC subway map

a perk of being at my besties house all week is hanging out with my other brother while he was home.

The view from Shay's reception site. Glorious

gorgeous winter night

"end of Christmas break" dinner and margaritas with Shay. She was letting me know that she wasn't rushing me, encouraging me to take my time.

sunday lunch at Midtown to watch the Panther's game became a tradition. My table usually holds the loud rowdy crowd that focusing on the game, yells, cheers and gets angry. Once our crew sat down, JJ, Laura and Crystal showed up and sat next to us. They were the sweet, quiet table.

my "Christmas break is almost over and now it is time to go back to the real world and no more sleeping in" face

see? I will do so much better. i promise.

Friday, January 1, 2010