Wednesday, December 22, 2010


10) finish my 30 before 30 list.
11) consistently take off nail polish when it starts chipping, so it stops looking like this

also, watch this
(This is Jonathan and Melissa Helser. They are worship leaders, muscisians, photographer and just cool people. They did this on their back porch in 1 take. It makes me like winter a little more. And it makes me like Melissa's boots a lot more.)

Monday, December 20, 2010

30 before 30

i am starting a goal list, of 30 things i want to do before turning 30 next September.
this is a working list. some of them are accomplishments, some are habits, some are dumb.
We can check back after Sept 5 2011 to see how i did.

i will add to it as time goes on. here is what i have to start with

1) try to like apple pie. I don't like it. I only like 1 version of it. I want to be a true America
2) own every Ryan Adams album on vinyl. (i own 4. I "only" need 7 more)
3) own half of Bob Dylan's albums on vinyl (i have 2. he has made 34. I will nix the Christmas album. That's right. he made a Christmas album.)
4) go to the gym at least 5 times a week. I was steadily going 4 times a week, then got sick. I haven't gone in about a week and a half
5) read Mornings and Evenings 5 times a week (the other days i can read one or the other)
6) make myself coffee every morning instead of going to the cafe at work
7) get a new hobby. So far it looks like it is going to be cross stitching. I started in October. So far i have made 4 items. not too shabby
8) watch more documentaries
9) get involved with a humanitarian organization (does buying Toms count? because i did that.
10) finish my 30 before 30 list.
11) consistently take off nail polish when it starts chipping, so it stops looking like this
12. keep the inside of my car clean
13. read more. Lots more
14. write thank you notes and send bday cards
15. write more handwritten notes period
16. cook more. a lot more.
17. take a trip to CA and visit everyone i know and love.
18. go to bed BEFORE midnight on week nights
19. not buy anything new unless i am willing to give away something old
20. pray more. a lot more.
21. make a list of specific people/things to pray about each week. and be faithful to it
22. Make Saturday "phone date day" call out of town friends. Stop relying on text and facebook and blogs
23. Get excited about turning 30 instead of sad
24. build up my savings account
25. see another favorite/legend in concert (Happening August 2nd! Going to see Dolly!)
26. visit a new city
27. call parents on a weekly basis
28. see at least 4 Woody Allen movies that i haven't seen yet
29. buy a bike and ride it whenever possible
30. do my makeup at home, and not in the car

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


samuel lawrence malament was born this morning
i think i want to call him "slim" since that is what his initials look like

here is how it went down at my end (since i know you would rather hear that than the birth story. gross)

4 am *ring ring* (except my phone doesn't make that noise. So i actually heard this)

i see that it is Liz. i know what this means. i try to answer the phone sounding as awake and alert as possible... though i don't know why. It's not like she isn't aware that i am sleeing at 4am.

"Hi Liz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"hey... anne is on the way to the hospital!"

"awesome! thanks!"

i rolled over and went back to sleep. about 23 seconds later (45 minutes) i hear Edward Sharpe serenading me again. it's Liz. i try to sound alert AGAIN.


"soo.... he's here!"

"what? already?"

aparently Anne is super human and after only 20 minutes at the hospital Sam entered the world. hot dang.

2 minutes after hanging up i got this picture

there is more of a story behind this cute little pooper, and i will tell it tomorrow. he and i are going to have quite a story to tell people. right now, he could ask me for a rocketship and i would personally build it for him. i have never been so excited to meet a little person in my life. T-minus 3 hours till i am holding him!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

nallaa feline

the title is how i pronounced "merry Christmas" in Italian this morning. It is actually "natale felice". but because i have a cold, and i am tired and absurd, that is how it came out.
here is the goings of ons.
1st, I found an adorable website ( which is the "worlds smallest post service". I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago and decided i must send out mini packages to a couple of friends. Liz Connolly just got her... you can see it on her blog.
B) here are some pictures of things that are real. that sentence makes no sense. But i am currently on Dayquil, as well as taking some nasty citrus tablet that is supposed to work like Zicam that tastes like chalk with a drop of orange juice. I gag every time i take it. And i used some nasal spray, which is MY JAM! I love that stuff.

This is the green bean casserole Shay made for Thanksgiving. It is a Pioneer Woman recipe. And it was aaaahhhmayyyzing

Michael coaches football at Phillip O Berry HS. His team went to playoffs so me, Shay, her parents and his parents drove up to Salisbury for the game. They didn't win. But we did cheer.
This is the owner of Amelies. We call him Mr. Amelie. He is the sweetest guy ever. He walks around just to make sure everything is ok. One day we were joking that there never seems to be enough coffee in our french press. That we run out so soon. Minutes later he came out with a fresh one, on the house. And he called me "beautiful" the night i took this picture. We love him the best.
We had some friends over to help decorate our tree. Once everyone left we found these items shoved into the tree branches. A clock, a plant, and my roommates family picture.
And the culprit was
Ben. He also moved an owl that was on top of a tall bookshelf over to a desk, and stuffed kitchen items into the couch cushions. We weren't quite sure what got into him that night. Quite rambunctious

This is Dan. Or, as i call him, Cool Danny. He is the newest co-worker and was very excited to help with the tree. He hung AN ornament.
i love Christmas tree lots/store/things. I think they are pretty. Thus, i took a picture of one.
Monday afternoon we went into our lunch room to find it had been transformed. This picture does not do it justice. There are paper chains and fake candy EVERYWHERE. the room is huge (this is just the kitchen) and pretty much every ceiling tile had something hung from it. It was like Elf.

The other day at lunch we were talking about the clothes we wore as kids. We brought up Jams, the colorful MC Hammer style pants. We all had wonderful memories of Jams. Well, these are a pair of my step-dad's Jams. A friend borrowed them for a costume party a few years back, and i never returned them. I am going to try to talk the boys into wearing them at Christmas.
this ornament is the crowning glory of our tree. It majestically guards it. Ashley is much more traditional than i am with tree decorating, so most of my ornaments would clash horribly. but i asked if this guy could be part of it. A gift from Brenna and Juan. And i love it.
Lastly, this gem. I have a life crush on Mark Wahlberg. No shame in it. I love him. Shaynah feels the same for Christian Bale. So when we found out the 2 were in a movie together... a BOXING movie at that... well, it was like Hollywood made us our own Christmas present. Though it would probably be a Hanukkah present, since most of Hollywood is Jewish. But still. We are quite excited.

Friday, December 3, 2010

my grown-up chrrristmasss lisssst

i sang that in my best Amy Grant voice.

i have made an extensive Amazon wish list for my dad. It makes life easier. But the thing that makes it more awesome-erness, is that Amazon now has a universal button that goes on your browser... any site you are on, if they sell anything you want, hit the button and... POW, on your wish list. My Amazon list now includes a kitchenaid mixer, gold Toms shoes, even a bike.

But here is the most wish-yest part of my list... pretty things that i love and want and love and dream about. At least, once i saw them i started to... but i am not really asking for them. Just gazing at their loveliness. Do you tend to ask for more practical gifts? I wish i could ask for more frivolous things. It just seems so... frivolous.

actually... instead of including pictures, i will just do this:

everything on this website. And this one. Oh, and this one.