Monday, August 29, 2011

i dare you not to move

(i had a better version up this morning, but youitube took it down. so this is as good as it gets right now)

My girl Bey last night at the VMA's. I am sure you already heard by now... but wait till the end. Jay's response makes my heart swell in joy. Ashley and I were both talking about how we feel like we know them.  I adore them both!!

Anyway, other things that happened this weekend...
i bought shoes for my vegas trip. You gotta understand, i was stressing. I wanted ones that were hot, yet comfy. i think i made that happen

right? so pretty. super tall, but they are surprisingly comfortable. And red. So very red.
the issue is that later that night, Ashley and I went shopping to find her shoes. She found some awesome ones...
and then i saw these...

yeah. just look for a while. I will give you a moment.
here is the kicker... ready? They were marked down to $34. Right? Hold on, I am not done. They were 30% off that. Yup.
So I tried them on.
Yeaaaah. but they hurt like crap. and i would never wear them in my life. So i walked away. Shaynah sent me threatening texts buying them, telling me i HAD to. She even told me that the baby wants me to get them. But i stayed strong.

That night Ashley and I also tried Paco's Tacos. Holy crap. Amazing. So so so so good.
 true story: While we were waiting outside to be seated, a guy, who was also waiting with his friend, walked over to us. It took me a moment to realize he was saying "ladies, ladies, laaaaydeees..." and he came over. He smelled very cigarette-y and beer-y. He leaned in (very close talker) and said "Ladies, my friend and I are headed over to Wild Wings, want to join us?".
"uhh... no thanks. We are pretty excited about these tacos."
"Wild Wings has tacos!" (false)
"Yeah, but I'm pretty stoked about Paco's tacos."
so he left. To go to Wild Wings. for "tacos"

LASTLY (and most importantly)
one of my dear dear dear friend's David (I have talked about him and his wife and daughter a lot recently) is finally selling some of his illustrations. These are sketches that he does when he is bored. And they are amazing.
Anyway, head over and take a peek with your eyeballs. 
He is adding more soon, but I already adore the stuff he has up there... like this
 if you don't see one you like, you can buy me one. Or one of the monster ones for Shaynah. He is so crazy good.

Friday, August 26, 2011

the fit of joy

i posted this picture in my last post
that took place at Amelies (honestly, i talk about them so much, i should get them to sponsor me). I had a best friend date. Shaynah had been in Lake Tahoe with her family the week before, so i hadn't seen her for a while
Anty-ways, Michael crashed the date (typical) and afte a while of catching up, shay asked if i wanted to see a picture from the trip. I said "ok"

now, i have been to Lake Tahoe before. I never remember it ever looking like this. Not even when i forget to put in my contacts.

I'm going to be an aunt!
the plastic cup crushing was my response. I destroyed it. to the max. Like, by the time i was totally done with it, it was shredded.
And I have been over the moon about it for the weeks following! Kristie and I have been emailing hard-core about it. I'm going to throw Shaynah the most kick a$$ shower ever. Even non-alcoholic beer for her.

The down side is she won't be able to party quite as hard as me and Ashley in Vegas. Lame.
but yes... happy day!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I am still on my Dolly-high. BUT, I am quite excited b/c my all time favorite musician is about to release a new album. And as an early birthday present to me (yes, he planned it that way) Ryan Adams has released one of his singles from the new album. My goodness it is good. So good. click here to hear the song
I almost saw him twice. Both times it fell through (once b/c a wedding i was in was the same day, and the other sold out) then he announced he was retiring. Yeah. At the age of 32. But now he has back, and announced he is TOURING... in California. COME ON RYAN! THROW ME A BONE!

anyway, here is what has been going on

Did you know that Ryan Adams made one of his most amazing albums when he was 29? It's called... 29.
anyway, on august 5th chick-fil-a decided to remind me that i only had 1 month left at 29. It's mocking me

we threw a surprise party for our friend Josh. I know i have said it before, but my work friends aren't just "work friends". They are my dear dear dear friends, that i have the privilege of seeing 5 days a week. I love them so much!

Erinc, Dan, Josh and Neal
Blake playing "blood bank" on Micah's baby piano (see video in yesterday's post)

David and b-day boy Josh (holding a picture of themselves)

David (pictured above) has possibly one of the cutest children on earth. his little girl Micah is about 10 months old, and we all adore her. we love with Lorean brings her into work! (i mentioned them in the blog list). Ashley and I had the privilege of watching Micah the other night. it was the most fun.
micah adding some music to the party
 Micah's dad again, pretending to yell "closed set". but it wasn't, considering we were all eating lunch.

FIT OF EXCITEMENT more on this later... :)

My old roommate Renae got married! To my dear friend Thomas! The wedding was up in the mountains, about 3 1/2 hours away. You know what that means... ROAD TRIP!
Lissa packed a lunch and ate it at Sonic

Ian wearing all of Lissa's necklaces

Renae and Thomas!

Ava loved the cupcake
once we drove home from the wedding, i hopped in my car and drove straight to Ed's Tavern to watch the Panther's beat the giants! Since everyone else bailed on us, it was just me and Dan. We made it awesome!
our waitress kept telling us how awesome we were. She said we were the perfect customers, laid back, having fun. So when she brought us our checks, this is what it said.

I started cross-stitching like a mad-woman. lots of late baby gifts and birthday gifts

for sam

for micah

for Josh
 my friend Blake and I like texting with emoticons instead of words. he used one that made no sense. This was the conversation that followed (i won with "laser disc"... remember those?)

Like i said, sweet Micah came over! Dan came over to watch the Panther's game (he doesn't have a TV) and "helped" us watch her. She is honestly the perfect baby. Super cheerful, even when she is so tired. She just played and laughed, kissed and high-fived us all night.

she was "nodding"... but really dancing
 I plopped Micah on Dan's lap (he had never held a baby.) and at first they just kind of stared each other down, not really sure what to make of the other. then Micah put her blanket on her head (that is her "silly" move) clearly trying to make Dan laugh. it worked. They both loved each other from that moment. David was super excited (he likes when his friends bond with his baby)

Um... did you know that if you order a Chick-fil-a kids meal, and give the toy back, you get free ice cream? truth. I am all over that now. especially since the cone says "eat it all". yes sir. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

blood bank

one of my favorite bands is Bon Iver.
A couple of weeks ago at a b-day party for our friend Josh, Blake sat (well, squatted) in front of Micah's tiny baby piano. He played a few tunes, and then started on Bon Iver's "Blood Bank". he did really well. Sadly, my giggles interrupt often.

What you can't hear, is that Dan (on the couch) keeps going "mmmmm", which kept making me laugh. mad props to David for his lovely harmony.

(here is the actual song, in case you have never heard it)

Thursday, August 18, 2011


i did a list of blogs i love to read (that aren't included in my blogroll), but i have added some to the mix. and some are worthy of repeating. :) so here is the list of everyone i stalk. i suggest you do so as well, also...too

people i actually know:

lorean: Lorean and David are an awesome couple. I honestly adore them. David and I started the same day at SteelRoots. He married Lorean a couple of months later. I have known them for over 5 years (wow.) They have possibly one of the cutest children ever born. Honestly, Micah is adorable. I love her. You will love their little family.

matt and kara: Matt used to work here as well. He and his wife Kara are an awesome couple. They are now going through the process of adopting, and are very open and candid about everything. I love reading about their journey!

andrew and carissa: Andrew and Carissa are amazing. They are also going through the adoption process with their daughter in Africa. You can see updates and read the story (and watch their awesome video) on the blog ( Everything on their blog is sweet and lovely. you will enjoy it.

anna: i have known Anna since we were 15! We reconnected when I started working at SteelRoots and now she is a businesswoman/wife/mommy. her site is full of pretty things.

the colemans: Daniel and Mindy are probably the 2 sweetest people you will ever meet. No exaggeration. And now they are about to welcome little Isaac into the world. But there have been some surprises, concerns and unexpected news during Mindy's pregnancy. I will let her fill you in as you read (

people i have never met:

bleubirdvintage: (repeat.) I LOVE JAMES. honestly... wow. her style, her home, her kids... she is just awesome. I am always excited when I see her pop up in my bloglovin' morning scroll! I have such a girl-crush on her. For realz.

rachel: (repeat) sometimes i pretend i am Rachel’s real-life-friend. No joke. I know that is what i will wish for when i blow out the candles on my b-day cake. her family is darling. her style is fun and vintage. and her life is real. she is honest and open about day-to-day life. and she loves her husband so sweetly. So Rachel... if you need a new pal to hang out with from NC... call me.

joanna: this is a new one. I have fallen in love with Jo and her little life in NYC. her little boy is adorable, she has classic, yet fun and chic style, and is hilarious. she finds the most amazing things. her friday afternoon posts are my favorite, b/c they are stuffed with all of these random little links of fun and lovely things. i owe most of my pintrerest posts to her. :)

emma: i briefly mentioned Emma last time. I love her guys. She and her sister Elsie(she is next) run Red Velvet in MS. My friend Erin and I talked about taking a road trip to their shop. Anyway, Emma put easy and tasty recipes on her blog. and she had blue hair for a little while. true story.

elsie: (repeat)Emma's sister, designer, crafter, DIY-er... all of it. Elsie got married a few months ago joke... i was more excited about her wedding than i was the royal wedding. and she did not disappoint. all of the hand-made items, colors...everything was so sweet and pretty.

anderson family: Emily is hilarious. and amazing. she was the mom of 4 little, crazy cuties, and then she and her husband felt the Lord lay adoption on their hearts. so they did. they adopted Elsa from Ethiopia. And she is incredible. Now a mom of 5, she began writing about the adjustments. She was very transparent. Then... SURPRISE! Preggers with #6! I love her honesty. I love her love for the Lord, and for her family. She is awesome.

knox mccoy: i found knox through tyler stanton (i mentioned him last time read every friday for his weekly 6. best part of the day). I started reading Knox's blog b/c he gave hilarious re-caps of Bachelorette. Yup. no shame. and then he once said i was funny on tylers blog. and quoted me in a post. thus, i read his daily now. and comment every time. we are pretty much best friends. anyway, read Knox's blog. you won't be sorry. you might pee your pants laughing. you might.

Friday, August 12, 2011

what happens here

stays here
as i have said before... i am turning 30 in sept. shaynah was originally talking about having a big birthday party for me. she was talking about this back in the spring when she and michael moved into the cutest house ever.
but then i was watching a show (that may or may not have been keeping up with the kardashians. i'll never tell... but it was) and saw that someone (kim) had their 30th in...VEGAS!
now, i have been to vegas a few times. i don't hate it. i know you can have good, clean fun. its an experience. i am not the girl who ever plans on doing that kind of thing. i am more of a "lets go to the beach" or "lets have a cookout" type girl. but shaynah said "go big!".

so, on sept 2, we are flying to las vegas with my roommate ashley.

my uncle hooked us up with a free suite at the polo towers (rooftop pool and cabanas!)

and we have our list of free/cheap things to do... since that is how shaynah and i roll on every trip.

the airfare made me say "ay carumba" ala Bart Simpson, but i had some sweet friends and family who contributed. and i am overwhelmed and blessed by that!

we leave on sept 2nd. the girls have never been, so i am excited for them to experience it for the first time. there is nothing quite like driving through the desert and POW...there are the lights of vegas.
we found out we can see the lions of MGM, tigers, no bears, get lessons on some games, ride the gondola at the venetian, all for free!

now... i know what you are thinking.
i get the joke. i am not really THAT girl. i hate that girl. the one that is in vegas in her trashy dress, with a tiara on her head, drunk and "wooo"ing at everything. we are not going to any clubs. we aren't going to any shows. i will probably be making fun of "that" girl the entire time. i plan on being anti-that girl.

anyway... this should be fun. i am excited. it will be a wonderful distraction to the age that will be falling upon me.

Friday, August 5, 2011

one month

I was just reminded reading Mindy's blog that I needed to check my 30 before 30 list. then i looked up at my Disney princess calendar and Jasmine was looking back at me, mocking me for the fact that officially, as of today, i only have one month left in my 20's. *&%**@# (yes... that was a bad word. not a specific one. more like all of them together)

I know that i am NO where near getting them all. But lets see where I am, shall we?

1) try to like apple pie.

-I like 2 specific recipes. So we will say that counts.

2) own every Ryan Adams album on vinyl.
-more than halfway there. But budget issues are preventing me for buying more. so unless my fair readers decided to buy me "Love is Hell", "Cold Roses", "Heatbreaker" (i think. I forgot if i have that one) and "Cardinalology"... i won't be hitting this one

3) own half of Bob Dylan's albums on vinyl
- same issue as #2. But I have about 6 now. that is big.

4) go to the gym at least 5 times a week.
-cancelling my current membership (prices are absurd) and going to switch to the Y. So nope.

5) read Mornings and Evenings 5 times a week (the other days i can read one or the other)

6) make myself coffee mostmorning's instead of going to the cafe at work

7) get a new hobby.
8) watch more documentaries I even own a few now

9) get involved with a humanitarian organization
-I think Tom's shoes and Invisible Children count!
10) finish writing my 30 before 30 list.
11) consistently take off nail polish when it starts chipping
12. keep the inside of my car clean
13. read more. Lots more
I've read about 12 books in the past 3 months. HOORAY
14. write thank you notes and send bday cards
- whoops.
15. write more handwritten notes period

16. cook more.
17. take a trip to CA and visit everyone i know and love.
18. go to bed BEFORE midnight on week nights
- 11:58 counts.
19. not buy anything new unless i am willing to give away something old
20. pray more. a lot more. my morning drives have been awesome. So have my drives home. And my "lay awake" moments.

21. make a list of specific people/things to pray about each week. and be faithful to it
22. Make Saturday "phone date day" call out of town friends. Stop relying on text and facebook and blogs

23. Get excited about turning 30 instead of sad.
-i give this one a half-done. I am 90% excited.
24. build up my savings account
-whoops. But i have cut WAY down on spending

25. see another favorite/legend in concert
26. visit a new city

27. call parents on a weekly basis
28. see at least 4 Woody Allen movies that i haven't seen yet

29. buy a bike and ride it whenever possible
-budget issues again
30. do my makeup at home, and not in the car

21 out of 30 ain' too bad! the other 9... they will probably go on next years list too. But hey... i am pretty excited about this. Yay me!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

2 outta 3

the other day on twitter i said that 2 out of 3 of my childhood dreams had come true on Wednesday.
1) own magenta lipstick when i grow up
2) see Dolly Parton in concert
3) marry Jordan Knight

you don't know who Jordan is?
well... let me tell you.
Jordan was the dreamiest member of New Kids on the Block.
i loved him, his brother Jonathan, Donnie (mainly because his brother was Mark Wahlberg...whom i still love) and kinda liked Joey. he seemed too young (though he was still older than me). I wasn't into Danny. at all.
clock wise from the top: Jonathan, Joey, Jordan, Donnie, Danny

Keep in mind... my love for NKOTB began when i was about 7. I was hardcore into them till i was about 10. (that is a lie. i still know every song.)
one day I cried because i realized i would never meet or marry Jordan Knight. I attempted to call information to get his phone number. I tried to sound grown up (i was probably about 8 years old). The lady handled it very well
Operator: 411 information, what city?
me: Boston Mass (i thought if i just said "Mass" i would sound more grown up than saying "massachusetts"
Operator: what is the listing?
me: um... what?
Operator: the name.
me: oh. Knight, Jordan. (grown-ups ALWAYS said the last name first)
Operator: ok... um... that number is unlisted
me: oh, it's ok. i know him.
Operator: (trying not to laugh) Yes ma'am. i understand. Unfortunately, I don't have that number.
me: oh. ok. thanks.

smooooooth sands. smooth.
anyway... they just recently started a comeback. I watched one of the music videos again today (I saw it when it first came out like 2 years ago) and my heart started racing the same way it used to. I wanted to cry when I saw Jordan. HOW can he STILL not understand how much I loved (false: still love) him???? Can't he feel it??? CAN'T HE?

here they are now.

l-r: Joey, Jonathan, Donnie, Jordan Danny
 but what gets me... still... is that sweet, super shy Jonathan (seriously... like... panic attack, stand in the very back of the stage, unable to to interviews) picks up the girl's lip gloss. (sadly, he is gay. but i still imagine 1980's Jonathan.)
the point is...I. HATE. HER.
all of them come up to her, smiling, flirting, what not. WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS!?!?!?. She can have Danny. But the rest? MINE. STEP OFF SKANK!
here is the video.
also, here is an old video, when my heart was so in love. When I looked like a cartoon with hearts shooting out of my eyeballs.

point of reference: Jordan (aka Mr. Kendra Sands) is the first person in the Step by Step video, in the odd ballet pose. Honestly, my heart just leapt out of my chest.
Forget this. I am finding him on twitter or something and finally professing my love. he has the right to know.

*sigh*. I'm back. I actually posted this and everything about 10 minutes ago, and then found this music video too.
so I secided to share the wonderfulness with you all.
this is the other new-ish NKOTB video.
also, here is what Jordan look like now.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


i can't even begin to describe last night. i really can't. but i will try.

originally my roommate Ashley and i were going to go to Dolly. Ashley appreciates her, but isn't even a quarter of nuts about her as I am. But she enjoys legendary concerts. so she was stoked.
about 2 weeks ago, she found out that our friend Misty was as crazy for Dolly as I am. She offered to sell Misty her ticket. She wanted Misty to have the same experience seeing her music idol, as she did when she saw Paul McCartney last year. Misty had the same reaction i did... grinning, shaking almost crying.

so yesterday, we loaded, did our makeup extra "fancy" (ie: cheap) and hit the road to Durham.

Dolly always says "it costs a lot of money to look this cheap". She even said it last night.

Misty's first Steak n Shake experience

we could barely sit still.
there she is.
 note about the above picture: she was not that far away at all. but our phones/cameras could not focus on her because her outfits were so sparkly. the reflection made her a blur. But let me say this: the dress she had on at this point would have been my dream when i was 8 years old. Misty agreed. Hot pink, covered in beads that only glittered when she moved. it was incredible.

we both agreed she looked like an angel here.

i have never made this face before. my head was about to explode.

afterwards, still crazy excited. we were praying the entire time that we would be able to meet her. no such luck

i now own this. Dolly beer coozie.

below are 2 videos. Like i said, could not focus on her because of the reflection from her glitter.
she sounds amazing. not weary or worn. still clear and lovely.
i was going to include the video from the start of the show... when it completely dark and you just hear her voice with no instruments. it was gorgeous. but Misty and i were FREAKING OUT. Screaming, jumping, shaking, laughing uncontrollably... it would not serve anyone to see that video. i was shaking my phone around like it was a tambourine. At least, that is what the video looks like. 

"i will always love you"
(about this... such a gorgeous song. this was for her encore. she said it was for all of us, helping make her dreams come true. and that she would always love us. I might have had tears in my eyes. I did. I really did)

Islands in the Stream...without Kenny Rogers. The guys who sang with her wasn't awesome. but she was perfection.

(turns's a true story. a woman tried to steal her husband. She said she "chased that red-headed hussie out of town!")

So... my dream came true. I saw my sweet Dolly in person. She is even more darling than I thought. She talked about Jesus non stop. then her trashy look, then flirting. She loves her fans with all her heart. I will never ever ever forget last night!

Monday, August 1, 2011


and i am totally dressing up. i have my outfit all picked out. it's going to be pretty epic.

book worm

i don't remember where we left off. so i will guess.

i finished The Hunger Games series. I cannot recommend these books enough. I read them all really quickly, they are easy, fun, suspenseful reads. ANNNND they are being made into movies. ANNNNND they are being filmed in NC! ANNNND i have thought about dropping by the set and offering my suggestions. maybe.

new reads:
I read this in 2 nights. It was lovely/happy/sad. I cried. It also is being made into a movie, and I actually have high hopes for it after seeing the preview. It looks like they might hit all of the major parts. When i watched the trailer before, i had no desire to see the movie or read the book... but i am glad i at least read it.

lovely book. i heard the movie is crap, but the book is really good. it is one of those tricky books, where you don't feel you can recommend it. ifyouknowwhatimean.
but i will just say that i greatly enjoyed it

i can't really explain this book. it is amazing, but not always a pleasant read. not that it's bad.
see, i can't explain it.
Basically, the entire book is told through the point of view of a 5 year old boy named Jack. And Jack lives in Room with his mom. he was born in that room, and it's all he knows. the book goes on to explain how he got there (its rough) and i don't want to say anymore. I recommend it. I really do. but understand that the first part of the book makes your heart ache at times.
There was one part that was so suspenseful, i had to put the book down, take a few deep breaths... my heart was racing. RACING. Read this book.
i read Water for Elephants and Room this weekend. They are both quick reads.

that is all i have read since last time. any suggestions?