Wednesday, June 23, 2010


so every wednesday we have chapel at work. all of us go into the chapel for an hour, have short worship and a message. i actually don't mind it at all, b/c it is a nice break to the day.
but today.
oh today.
having to leave my desk and usa v algeria game... so cruel.
so there i was, with my phone on espn, watching updates of the game
the 0-0 glaring me in the face. mocking me.
so stressed
i see the "0" next to the american flag turn into a "1"
i start to silently freak out
my friend david, sitting beside me, also watching updates on his phone, looked down after my bouncing/jublient aura alerted him, saw the score and immediatly punched me in the arm in a fit of joy.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

little bit of disssss

ok, so i mentioned a while ago my undying affection for the pioneer woman, ree drummond.
we found out she was coming to charlotte for a book signing. i went. and i met her. and then she decided to follow me on twitter. and she took a picture of us. yeah.

and then she replied to me twice on twitter. it is like we are best friends.

see, this is what she wrote in my book

best day ever.

here are blake and david doing an amazing spin camera shot. hilarious

we went to see Babies (sigh) for Michelle's b-day. best movie ever. really. i could see it a million times

shopping date with kate

Michael and his friends

the guys at Elaine and Ben's wedding

i went to Next and it was wonderful. i got to spend lots of time with this stunning mom-to-be... jenny james

i got to see my favorite bud Korey

matt and his monster sandwich (you can't tell, but it was ridiculous. and he and i were only friends in this picture b/c he had a beard.)

jeff is very serious about his job

then, this weekend i got to do something awesome. i got to see PASSION PIT. you can hear them on my playlist at the bottom of the blog. i love them. a lot.

and i got a record player. listening to ryan adams make this girl quite happy. yes indeed.

today we couldn't go to pops in the park b/c of the rain. but instead krystal and i sat on the porch with pink lemonade and jumped in puddles. yes indeed

do you watch friday night lights? no? of course not. most people don't.

here is the thing. you need to. really. you need to. it is the most incredible show. you will fall in love with the characters. coach and mrs. taylor? best couple in the world.

eric taylor is the most amazing football coach. really.
matt saracen? you will love him so much. he takes care of his sweet grandma.
i laugh/cry almost every episode. it's hilarious, amazing, sweet with awesome football. really great football. and when you watch it, you will either love/hate tim riggins. stick with him. this season, he is one of my all time favorite people.

look, i own season 1 and 2. you can borrow it. i will let you.