Thursday, April 28, 2011


i love when people cover other songs. i think it is fun to hear a different spin or take on it...

well, i was thrilled to find that brian gossett has not one, not two , not three... but four playlists of different covers of awesome songs in his series "cover lover"

here are some of my favorites

John Legend covering Arcade Fire's "Wake Up"

Rouge Wave covering the Yeah Yeahs "Maps"

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

could'a would'a

dear future children (older kids... not babies...),
today i think we would've played hookie. I would have let you sleep in (mainly so i could sleep in a smidge). Then I would have made you pancakes. I would have played some Bob Dylan because I am going to force you to love him. Then we would lazily get dressed and go to Freedom Park with our dogs Atticus and Morrissey. I think we would play there for a while. I would probably even bring croquet in case you got bored climbing on the awesome train. We would picnic (there would totally be juice boxes), and then come home. You would skateboard in the neighborhood as i clean, and then i would read to you. lots of great books. then we would get frozen yogurt. It would have been awesome.
PS- this is your father

(**edit**... here are a few more "baby daddy" pictures. you know... for the kids. so they can see him.)
Oh, Ryan darling.

Instead, i am at work, gazing out the window, listening to the beachboys, wishing it was the weekend already. But i know that it's going to be awesome when we do play hookie. Just you wait and see.
I am quite excited because my friend Hannah from Raleigh is coming to visit! I am going to show her all the excitement of Charlotte, the delicious food and awesome random shops (HOORAY HONG KONG VINTAGE!) and let her meet all of friends. i would like everyone to form a single file line on Sunday to meet her. even if you are from out of town. Thanks.
AND i took off Thursday and Friday to have a mini-spring break with Shaynah.

The Lord has been sweet and near this week. Easter is always a good "refresh" button for the heart. remembering that sin is crushed to death. that the grave has been defeated. all in the name of love! crazy good.
via: retrospect-introspect:

Also, as part of my 30 before 30, i have been reading a lot more. I am in the middle of Jane Eyre (reading and audiobook). My mom instilled a habit in me that i just can't shake. As a kid/teen, i wasn't allowed to see a movie until i read the book. the problem with that is, when i see a trailer, i don't have much time to get through the book. And then the movie is a huge letdown (except for Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, and No Country for Old Men). But i can't NOT do it. Good thing i am a fast reader.

Last night i finished reading Love is a Mixtape. Gracious me, that book is awesome. It is sad and lovely. I highly reccomend it if you are a music lover.
Basic plot: the author is a music writer, and he tells the love story between him and his wife, who is now dead. He tells how music brought them together, how important it was to their relationship, and how it continues to help him keep her memory alive. it is lovely. he also lists all of his mixtapes at the start of each chapter.
It made me decided to get back into the mix tape business. but i might start making them mp3 ones that can be downloaded instead of burning CDs. We shall see.

i love you all. for realsie. thanks for being rad.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

His forever

Jesus, friend of sinners

Loved me ’ere I knew Him

Drew me with His cords of love

Tightly bound me to Him

’Round my heart still closely twined

The ties that none can sever

For I am His and He is mine

Forever and forever

Jesus, friend of sinners

A crown of thorns You wore for me

Bruised for my transgressions

Pierced for my iniquities

The wrath of God that I deserved

Was poured out on the Innocent

He took my place, my soul to save

Now I am His forever

Jesus, friend of sinners

I love to tell the story

Redeeming love has been my theme

And will be when in glory

Not death nor life nor anything

Can ever separate me

O love that will not let me go

Yes, I am His forever

Monday, April 18, 2011


dang, i feel weary today. not just in the "blech it's monday" but overall. burnt out, fighting for joy... blerg.
so i am doing 2 things

1) turning to the Lord and see that he is my joy, even when i am not feeling incredibly joyful. remembering that i need to stop begging for blessings, because he IS the blessing.
2) looking at the little evidences of means of grace he showers me with.

such as the fact that in 2 months to the day i will be here:

and that this week i get to meet little baby Pheonix, who we have been praying for the past 5 years (as in... to be... created? I don't know how to phrase this. My friend and his wife have been trying to have a baby for years. And they just did. there.)

and that it is warm and lovely out

that ashley found this:

and... well... lots of things.

and i will probably do this.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I love to read. I have little self control when it comes to reading (ie: i have pulled all nighters in order to finish a book that i refuse to put down *coughHARRYPOTTER-AND -TWILIGHT-SERIEScough*
but i get lazy after a while. i am not good about starting a new series, testing out an author i haven't read yet or searching for books. I stick with the ones i like. I re-read everything in my library. if i am struggling getting into a book, i might abandon it (that is why it took me over 6 months to get into Nicholas Nickleby, which is now one of my all time favorite books)

anyway, i felt inspired to speak about books for a few reasons
1) I just finished "Fahrenheit 451". It took me a while to get through it. I could really only read about 5-6 pages at a time for some reason. But the entire book is about a world without books. Where fireman don't put out fires, but instead set books on fire, because they are illegal. the book was written over 50 years ago, but predicts the future so spot on. TVs the size of walls. "seashells" that we place in our ears that play music or noise to drown out the sound of things around us. People who are unable to sleep without medication, classic literature being lost. its crazy.
In the last chapter, one character is talking to the main character, Montag, and says this: "Stuff your eyes with wonder. See the world. Its more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories..."
2) Penguin and released cloth bound hardcovers of many of their classics. Shaynah already bought me Pride and Prejudice, but i would love to someday own them all, especially the children's classics

3) there is a free audiobook iphone app. I have been going through the Anne of Green Gables series and am now halfway through my favorite... Anne of the Island. I'm at the part when she is being courted by Royal Gardner, and is starting to become jealous of dear dear dear Gilbert's relationship. I was just as crushed when she refused Gilbert as i was when i first read it. But this time i was driving down 77 with tears in my eyes instead of curled up in my bed. I have re-falled in love with little Davy and the way he asks questions. He always ends them with "I want to know".

"The new minister was here to tea last night. He took three pieces of pie.
If I did that Mrs. Lynde would call me piggy. And he eat fast and took big bites and Marilla is always telling me not to do that. Why can ministers do what boys can't? I want to know."

i have put these pictures on my pinterst. they remind me of that scene in Beauty and the Beast, when he gives her that massive library. Could you imagine?

so to end with a question: what are you reading now? What is your all time favorite? What is a book that took you a while to get into, but then you LOVED?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

anthro and old friends

when i was 15 i became friends with Anna Newman
she was pretty and funny and creative. we hung out a looooooot. talked on the phone all the time.
typical 15 year old girl stuff.
then Anna started going to another church. We didn't really see eachother and quickly lost touch.
fast forward to 2006. It was almost 10 years later. I was starting a new job at SteelRoots.
I walk in, and who is sitting in the cubicle next to me? Anna Newman!
She was just starting dating a guy named Josh. They got married. They now have the cutest little button of a baby girl.
Anyway, Anna has a blog. And it is amazing.
AND she is giving away a $50 Anthropologie gift card. (say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat)
so, mosey on over to her blog. enter in the contest. you can enter every day in the month of April.
She will pick a winner. AND if you mention that you heard about it on here, we both get an extra entry. that is right.
Then look over and Anthropolgie and start dreaming about what you will buy.
here is what i am thinking about

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


that makes me sound like a huge brat
but here are something that i would very much like to have in my life

1) Tina Fey's book. The cover alone is brilliant.

2)such a pretty keyboard

3) I know this is meant for kids, but i would like my very own treehouse bed.

4) either (or both) of these dogs

5) I wanted this, so i made it. And it was absurdly good

6) this print
Embrace Messy Hair - Lino Print

Monday, April 4, 2011

big or low key

so, as you probably know, i am turning 30 25 this September.
normally Kristie, Shaynah, Bethany and i would go down to Charleston for Labor Day weekend (my bday)
but this year, since i know we are all in busy seasons and tight on cash, i suggested we skip it and save up to do something AWESOME next year. Shay started talking about how now we can have a big 30th 27th bday party for me here with all my friends. That sounded perfect
UNTIL Saturday when i was watching Kim and Kourtney Take New York a documentary about young women trying to make it in a city by starting their own company. In this program, one of the ladies was turning 30. It was decided that she would spend the b-day in Las Vegas with her friends.

I immedtialy text Shaynah, who was on her anniversary trip with Michael in NY (whoops)... and said "Kim Kardashian went to Las Vegas for her 30th. Just saying."
so now my mind is reeling. the thing about that it is Vegas. I don't know if i want to be "that girl"... but it can be really fun. And CHEAP. But there are other possibilities
The thing is, I am focusing on CHEAP. I am focusing on fun that can be had with little money.
SO, if you have any suggestions for cheap, fun trips where someone turning 30 23 can get in minimal trouble, but still have fun (do not suggest a hiking trip to the mountains. That isn't what we are going for here) let me know. Throw out any ideas, websites with fun suggestions, the name of your cousins wife's brother who knows a guy that can get us a cheap rate... anything you got. Give it to me