Thursday, June 30, 2011

books books books

back to summer reading
added to my read/process of reading list

i read it during my flight to CA. it was a quick read. about 4 hours. i loved it. i actually LOLed a few times. the girl next to me had just finished it and we talked about it. tina gives awesome behind-the-scenes info on SNL and 30 Rock

this book i really awesome. i had seen it on modcloth and put it on my wishlist. instead, i just check it out from the library. It is exactly what the title says... other people's love letters. some are break-up. some are parents to children. some are rated PG-13. some are really sweet. there is a mother's day card in there... its fascinating. you feel a bit like you are intruding though. But so good.


once again, late to the party on youth-literature.
i didn't want to read twilight. i finished the entire series in a week. I had no interest in Harry Potter. Again, finished in about 2 weeks.
now this. I wasn't sure about the Hunger Games. I had no clue what it was about going into it. I requested it at the Library a month ago. It just showed up yesterday. I was at a movie (free! and preview! Ashley gets passes to previews about 2 months before they are released... so fun) and didn't get to start reading it until about 10:30 last night. I was just going to read a chapter. I am now halfway through the book and love it. LOVE IT. so good. I have already researched who will be in the movie (I totally pictured a Lenny Kravitz-type guy as Cinna... totally stoked he is playing him!) and trying to find someone who i can borrow book 2 from, so i don't have to wait another month for it!

also, on the topic of book-to-movie... Harry Potter is coming to an end. if you have read it, you understand how bittersweet this is. its done. finished. you already know how it ends, but it is so sad. this is our last "new" for good ol' Harry.
i cried while reading the last book. And read all 800+ in 2 nights.
I cannot wait for pt2 of the ending. only 2 weeks away (i have every intention of going to the midnight showing.

and then...there is this. I am mildly ashamed of how excited I am. But wow. So stoked (pt 2 will be better. That is when the book gets crazy good.)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

team blake

i watched the  voice this season. the entire time i was team blake... i loved all of his people the best.
This is from pt 1 of the finale last night. he did a duet with his finalist, dia frampton.
it combines my love of tom petty, raybans and awesome suits.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


when i am at the beach, i get starry-eyed looking at all of the beach cruiser bikes. I tend to point out every single one that I like to whomever i am with (right shaynah?)
so after our beach trip last september, i was determined to get one. I had a lovely mental image (like a little movie actually) of me riding around south Charlotte, in my cruiser bike (it would be white. or yellow. or mint green.) with a basket on it. i never wear a helmet in this short-mental film because it messes with my perfect biking music-video hair, and sidewalks are soft like pillows. so if i fall, i won't get hurt. in the basket up front i have flowers that i would have bought at the farmers market (though it is not in biking distance) and a bottle of wine and a baguette. since... that is always what you see in these little biking-clips from movies. this song would be playing as i ride my bike (as if it were a soundtrack. so everyone in the world would hear it as i ride by.)


and i would be wearing something like this

i have often had this mini-movie in my head.
Shaynah brought up a brilliant point, that cruiser bikes do not have gears. Thus, there is no way i could get my bike up the numerous hills between my house and hers without actually getting off said bike and walking it. at that moment of my mental-movie, as i hop off the bike to push it up the hill, the music comes to a scratching halt, my hair is no longer pretty and flowy (it ends up falling limp and tangled), and instead of lovely items in my basket, i have dish soap and tampons from the grocery store.

i have found lovely hybrid bikes. They have the charm of cruiser bikes, but the practicality of a normal street bike. WIN.
here are the ones that I adore (most from Walmart. WHAT? Yeah. I know.)
Schwinn Lakeshore 26" Women's Bike
Schwinn Clairmont 26" Ladies' Cruiser Bike
Schwinn Admiral 700cc Ladies' Bike
700C Women's Schwinn Solitaire Hybrid Bike

right? so cute. and i wouldn't have to get off my bike. So the basket would still be filled with lovely things, the music would chime on, and my hair would be magical.

oh...and I also want this
New Complete Longboard KICKTAIL 70's shape skateboard w/ 71mm wheels

but this song plays as i ride this... (this plays in my head when i am doing most things. it is in my life soundtrack. one of the few songs that have stuck in said soundtrack from the beginning. Good job beach boys.)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ca thus far

hi friends!
so far i have just been in LA and done a looooot. here are pics so far.
first stop fresh off the plane. in-n-out at 10pm. worth it.


calabasas farmers market. best strawberries ever.

pool at my dad's place. so nice!

we came to play mini-golf. there was a 3 hour wait, so i owned this beast instead.

my "crew" was my dad, step mom, and dad's friends from before i was born. i'm cool like that.

my gift for the father's day Dodger game. There was a player named Sands. He was sent down to the minor's the week before i arrived. awesome.

i love it here.

they won!

this one is for you Hil... Dodger Dogs. So good, it will make you want to junk punch the Giants. Which you do anyway if you are a Dodger fan.

BEST! Sleeping Beauty's castle is so much smaller than i remember. Kind of a bummer.

this has always been the best ride at Disneyland. they revamped it and it just opened. we waited in line for 2 hours. So. Awesome. It is even better, if possible.

this was always my favorite part as a kid. as yo wait in line, they have R2D2 and C3PO talking to each other, and you.

i wanted this.

and almost got this. so awesome.

my favorite. she was being so sweet to those kids. i even got caught up in the moment. i always do with the characters. You should have seen how i wigged out when minnie walked by. Holy crap

stuck in traffic on the 101. that happens. a lot.

fun day with matt and joey. here, joey is making "spicy ketchup".

the boys working hard. this is what we did today. worked.

this is what i worked on. i am awesome at it. and there are endless possibilities.

tomorrow i am off to san diego! hooray!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

home sweet home

tomorrow i fly here

and my dad has promised that we will IMMEDIATLY go here

and then over the weekend i get to go here

and here
the CA one is better... because it has Sleeping Beauty's castle... and she has always been my favorite.

then on wednesday i get to go here

and probably also here

and i will get to see many many friends. san diego friends (jmo, baby O, carly) family (dad, linda, aunt sylvia, uncle rob, ryan, jamie, shawn, andrea and all the babies), non-california friends, (matt), LA friends (joey, maybe jared and marissa)...and maybe even these ding-dongs who decided to head to LA without my permission about a year and a half ago. now i only have youtube, and local furniture commercials to keep their memory alive (as well as facebook, twitter, texting, phone calls, gchat... but that is besides the point.

and this one... thats right. my friends are in commercials.

so excited to go home. nc is home. but this is my original home. 
i don't know how much blogging i will do, but i shall see you all soon.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

praying for friends

please hop over to my friends Mindy and Daniel's blog.
they are the sweetest couple ever, and have a precious baby on the way.
Mindy and Daniel's joy and faith during this season is incredible.
Please pray for them and their little boy. We know the Lord is good, all the time. And his plans are perfect!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

list update

lets see where i am on this... i haven't checked it in a while. Hmmm.

1) try to like apple pie. I don't like it. I only like 1 version of it. I want to be a true America

-almost there. i haven't really had any desserts in a while. now there are 2 apple pies that i like. Maybe that counts?
2) own every Ryan Adams album on vinyl. (i own 4. I "only" need 7 more)
-more than halfway there
3) own half of Bob Dylan's albums on vinyl (i have 2. he has made 34. I will nix the Christmas album. That's right. he made a Christmas album.)
-not even close

4) go to the gym at least 5 times a week.
-nope. i was, then it cut down... then my roommate dropped her membership. But i am going on Monday. i promise
5) read Mornings and Evenings 5 times a week (the other days i can read one or the other)
-I am at 4 times a week.
6) make myself coffee every morning instead of going to the cafe at work YAY! I do this!!!!!

7) get a new hobby. Cross stitching! Woo!

8) watch more documentaries I even own a few now

9) get involved with a humanitarian organization (does buying Toms count? because i did that.

10) finish writing my 30 before 30 list.

11) consistently take off nail polish when it starts chipping
- whoops.
12. keep the inside of my car clean

13. read more. Lots more I got a library card! YAY! I have been reading all of the books on my list. Waiting for a few that i reserved to come in!

14. write thank you notes and send bday cards
- whoops.

15. write more handwritten notes period
-i started doing this, and then stopped.
16. cook more. a lot more.
- i will give myself half of this. i have started cooking a little bit more. not a lot more.

17. take a trip to CA and visit everyone i know and love.
-next week i can mark this one off! I can't wait!

18. go to bed BEFORE midnight on week nights
- Hooray! This week i haven't been AS good about it, mainly because i have been up late working on stuff for the youth banquet, but i have been consistently been doing awesome. Even it means i crawl into bed at 11:58

19. not buy anything new unless i am willing to give away something old I just haven't bought anything new. Hah. but i have been taking stuff to Good Will. A lot. So that is awesome.

20. pray more. a lot more. my morning drives have been awesome. So have my drives home. And my "lay awake" moments.

21. make a list of specific people/things to pray about each week. and be faithful to it I am excited about this one. it has been amazing seeing how the Lord has answered these prayers. I just need to be better about documenting it!

22. Make Saturday "phone date day" call out of town friends. Stop relying on text and facebook and blogs

23. Get excited about turning 30 instead of sad.
- this one is getting a halfsies. I am 75% excited. I still get bummed. But Shaynah is planning to throw down for me! We are going to have so much fun! Going to Vegas for my actually b-day...that is really helping get me pumped!

24. build up my savings account

25. see another favorite/legend in concert
-Happening August 2nd! Going to see Dolly!

26. visit a new city
-well... i haven't been to vegas in over 10 years... that might kinda count. I can also make sure to stop in a random city that i might have overlooked in the past in CA... i don't know. I will make this happen.

27. call parents on a weekly basis

28. see at least 4 Woody Allen movies that i haven't seen yet
-half way there!

29. buy a bike and ride it whenever possible

30. do my makeup at home, and not in the car

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


i saw this in a book about failing test and i laughed

 today my department had an "international day" for our potluck/quarterly meeting. It was encouraged for people to dress in International garb (90% did not). Some people took it waaaaay too seriously. They all had amazing stories behind their outfits ("a woman in India chased me down to give me this because she wanted to thank me for praying for her")
Not Glenda. She decided to dress as a Mexican man. Mustache and all.
 she won. (this is her trying to eat with her fake mustache)
 i took it for a test drive.

Monday, June 6, 2011

don't be that guy

i will tell my guy friends "don't be that guy" when they are doing something absurd or, (excuse the term)douchey.
josh abe and i have joked that i should teach a class, or start a blog or something... just to help those guys out.
so i did.
check it out.

paul tripp psalm 27

this is an old favorite. i go back to it a lot:

"Be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord." (v.14)

This side of eternity you and I are called to wait. We're called to recognize that the most important, most essential, most beautiful, and most lasting things in our life are things over which we have no control. No, these things are the gracious gifts of a loving Father. He never is foolish in the way he dispenses his gifts. He never plays favorites. He never mocks our neediness. He never plays bait and switch. He never teases or toys with us. His timing is always right and the gifts that he gives are always appropriate to the moment. He is kind, faithful, loving, merciful, and good.

The One on whom we wait is a dissatisfied Messiah. He will not relent, he will not quit, he will not rest until ever promise he has made been fully delivered. He will not turn from his work until every one of his children has been totally transformed. He will continue to fight until the last enemy is under his feet. He will reign until his kingdom has fully come. As long as sin exists, he will shower us with forgiving, empowering, and delivering grace. He will defend us against attack and attack the enemy on our behalf. He will be faithful to convict, rebuke, encourage, and comfort. He will continue to open the warehouse of his wisdom and unfold for us the glorious mysteries of his truth. He will stand with us through the darkness and the light. He will guide us on a path we could never have discovered or would never have been wise enough to choose. He will supply for us every good thing that we need to be what he's called us to be and to do what he's called us to do in the place where he's put us. And he will not rest from his work until every last microbe of sin has been completely eradicated from every heart of each of his children!

Yet, with all of this being true, we find it hard to wait. We aren't always "strong" in our waiting. No, waiting for many of us becomes a time for increasing fear, doubt, discouragement and susceptibility to temptation. As faith grows weak, our resolve begins to dim, and we begin to secretly wonder if its worth it to obey.

Why? Why do we struggle to be "strong and take heart," when we are being called to wait? Perhaps the answer is found in Romans 4: 18-21.
"Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father
of many nations, just as it has been said to him, 'So shall your
offspring be.' Without weakening in his faith, he faced the fact that
his body was as good as dead - since he was about a hundred years
old - and that Sarah's womb was also dead. Yet he did not waver
through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened
in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God
had the power to do what he had promised."

Why did Abraham grow stronger in faith as he waited those many long years? It isn't because he played mental denial games. No, the passage makes it very clear that he faced the facts of the situation head on. In his time of waiting, Abraham had a very different experience than we often do because Abraham did something that we often fail to do. Here it is. The temptation, in times of waiting, is to focus on the thing we are waiting for, all the obstacles that are in the way, our inability to make it happen, and all of the other people who haven't seemed to have had to wait. Along with this we rehearse to ourselves how essential the thing is and how much we are daily losing in its absence. All of this increases our feeling of helplessness, our tendency to think our situation is hopeless, and our judgment that waiting is futile.

While it's true that Abraham considered the facts, they weren't the focus on his meditation. No, his focus was on the God who had made this promise. Everyday Abraham would get up and remind himself that the God who'd made the promises on which he was waiting was absolutely able to deliver them. The God who made heaven and earth would have no trouble causing an old woman to deliver a promised child! Abraham didn't fill his mind with his own weakness and the seeming futility of the situation. No, he filled his mind again and again with the glory of God's immeasurable power, and as he did, he grew stronger and stronger in faith.

Somewhere in your life you are being called to wait. In your waiting, you are being given an opportunity to deepen and strengthen your faith. So, get up tomorrow and fill yourself with vitamins of truth. Nourish your heart with the nutrient food of the glory of God. Feed on the strength-giving meat of his goodness, grace, and love. Snack throughout the day on his power and his presence. And watch the muscles of your heart grow stronger as the days go by. Feed on your Lord and be strong!