Thursday, March 31, 2011

deep breaths

ok. I am about to hyperventilate
trying to calm down to type.
some of you know this one teeny tiny fact about me
I adore...

I mean... absolutely love

Dolly Parton.

don't laugh. You don't understand.
I don't mean the cliche, big hair, big... you know. (but i still love that)
I mean, the stunning voice and self deprecating sense of humor Dolly
Think of Steel Magnolias. You loved her in that, didn't you?

Anyway, she is coming to NC. And I am going

That is right.
 I am going to see Dolly Rebecca Parton in concert.
I feel your laughter and judgment.
So, i want to share this with you about my sweet Dolly. You need to know how incredible she is (from wikipedia):

On May 30, 1966, she and Carl Thomas Dean were married in Ringgold, Georgia.She had met Dean at the Wishy-Washy Laundromat two years earlier on her first day in Nashville. His very first words to her were: "Y'all gonna get sunburnt out there, little lady."

Dean, who runs an asphalt road-surface-paving business in Nashville, has always shunned publicity and rarely accompanies her to any events. According to Parton, he has only ever seen her perform once. However, she has also commented in interviews that, although it appears they do not spend much time together, it is simply that nobody sees him. She has also commented on Dean's romantic side claiming that he will often do spontaneous things to surprise her, and sometimes even writes her poems.
The couple partly raised several of Parton's younger siblings at their home in Nashville, leading her nieces and nephews to refer to her as "Aunt Granny"; she has no children of her own.

The couple are also the sole guardian of a family friend’s son, whose parents died within two years of each other, though in keeping with the very private nature of the family, not much is known

how awesome is she? really? raising her friends kids, and raising her siblings b/c her family was so poor. Insane.
here, i want you to love her music too. Here is some of her older stuff

this is honestly a dream come true. i have been grinning like a moron for the past hour since i found out.
this is a major "bucket list" moment.

special shout out to Ashley for making this possible!

i need this

I love you more than Diet Coke
6x6 mustache print

my friend Anna is having a giveaway on her blog! a $50 Anthropologie giftcard!
just head over to her site and sign up!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

what could have happened

i am sure you looked through that Mad Men post and thought "how fun!"
i agree.
Here is what COULD have happened for Ashley's bday. But she wasn't as keen on this idea.

Dawn and I had talked about a surprise trip. We would tell her what to pack. We would stuff her in the car and drive and drive
and we would end up here...

thaaaaats right. we would hang out with all the old grammy and gramps and play computer black jack!!! We would check out the buffet and stay in one of the "suites".
best part... the 2 weekends would could have gone would have had the option of seeing one of the following 2 men preforming

but no.
Thats ok.
Next year.

Monday, March 28, 2011

mad men mad women

this weekend was Ashley's bday. Since she and i have become huge fans of the show Mad Men, i decided to throw her a MM themed party. Everyone came dressed from the early 60's. Lots of pearls, suits, white gloves and red lipsticks. and lots of candy cigarettes and mixed drinks. It was such fun! I was able to play a lot of my old records, and everyone hung out eating food that was popular duirng that era (lots of dips, mini sandwiches, and pineapple upside cupcakes)

birthday girl! she was channeling Betty Draper

Zach and Dave. Quite dapper

my comically long cigarette holder. It was absurd, yet awesome. Also my Tom Collins, a new favorite drink

mustached Ian and gray haired Adam

Blake posing with his soda water

Dave's awesome photo bomb

me and Lorean (i put on the apron to start cleaning up. it ended up working perfectly)

Lorean during the photo shoot, with a candy cig hanging out of her mouth

guess who learned how to tie a bow tie! guess who's fake eyelashes were falling off!

Bday girl at midnight (her bday was actually Sunday. We celebrated with sparklers)

i spy a lurker

laughing mad men

mad men

mad women
it was the most fun! everyone got into it and seemed to have fun. I highly recomend it

Thursday, March 24, 2011

invisible children

some roadies from Invisible Children were at our office yesterday. We have had a long standing relationship with them from back in the Steelroots days, and now Halogen is working on a new show for them.
For those of you who don't know who Invisible Children is/are, let me give a brief description again: 3 California guys decided to buy a camera and go on a trip to make a documentary. They chose northern Uganda. Once there, they heard the story of the Night Commuters, children who would leave their homes at night to walk into the city to sleep. All of these children and their families were fearing they would be kidnapped by the LRA led by Joseph Kony. Kony and the LRA would go into villages and kidnap children to turn them into child soldiers. They would be forced to kill others, the girls would be turned into sex slaves, and they would not be able to see their family. It has gone un-seen for years. This war has been the longest civil war in Africa.
Invisible Children got involved, making the documentary, giving opportunities for people to help, not by swooping in and trying to fix everything, but by providing means to help them become self sufficient.
Since then, the LRA has left Uganda, but moved into bordering countries. IC helped pass a bill to get the US government involved in stopping Kony! And these are guys that our in their mid twenties. They are litterally changing a nation! All of the "roadies" are volunteers. They raise the own money, go around the country showing the different films, selling the different products, and raising awareness. They now have lots of programs going on in Uganda. The thing that stands out to me the most is that they have clearly stated "We are not leaving Uganda. We aren't going anywhere". So many times, once it looks like things are fixed, people leave. But they are helping by providing counseling through local churches to child soldiers who have escaped, helping women have trades and jobs, educating the children and providing scholarships, and continuing to be involved politically with finding Kony.
That was a lot. Sorry. Anyway, go to the website. Read about it. Learn about the organization. See if there is anything you can to do help. Even by buying one of the DVD's, they come with a bracelet hand made by a Ugandan, all the money goes back into that village.
this one is a preview of Tony's film. We just watched it. Not a dry eye in the house (also, Tony is HILARIOUS!)

and this one is about Grace (this is the first one i bought a few years back)

If you buy a shirt, they are made from cotton grown in Uganda, and all of the money goes back there. You can sign up for the monthly program that now allows radio communication between villages to let them know where the LRA is and where they are headed next. So much can be done.
Here is my favorite of all of those things:
MEND Treahouse Crossbody // BlackMEND Treahouse Crossbody // Black
this bag (which are awesome, right?they have billions of pockets in them. you can fit everything, even your laptop) are handmade by Ugandan woman who were former LRA abductess. (translation: they were child sex slaves) One woman works on one bag from start to finish. Not an assembly line. And then, when she is finished, she sews on a label with her name on it. The one i saw was made by Margaret. Once you buy it, there is a card in there telling you about your bag's maker. So there was a card about Margaret and her story. They money goes back to Margaret and her fellow purse makers. The program is called MEND and it is helping these women have a trade. The bags aren't cheap ($95 for that one, and $85 for the guys) but think about where the money is going. I am personally saving up to get one. because i need a mary poppins bag like that...

mainly, please keep praying for IC. They were started by beleivers, and almost everyone there is on fire for Christ. The Lord has given them much favor over the years. It is awesome to see what all has been done already. watch some of the videos and maybe pray about getting involved
(and feel free to buy me that bag... you know...early b-day present and what not.)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


i was intorduced to pinterest this week by Janet. I now blame her for this new addiction. If you don't have one, get one. Just let me know in the comments, and i will invite you,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


please excuse this random train of thought.

things i like the best right now

Giant coffee mustache mug set of 2
these mugs.

this boy.
sam and i were watching the UNC game. He was very into it. we sat like this for about 20 minutes.

i would like someone to make me this.

these were made on this site

ashley's birthday is coming up next weekend. she and i have become huge fans of the show Mad Men. We are almost current (have to watch the season that just finished, but isn't on DVD yet) So, for her b-day I am throwing her a Mad Men party. Everyone has to come dressed in the early 60's style of the show. I CANT WAIT

Monday, March 14, 2011


he chose emily!

apparently, heloved her from the start! Hoorah!

tonight is the night. i've got my red vines. i've got my popcorn. i just need some wine.
it is going to be AWESOME

Chantal (booooo) on the left and Emily (YAAAAAAAAAAAAY) on the right

as i mentioned previously, Emily is the lovely sweet and delightful lady from Charlotte. She is a good girl. She let him know there would not be any hanky-panky on the show. She said "i am a mom and need to set a good example for my daughter". awesome.
we used to like Chantal in my house. especially when she was being matched against crazy Michelle. We loved her. But then, after Chantal kept mentioning that she had been married, Ashley decided to do some sleuthing. We found out that she was married, and cheated on her husband... recently. we don't want that for Brad. Because Emily is wonderful and loving. And sweet.
i want to prove it. so watch this video. i know it is long, but just watch.
and listen to the girls describe her. SHHHH just watch it. WATCH IT DANG IT.
(remember... her fiance died in a plane crash....on a private plane.) AND she had not told Brad about her daughter or Ricky dying or ANYTHING yet at this point. just watch.

right? RIGHT??? TEAM EMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (though sadly i am pretty sure that he ends up with Chantal. sad)

Thursday, March 10, 2011


go here

this was what i saw every day from Thanksgiving until mid Feburary. It was glorious and magical. Now they are "clean" shaven (some have already re-started beards).

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


so Toms shoes are the most comfy shoes i have ever owned. i wear them all the time. Aaaannnd, when you buy a pair, a child in need gets a pair. (the one they get is more substantial and fitting for the area they live in. not just a cute trendy pair of shoes like we get)

anyway, awesome thing to support right? right.

on April 5th Toms is sponsoring "One Day Without Shoes". it is exactly what it sounds like. you go barefoot for a day. I did it last year and let me tell you... it... is... awesome.
you walk down the street and people say "girl, why you aint gotcho shoes on?"
then you can say "oh... i am just helping children around the world. NBD."

now, if you are sitting there thinking "um... no thank you. i don't want nasty stank disease feet"... i agree with you. buuuut, that is what some of these kids have to deal with every day. and they are in much harsher conditions than we are. some of them aren't even allowed to go to school.
so watch this, and consider kicking off your shoes for the day. most company's allow it once they hear about it. send your boss the link ( and make it happen! Promote it amongst your friends, co-workers, family, mortal enemies... everyone!

Monday, March 7, 2011

like clockwork

i have 3 tattoos. They are all pretty small. It isn't like I have a full sleeve. My dream is to one day get a larger one on my forearm. But I am waiting to get that one down the road...
It seems about a year after I get a tattoo, I get the itch for another. I had decided after this past one to wait for a couple of years... but then i keep seeing such pretty pictures... or friends get awesome ones. This is a common occurrence for the inked people. It's true what they say about it becoming addictive.

Before I lose you all entirely, I will show you the cutest picture ever that I took of Kate yesterday
her little pony tail is the cutest thing ever. as are those cheeks. we had fun times as she grabbed my hotdog, then grabbed the ice out of my glass, then ran away from me, then asked for bites of my food. sweet memories.

ok, just look how pretty some of these are...

i had the idea of doing paper airplanes... and then my friend Erin stole the idea this weekend. jerk.
this is my friend Erin's on the inside of her elbow. jealouuuuus

since cross stitch is my new hobby...

again, cross stitch
i adore origami. i made hundreds of these for a youth event last year. i can make them in my sleep. i thought this was super pretty

again, pretty
because they are tasty and my favorite
rock paper scissors... so cute
this says "love" in braille
pretty puzzle pieces

Thursday, March 3, 2011

baby steps

for once in my life, it is paying off that i am short.
there is a new program at my job. they want to help us get discounts on insurance, and well as everyone getting healthy. so they gave us these little step-trackers (they call them "cookies" which is cruel when people are using them for the weight loss purpose) that we wear on our shoes. they are all digital, so we walk by a check point that automatically uploads the number of steps we have taken to a website.

super lame, right? and it is hard to find a place to wear them on different shoes. it is kinda bugging my foot today. and it looks like i stole these shoes and still have the security tag on them. i didn't. these shoes are almost 2 years old. i don't steal things. except hearts. ZING
wellllll... there are perks. we are able to earn paid-time-off if we meet certain goals, AND if we meet the major goal each month, we get entered into a raffle to win $2500 travel gift card. eeeek
here is the observation that was made by a taller co-worker. i am short. therefore, i take more steps that he does. crap yeah i do. and its about to pay off there sucker.

for the past 5 years (dang) i have watched the lechner girls. i started back when they were the lechner girl. i have watched them every other wednesday (except the summer) as Joe and Jeanie have led a college cg. we have fun traditions (watching "the singing show" -american idol-, dance parties, digging through my purse and wearing my lip gloss, donut nights...). i have totally taken these nights for granted due to them being so routine. well, once this semester ends, Joe and Jeanie will no longer be leading one of the cgs. they will no longer need me every other wednesday. i almost cried when i realized that this was coming to an end. i have already offered to do a once-a-month gig so they can get an extra date night. but the idea of not being regularly involved in these little fire-crackers lives is devastating. they are my nieces. they are the ones that started calling me "aunt kenni". though i would still see them on sunday, it isn't the same. especially since they are usually grumpy on sunday.
i love my girls... and i am so grateful that they are in my life!

last night's craziness

please note that they are looking at themselves and not the camera

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


hello. my name is kendra...
and i watch the bachelor.
first off... this is the first season i have ever watched. ever. i thought it was dumb and trashy and i judged everyone else who watched it. (forgive me friends)
second, i only started watching because there were 2 girls from charlotte. and because my roommate watched it.
but now i am hooked. majorly hooked. i thought only losers watched it. now more and more girls i love are 'fessing up to watching the bachelor.
and this season is AWESOME (from what they tell me, compared to others)
here is the big thing... the sweet, darling Charlotte girl is now in the finale. her name is Emily and she is precious. i adore her. she is a single mom, her fiance was Ricky Hendricks (Rick Hendricks of Hendricks Motor's son) who died in a plane crash when she was 19. a week later she found out she was pregnant.
now she is 24 and raising their almost 5 year old. she is amazing. all the girls who are sent home later say in interviews that he needs to pick emily. she has not been part of any drama there. just a sweet little southern belle.
this is emily and brad, when he took her to the vegas nascar speedway and she told him that her dead fiance was a former nascar driver... whoops

once the show ends, i will never watch this show again and will only watch news reports and documentaries for the rest of my life. this is totally filling my quota of trashy tv. it is a guilty pleasure. and i just lied about never watching it again.

if anyone else there needs to confess trashy tv (including the bachelor)... now is your chance. no judgement here. you have entered the cone of safety.