Monday, February 28, 2011

the more you know...

i wanted to educate anyone who doesn't know of Banksy. i have been a fan for a while. And all the hype around Banksy's documentary being nominated for an Oscar gave me hope that i would finally see him.

Friday, February 25, 2011

awesome o'clock

pretty, awesome and pretty awesome things i have found this week:

vintage toy teacups
Vintage SILHOUETTE TEA for TWO - Set of 4 Pieces
from etsy

one of my favorite artist-friends, Eric Hurtgen. This is one of my favorite pieces of his

eric's website


this next one is actually quite horrifying. I am not kidding. it is so bad. But please at least watch from 3:30 on. that is when it gets good

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


i am often torn

  California<br>by  <a href="artists/john-holcomb">John Holcomb</a><br>Silkscreen on Recycled French Paper<br>12.5” x 19” | Edition of 115<br>$30 <a href="" target="blank">Buy It</a>North Carolina<br> by <a href="artists/john-holcomb">John Holcomb</a><br>Silkscreen on Recycled French Paper<br>12.5” x 19”  | 2nd Edition of 50<br>$30 <a href="" target="blank">Buy It</a>
both are lovely

I Heart California - 8 x 10 - Illustration PrintMy Heart Belongs In......Noth Carolina
i love both of them dearly

both have people i love

Custom State NecklaceNorth Carolina State Necklace, Gold

thus, i have decided that both are home. so there.

Monday, February 21, 2011

friends are friends... forever

what a lovely weekend. am i right?

such a sweet time of resting, sunshine, holding poopy-diapered babies, breaking iphones, and wearing the same thing 2 days in a row. *sigh* bliss.

obviously not all of the things on that list are happy. i am devastated about breaking the screen on my phone.  i feel like a horrible, irresponsible parent. the screen of my phone has a spider web crack all through it. thankfully, it still works. but now i carry it around like a wounded bird, afraid that even looking at it the wrong way will anger the touch screen and the whole phone will explode into a million little pieces.
but the Lord is kind. He has provided an uber cheap way for me to fix it instead of the $200 that i would have had to pay.

but, the good thing about this weekend, is that super lovely things happened that reminded me that if my screen cracking is the worse thing that happened to me all weekend... i am pretty much the luckiest girl in the world.

sunday was perfection. after church i went to have an incredible lunch with Liz. sometimes i am amazed that i have been friends with the same people for as long as i have. seeing who we have all become is astonishing. never in a million years would i have predicted all of this. i love her so dearly. she will forever be my little sister, no matter how much more mature she is than me!

after that i got to spend the evening with the malaments. Anne has been one of my very best friends since i was 16. i have watched her become an amazing wife and mom. we had time to reflect on the old times. we are both quite nostalgic. my creepy memory is good for that. being with her and david is so good for me. even though so many things have changed, we still all love each other dearly. there is a sense of being home when you are with old friends, still involved in each other's lives, able to see where the Lord has brought us from.
and, she is the mother of 2 of my all time favorite little humans. and she is married to Dave, my best wanna-be brother. after he made us pancakes for dinner (best idea ever) i got to play with Kate, give her a bath and LOUDLY serenade her with songs from Les Mis to keep her from screaming in the bath tub (she loved it. kept saying "again!", though i was butchering it. she doesn't know.) and held baby sam as he slept and slept and we watched old episodes of 30 rock.

friends are such a means of grace. not just in the encouragement/prayer/rebuke way... but just being around people you love, people who love you unconditionally. who will sit and laugh about nothing. friends who know you are about to cry and don't care if you have snot running down your face. friends who let you wipe their child's booger on their sleeve when it gets on you...(anne was willing... i grabbed a tissue instead)

i have the best friends ever. from my group of bffs, to the friends who have stuck around with me for 10 + years, to new friends who have jumped in and loved this mess with no questions asked. i don't know why the Lord has blessed me this way. *quickly dissolving into a hot mess*

welp, that was not all what i planned on writing about today. i actually had more of a "hahah look how dumb i am" post. i even just had to change the title to reflect this.
ok. happy monday.

Friday, February 18, 2011

mental health day

i woke up about 2am with a horrible stomach ache. thought i was going to throw up. went back to sleep and woke up at 6 with a migraine, so i emailed my boss to tell her i was taking the morning off. well... now i am feeling better, so i decided to take a metal health day and just stay at home.
probably the best decision i have made in ages.
i slept in, woke up and made oatmeal and french press, opened all the windows since it is in the 70's today, watched The Today Show, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned out my shelves in the hall closet, and started to clean my room but got distracted by pictures of Trinidad vacation rental houses.
then decided to write a blog post, thought about painting my nails, realized i needed to dust in my room, thought about getting up to dust, started texting janet, thought about dusting again, went to get the duster and got a glass of water instead, sat back down and started a Pandora station (to help me clean) decided to finish this blog post, replied to some work emails, started FB chatting my aunt in Russia, put some lotion on because my arms were ashy, remembered that i still needed to clean my room, thought about getting some friends to meet me at Freedom Park with their babies, realized that none of my friends with babies would be willing to come down to Freedom Park, looked at an awesome cupcake recipe, thought i heard the UPS man, got excited, realized it wasn't him, got sad... decide that yes, it is time to clean my room.
so that is what i am about to do
then i will sit on the couch, put on some records, and read and read and read and read.
but first,
this is my favorite song today.
"he would have laughed" by deer hunter

Thursday, February 17, 2011

to: me. from: me

my valentines gift to myself came in the mail yesterday. i was sooo excited! Jess actually picked out 2 things that were a little cheaper. so that was a happy surprise.
the first was a tree necklace that i adored. i like it even better in person

it's about 2 inches across... large but not obnoxious
 it is so dang pretty. i wore it today and already have gotten lots of comments on it.

the other item was a scarf i had loved on the website, but once it arrived i realized it wasn't really what i hoped. so it's going back. one cool thing about modcloth is they really encourage feedback. so i left a comment on the site, letting them know i think it is super pretty, but just not working for me. sometimes, they select people who left comments and send them a little somethin' somethin'... here's hoping!

this morning when i came into work wearing the necklace, Jessica got really excited. She told me that she had selected another (a dinosaur... super cute and fun) but last minute changed it to this one. she said:
it made me think of you, your future, and your life. i wanted it to remind you of your growth in the Lord. And it has been a long road to get where you are now, and to where he is taking you, to your hopes, desires and prayers. It's symbolic of the blossoming of whats coming and strength of your life in the Lord.

amazing. i love it even more now.

in closing, i am so excited that Arcade Fire won album of the year at the Grammys! I have loved them for years, so i am thrilled they finally got recognized (though their first preformance of the night wasn't the best song choice. They were pretty much trying to give everyone the middle finger since they were sure they weren't going to win. Oops. The 2nd song was much better)
this is currently my favorite Arcade Fire song

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

showers are for the birds

not true. kinda true.
i love my showers. and i take them often. but now i try to put more space between hair washings. and trying to use more natural shampoos.
i still use shampoo. because i love it too much to go the super natural methods (but if you are into that, check out mindy's blog. she has awesome tips and how-tos)
so here are my two favoritete things right now in that department
1) dry shampoo. if you haven't tried it. this stuff is my jam. day 2 hair sometimes need some help in the grease department. day 3 hair (trust me) totally needs help. just a little spray around the hairline and on the roots and presto... good as new. it gets rid of the grease, pumps up the volume, and smells awesome. there are tons of products, but i love this one. it is really called "psssst" which is fun to say when people ask you what kind you use. "oh, i use psssst" then they awkwardly lean in. you say "um... what are you doing". "Oh, i thought you wanted to whisper it to me. like a secret." "why would i do that?" "well, you said 'psssst'... you know" then your friendship will get weird for a few days, but that is ok. you will have amazing hair. and things will be cool again once they see it in the drugstore and buy it for themselves. then they will write you a heartfelt thank you/sorry things go weird note.

2) new favorite shampoo: say yes to carrots. it smells like money. not really. i don't know why i just said that. it is almost 5pm and after a day of typing my fingers just get a mind of their own. it does not smell like money. nor carrots. it smells like pretty and fresh and summer. you will love it. and your hair feels awesome. once you start to ween yourself off of normal shampoo and conditioner, your hair feels weird. especially when still wet. you think "this stuff isn't working worth a doo-doo." oh, but it is. its just your hair doesn't feel slippery and slimy anymore. it is actually clean. trust me.

moving on.

so i am watching the lechner girls tonight as i have done every other wednesday for 5 years. we are celebrating big-girls b-days. word on the street is that abi got a unicorn pillow pet. ("the street" = abi herself. she told me). i may or may not be super jealous. (i am. i am so jealous. i asked for one for christmas. i just might take hers. i cannot promise that it won't happen)

also, Ashley and i started watching Mad Men a while back. we are on season 3. its amazing. i had kinda ignored the hype, but now i am in. it is sometimes shocking how different things were. watch this scene. the last line about the typewriter had me cracking up

Monday, February 14, 2011

no hate

i don't hate valentines day. i don't call it "single awareness day". i don't cry when each girl in my office gets flower delivered (i don't love it... but i am excited for them). i don't drink an entire bottle of wine and cry (i save that for Christmas... I KID I KID). i don't temporarily unfriend people from fb and twitter because of all of their lovey posts. good for them!
it is not my favorite holiday. sometimes it is harder than others... but i am in good company.
so today, i am more focused on what i do love. not the fact that i (and the world) feel i am lacking the one thing that is necessary on Feb 14th.
So here are somethings that I love today
ah-here ah-we ah-go

1) this little house in belmont
1705 Hawthorne Ln, Charlotte, NC 28205

2) beards

3) my best lil' nephew Sam. I got to hang out with him yesterday, and nothing melts my heart like his little smiles and pig-snorts. i love his sister so much too... but he is still pretty new in my heart.

4) these shoes (from the new Anthro bridal line. or, as i like to call it, from the new "i will sell everything i own to buy everything on that site" line)
Pompom Shoe Clips

5) this is one of my favorite versions of this song

6) this tattoo. it is so cute. Jeni and i were talking about how it really looks like the triceratops is running for his life. in my own mind, he gets away. he hides behind the girls thumb.

7) sweet flowers from sweet roomie Ashley. These were in the bathroom this morning. started me. what a doll!

what are some things you love today? and you can be mushy and romance-y. don't hold back
(ps- you may have noticed the little ad at the top of the blog. i am trying it out. every time someone clicked it, google gives me the tiniest bit of money. they won't send me the money until i hit a minimum amount- and i am faaaar from it-... so please, if you can, just click the ad when you visit. you can immediately close out of it. but every click helps. unless, of course, it is for something completely absurd. Then, obviously, ignore it.

Friday, February 11, 2011


it's Friday... time for awesome things.
i would like to own this please.


andyone know wehre this is? Anyone? Hilary? Shaynah? Bueller? It is probably my favorite place on earth.

this is the current background on my computer

Thursday, February 10, 2011

waah waaaaaaaaaaahhhh

you know that sound in cartoons when things go badly... that trumpet sound that goes "wahh wahhhhhhh". That is the noise that i make often. Whenever something lame happens, i do that.

For example... one of my co-workers is planning a surprise for her husband on Valentines Day. She was talking about it and i said "oh, yeah... awesome... i don't have any plans for Valentines Day. Nor do i have a person to make plans for...wahhhh waaaaaahhhhh" we laughed.

Well, then the next day I was looking at one of my favorite websites,, and i saw they had a TON of cute "sweetheart gifts". the thing is, i wanted ALL OF THEM. So i thought "i will buy myself a gift this year. A little cute, fun gift for $20."
the thing is, i couldn't decide. And then i got kinda bummed that it wouldn't be a surprise. When the package came in the mail, there wouldn't be that fun anticipation.
THEN I HAD A BRILLIANT IDEA! (i had to say it in all caps to get your attention)
modcloth allows you to make a wishlist. So i did. a bunch of cute, fun, cheap, pretty things. Then, tomorrow, my friend/co-worker Jessica will log onto my wishlist. I will give her my debit card, and she will pick my gift (when i am not looking). She will pay with my card. Then... in a few days.. .SURPRISE! What could it be? Something i already know i like. and paid for (waah wahhhhhh) but still, a lovely surprise!
So here are some of the things i have selected as options

Oh What a Paisley It Was Scarf
because i need another scarf...

Take Me with Zoo Necklace
it has little zoo animals on it. cutttte

The Artist in the Office Book
it has some really fun ideas!

Kentucky Dainty Hair Clip
Hahahaha... i kid. What if i for real got this? Awesome.

So i am excited. whatever my gift will be, it will be something i like.

Monday, February 7, 2011


this was my favorite of all of the ads last night. i had already seen it, but it was so stinkin' cute.

and this one, but just b/c the Beebs is the one that says "kinda looks like a girl". because he does. he looks like a girl ya'll. he is prettier than i am. i just can't handle that.

true story about last night:
during the halftime show (which i was quite thankful Fergie's mic kept cutting out. my ears were bleeding), they started playing the song "where is the love". when that song first came out, Justin Timberlake (aka Mr. Kendra Sands) sang with the BEPs. So, when the song started, after seeing all the special guests that had already came out, i became convinced (with no help from Ashley) that he was going to come out and sing. This would be his redeeming moment from the event we will not speak of that ending up costing the Panther's their superbowl victory (yes... i blame him and janet for our loss)
now, i was in a room full of people. some close friends, some acquaintances. But my reaction at that moment was to scream "JUSTIN!!!" repeatedly and start to stand up on the couch. I was squatting, ready to leap up when he came on stage. Just one problem. he never came out to sing. he wasn't there. So, at this point, i am still squatting, screaming... when reality starts to set in. So i slowly slide back down to a sitting position, and try to catch my breath, and play it cool. Not possible. my heart was broken by justin timberlake. and not for the first time. (that is a story for another day)
the only reassurance i had was a text from Shaynah telling me she had done the same thing at the party she was at. but her scenario involved shaking michael while screaming. and that she then "looked like a fool".
and that is another reason why we are friends. Being made a fool for JTimberlake, once again.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

on the ones and twos

so i like music. Du-doy.
getting my record player was super exciting. Albums have a warmth to them that mp3s and Cd's lack. I am hoping we don't continue the "vintage" trend to cassettes. I hated those things.

(this is the same record player i have. But this isn't my record player. It probably belongs to some super trendy girl named Ruby or Elsie or Penny who lives in an apartment in Nashville or London or Austin and rides a vespa everywhere and has a full sleeve tattoo on her arm. sigh)
anyway, as my collection grows, i have realized a trend in what i own... lots of 70s folk music, some current stuff, lots of old school country (Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash)

the best part is... thanks to Ashley... we now have lots of 80s-90s cheesy Christian Rock. Carmen. Petra. Stryper.
my wish list is growing... lots of Dylan, and newer stuff like Fleet Foxes, Deerhunter, Iron and Wine... blah blah blah

this post isn't really about records/record players. I just used that as a front b/c the rest of the post is very immature and juvenile. I wanted to look cool for a millisecond before you all delete my blog from your blog reader list...

the real reasons are as follows
1) i posted this on my 16 year old brother's facebook and thought it was funny. Not sure if he appreciated it. I had a much worse story to tell him...but decided to go with this one.

2) Jimmy Fallon asked people to send in worse pick up lines ever. I saw this one and have not stopped laughing "My love for you is like diarrhea... i just can't hold it in"

3) i am seeing this. the part where everyone keeps thinking she is with random guys standing behind her... that has happened to me. often.

anyway... i hope we can still be friends after i have revealed my love of potty humor.
i love you all. i just can't hold it in.