Friday, September 30, 2011

save a pretzel for the gas jets

one of my favorite things right now is Bad Lip Reading. These guys take music videos, re-write music and dub over the singer, changing the lyrics to what it looks like the person i actually saying. The funniest is Michael Buble's "Haven't Met You Yet" changed to "Russian Unicorn".
But now they have taken clips of Ricky Perry. It's brilliant. We quote it at work often.
"i'm bored by famine. I cannot wait for a medieval cookie, a cinnabun, hot yellow kool-aid..."

youtube choir

have you heard of TED? It's an awesome conference where different people (everyone from authors, former Presidents, musicians) come speak, sharing experience, ideas... it's pretty amazing
You should check out some of their videos.
Anyway, I just saw this one from Eric Whitacre. Eric is a classical composor/conductor. He had one of the coolest ideas i have ever heard of.
Watch the video to see.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


last year i made a 30 before 30 list. I did about half of the things on it. The rest, i partially did. 30 things is a lot.
i am NOT going to make a 31 before 31 list, because i find it depressing. for many reasons.
INSTEAD, i am going to just make a list. no number involved. A list of goals and things i would like to accomplish or start. There doesn't have to be an end date. Some things are habits and can't really be completed. But things in general. Just to give me some good and new goals.

*total side-note. Like, super side note. I love the show How I Met Your Mother. I had no interest in watching it, but now i adore it. One of the characters, Marshall, needed to make a graph for a presentation at work. He then becomes addicted to graphs and charts. (in case you don't get it, the "Cecilia " chart is a reference to a Simon and Garfunkel song, called "Cecilia" and has the line "Cecilia, you're breaking my heart. You're shaking my confidence daily")

anyway, that is how i get with lists. Once i make 1 list, i start going crazy. i make lists of things i have already done, just for the satisfaction of crossing things off the list.

so here are somethings i want to do this year

1) explore my city. Charlotte is awesome. There are so many great things to do here. I tend to just stick in one area, or just areas i am familiar with. But, i began to explore a bit more last year. I found a vintage shop that I love (Hong Kong Vintage) , a new favorite record store (Lunchbox), different places to eat and what not. And I found some free stuff to do too. On Tuesday's I can go to the MINT museum for free. I might become that woman who is there every week, staring at stuff for waaaay too long. How cultured and elegant and crazy. There are coffee shops i want to try. My friend Blake introduced me to a place I had no idea existed, though i drive by it EVERY SINGLE DAY! It's called Rush Espresso. I love it now. Now if i could just find a good cupcake place (other than Polka Dot)

2) make an effort. I mentioned that last week. And already it has gotten better. I am attempting to wear clothes and put together outfits that are new-to-me. Basically, not making a uniform. It's been kind of fun. I have also been wearing makeup this week. And my glasses, but that is just because my eyes were bugging me earlier in the week. Also, i just got a b-day gift of a NICE target gift card. Instead of spending it on groceries (fact: I do that. Often) and toiletries, i am going to buy some clothes.

3) get involved.  last year i watched the film "waiting for Superman". I cannot tell you how amazing it was. It opened my eyes to the public school system, where it is broken, and how we can help. After the film, they give you a number you can text to get involved. Since then, about once a month i get a text with tips, info and what not. I just got one about volunteering as a tutor/reader/mentor with the United Way. So i am doing it. I don't know what it is going to look like, i don't know how much help I will be, but I'm excited. I've signed up, and I am waiting for my info packet. (if you are interested and want some info, click here)I was very lucky to be the daughter and granddaughter of readers. My grandpa Glenn read to me ALL the time. Mom read every kind of book. Not just the cheesey ones kids are drawn to, but classics. Some kids don't get that at all. And that is one of the issues with the current school system One statistic they showed, was that most people think that bad neighborhoods make bad schools. It's the opposite. Bad schools feed into bad neighborhoods. If kids get a bad education, don't graduate, or drop out, they are then stuck in that neighborhood. They aren't able to get good jobs. They find ways to occupy their time. They explain it much  better in the film (and the trailer)
here it is. (You get so involved and attached to the specific kids they follow. I cried about the little boy who says he wants to make his grandma proud. his story was my favorite)

anyway, i might add more later. But i think that is a good start. These are bigger goals. But I am really excited. And if you see a creepy girl at the museum every week... just ignore me. maybe i will be able to give secret tours eventually. and charge for them.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

monday on tuesday

i was home with a migraine yesterday. so i totally forgot to post this.
anyway, here is some monday happiness... on tuesday.

Ryan Adam's new album is streaming on NPR. Even if you haven't listened to him before, I think you will enjoy

my favorite SNL skit. It still cracks me up

Have you seen Pretty in Pink? this is my favorite scene. Duckie coming in to the record store while Andie (molly ringwald) and Iona (best character ever) are talking about boy problems (Duckie is in love with andie, but she has a massive crush on a pretppy guy named Blaine.) anyway, this is his grand entrance into the store.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

blah blah blah pumpkin spice latte

the other day shaynah made a funny comment on fb making fun of everyone who goes nuts at the first signs of fall. I think it was something along the lines of "OMG SWEATERS OMG PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES OMG CARDIGANS" I laughed.
but, you have to admit, there is something about fall. you do get excited about the fall clothes, bringing out that old massive cozy sweater or scarves (i think i might purge my scarf collection... so i can buy more.)
anyway, since i don't really buy myself new clothes... like ever, i don't get as excited about the outfits part. I wear cardigan's year round, since i can't be flashin' too much shoulder in the work place. But i do want to step up my fall/winter fashion game. spring and summer is easy peasy for me. colorful? check. done.
today Ashley was telling me that she has been watching a lot of the Rachel Zoe project (so good) and wants to step up her game as well. That is easier for her. She has an incredible wardrobe. I wear the same 5 things. So i am forcing myself to get more creative. I do like the feeling when i put an outfit together in a new way. I look in the mirror and think "nailed it. yeah i did." Then i high five myself. then i do the shooting gun pointing thing. You know what i am talking about. then i stop.
So overall, I am going to try to put in more effort. That was one of my "I'm 30. Now what" resolutions. I started by wearing actual make-up most days. Not just hiding the dark circles. I'm talking eyeliner ya'll. yeah. And i have been fixing my hair regularly. Normally when my hair is this long, I just tie it in a knot every day. But i have behaved and only do that once a week or so. Or once I get home from work.
I am going to start trying with clothes too. With the help of pinterst (i have a 'style' board) and with the purchase of a couple of versatile items, as well as workin' with what i gotz, i'm hoping to step it up. We will see how this goes.

also, Alexa Chung for Madewell has lots of inspiration. And sadness. Since i can't afford anything there


Monday, September 19, 2011


i am thinking about doing a Monday feature. But i don't think i have enough readers. There are like 2 of you. I am pretty sure.
but i might do it for me.
Anyway, I will post a few things that put a pep in my step, cheer me up, or just plain make Monday's more bearable.
How does that sound?
here we go

internet high five. Brilliant

fun notebook

Tom Hanks posing with Woody. I love this

 do you watch Friday night Lights? Of course you don't. Most people don't. Here is a "best of" clip of coach Taylor, played by Kyle chandler. He won an Emmy last night for this character. This is probably one of  THE BEST shows on TV. I have all 5 seasons on DVD and i would be HAPPY to let you borrow them. It isn't just about football. TRUST me.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

style icons

between the changing of the seasons, and having a milestone b-day, I have been thinking a lot about my personal style (as well as real, substantial thoughts...i promise)
I have been itching to try something somewhat new with my hair as well.
AND listening to French music.
the combination of all of those factors have led me to decide that Francoise Hardy and Charlotte Gainsbourg are my current style icons.

First Francoise...
she is a French singer/actress who was big in the 60's. And she is gorgeous. Even today, in her late 60's she is still stunning.

I should wear more stripes. And have bangs.
but mostly, i have decided to wear liquid eyeliner at least once a week. I have gotten a lot better at it, making it a lot more subtle, and less Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. :) today, for example, i am wearing a striped dress and liquid eyeliner. Unfortunately, my hair was a hot mess, so it's in a pony-tail. I am less Francoise, and more gigi or sabrina before their makeovers. oh well.

next, Charlotte Gainsbourg.
Oh my word, I adore her. I want to be her when I grow up. She is the daughter of famous (and controversial) french singer Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin (whom the Hermes "Birkin Bag" is named after)
She is a french/english singer and actress.

Charlotte is not your typical beauty. Not the good ol' American girl next door look. Her messy hair is my all time favorite though

i guess i just need bangs. and i'll be good

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

what happens here doesn't stay here

here is a little peek of our trip. I adore the Bellagio fountians. In the evenings, they go off every 15 minutes. I could had stayed there for hours. 
At one point, after we had stayed at the fountains for 2 shows, we were walking in the Bellagio and I could see them through the window. I stopped and watched again. They are like fireworks... but water. (see how smart and eloquent I am now that I am 30?)
This was from my b-day eve (we rested during the day, and celebrated that night.)
anyway, here is a short clip of the fountains and my all time Frank Sinatra song "fly me to the moon"
this was the first, longer video. we took it from the bridge. No music, but wow it's awesome. To the point where i say (in my best man-voice) "that's awesome" and shaynah replies "yah". that is us being excited when it is 11:30pm PST, but feels like 2:30 am (EST)

"Paris", where we had my bday dinner

a little bit of NY, NY and the MGM

the Strip
bday dessert at the Sugar Factory in front of the Bellagio
more to come later... including the funniest moment of the entire trip

Thursday, September 1, 2011

the niblocks

see this handsome couple?
do you know who they are?

nope... not my parents. these are my grandparents. aren't they so youthful and fun-loving looking? this is Judy and Glenn Niblock. They are awesome. they eloped when they were 17. now, i frown upon those things, but for them... totally hilarious and awesome. they had my mom at 18, and became grandparents to me at 40.
Anyway, i want to talk to you about Glenn Niblock. He is a tough guy. Had a motorcycle when his kids were toddlers. Worked in the space program. Learned to fly a plane in his 40s/50s. Tough guy. Took me to the dump on Saturday's because i loved it. TOUGH. GUY
This big tough guy has one soft spot though. And it is a song. When I was wee little, mom and I lived with g'ma and g'pa for a while. Grandpa would drive me to preschool. There was a certain movie that was out at that time. And a certain song from that movie played on the radio non-stop. And I would sing it at THE TOP OF MY LUNGS in the car whenever it came on. Like, not in a kid way. I would try to sing it for real. Like i was on stage in a floor length sequined dress.
Years later Grandpa told mom that when it comes on the radio, he gets teary eyed thinking about it.
Right? how cute... right?
anyway... i know the suspense is killing you
here is the song that can bring hard core manly man Glenn Niblock to tears...