Thursday, December 26, 2013

all of the boooooooks

Happy Day-After Christmas (boxing day? I don't get that one)

Sadly, I'm at work. But happy that the office is empty so I'm listening to Joni Mitchell so I can have allll of the feels that come with her music. There is also something Christmas-y about Joni...maybe because of Love Actually and Emma's statement that Joni taught her cold British heart how to feel. Gosh, how heartbreaking is that scene...when she is up in her room, listening to "Both Sides Now"...especially that version of it...crying but wiping away the tears with the heel of her palm. Yikes.

Stupid Alan Rickman. 
One more tangent...remember when Emma was married to Kenneth Branagh, and he cheated on her and left her? For stupid Helen Bonham Carter???? Right. I think of that whenever I watch this scene. That maybe Emma had some practice for it.
But Emma did QUITE alright for herself...marrying the devilishly handsome Mr. Willoughby from Sense and Sensibility. And she got him while filming the movie...get it Emma. You get it.

But we aren't here to talk about that, are we? No. We are here to talk about BOOOOOOKS

Here are the rest of the books that I bought for friends (the ones I got for parents are specifically from their wishlist, so that did not take any cleverness or they won't be mentioned.

For the brother that joined the navy and is bummed that all the cool adventure books are currently being written for girls:

My 19 year old brother Sam has been in San Diego to wrap up his training before being stationed at Norfolk and beginning his travels to Europe. Books are the perfect gift for him with all the flights and time aboard ships. Though he has written Hunger Games and Divergent, there haven't been as many dude books lately. Which is fine. But it can be a bummer. So here is what I got him

also, since he read World War Z and loved it, I thought this would be a good fit

My 15 year old sister that wants to be Katniss
My sister read the Hunger Games and needed another girl strong "girls can kick butt" book series...
so, naturally I went to my personal favorite, 
you might remember that I also gave this to my boss...who is in his 40's. And you will see that this one comes up again. I highly recommend it.

I also got her a fun notebook.

I want her to be reminded of how sweet, amazing and awesome her life really is. So this notebook was a fun fit for that. With it, i gave her the assignment of just writing the fun, amazing, awesome things that happen to her each day. 

For the co-worker that is more of a really close  friend and doesn't know how to cook
That one was pretty specific. I've become really close friends with my co-worker Lindsay. We both talk about the fact that we don't cook. It's not that we don't like it, it's just there isn't time to do it, and it's boring to cook for one person.
So, once i heard of this book, I had to jump on it...buying one for each of us!

it's adorable, the recipes are easy and delicious. Jessica is so funny!

For the 2 best friends that you'd be lost without

I was so proud of these gifts! then something funny happened...

this book is hilarious...all drinks based on classic literature. They all look easy and amazing! It was the PERFECT gift for Shaynah. She loves experimenting with drinks...and loves to read.
THEN something happened...
Displaying photo.JPG
YAYYYYYY but you can't give a pregnant woman a book about mixing drinks when she can't enjoy them...
so I threw in Divergent. Again. for the 3rd time. What does that tell you about this book?


this adorable book is exactly what it says...instructions for life skills that would make Jane proud. Though, there are still some scandalous suited Kristie to a T.
But after that...i had to give her something...less proper. Upon opening this gift, and me telling her the next would be less proper...she asked "is it hotties?"



So there you go!
That was the easiest Christmas of my life...

and last person I shopped for...

For the girl who likes unicorns, bob dylan, classic literature, woody allen, and didn't get any of the books she wanted for christmas

YAAAYYY ME! I didn't get a single book for Christmas. So now a girl's gotta do it for herself. Today I decided to buy the books I really REALLY wanted.

Suze Rotolo was Bob Dylan's girlfriend in the 60s, and his muse. She was on the cover of Freewheelin' Bob Dylan. She died a few years ago, but wrote a memoir of Greenwich Village during the time she and Bob were together. I've wanted this one for a while, and decided to go for it!

I've heard amazing things about this book...and wanted a good read for an upcoming long weekend and plane ride

AND last but not least...

My angel-baby, soul mate, future husband and the love of my life, Questlove, wrote this book. That is the only reason i need to buy it. But he talks about music, life, records and his other true love, Soul Train. I CANNOT wait for this book to arrive

Ok all! I hope this was fun and helpful and inspires you to go the easy route next Christmas. I already have a theme lined up for next year...i'll keep you posted!

Happy Christmas and I hope your new year is filled with the happiest, best, most awesome things that the Lord can pour on you all! And that it's filled with LOTS of good books!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Unicorns and Duke Sucks

My boss travels a lot. Like, he's been in the office less than a week in the past 2 months.
Today he arrived, looking quite sad.
"I have sad news" he said.
I finally stopped clapping and "woooo"-ing (which i do when he shows up after weeks of being gone...gotta make the man feel important and welcome.) and asked what's wrong. I was scared. Super scared.
He paused, slowly pulled off his sunglasses and said
"I got you a unicorn. But it escaped last night. I can't find it anywhere"
He then went on to describe how beautiful it was "it's mane looked like Christmas tree garland...sparkly." as I gasped and "aaawww"ed at it. "What did it's horn look like?" i asked. "A spiral of colors"
"Like this?" and I held up a sticker of the Lisa Frank unicorn that I just happened to have lying around...

"yes *sigh* yes. Exactly like that. I'm so sorry"
at least he tried.
Why do I now get the feeling that I won't actually get a Christmas gift from him.

speaking of, I told you I'd share some of the books I bought.
Since some of the Christmas gifts have been opened, I can shaaaare them!

so, here is the partial list:

For roommates:
Color Me Swoon.

this book is exactly what it looks like...a dreamboat coloring/activity book. It's hilarious. Pictures of cuties from all genres (80's, hip hop, movies, indie bands) along with hilarious games, puzzles and activities. And a rating system. It's amazing

Love Letters of Great Men

this is exactly what it looks like. Love letters from famous and powerful men throughout time. Good for any girl in your life. Unless she is bitter and cynical. Then just get the coloring book

Beatles Poster Book

This is for any Beatles lover in your life. My roommate Ashley adore the Beatles. There are 20 amazing posters in here from their US tours.

Where Chefs Eat

I'm particularly proud of this one. Same roommate as the Beatles posters LOVES to travel. And she plans her trips around where she is going to eat. This book is full of suggestions in many US cities, but also placse all around the world. All different price points. Including a food truck or 2!

The 2 Male Co-workers On Your Team That Are Pretty Impossible To Shop For:
This one was tricky. I work with 2 awesome guys. Here is what I know about them.
1) they both LOVE UNC (bonus points for them)
2) they love college sports
3) one is married and adopting a little boy
4) the other one likes YA fiction....but the cool ones like Hunger Games
5) they both are hilarious and think I AM TOPS!

I'm guessing on that last bit. They've never said it...but i feel it. Oh. And one is my boss.

So, this is what I got them


"ummm"... i hear you saying. "you bought a grown man a book written for teenage girls?" Yes. Yes I did. First off, this book is for all ages. I'm not just saying that because I'm in my 30's and read but, but it seriously is. It's excellent. And he's talked about wanting to read it. So, I went ahead and got it for him. And he's pumped. He said it's going to be his Christmas break reading. BOOM bonus points. He liked it so much, he got me a unicorn! That escaped. But it's the thought that counts

Duke Sucks

the subtitle is really what makes this book amazing. "A complete even-handed, unbiased investigation into the most even team on planet earth"
Each chapter is a charge against Duke. Such as "Duke Causes Cancer". It's hilarious. And the guy LOVES it. He was reading the charges out to anyone who would walk by his desk. I scored big time with this gem.

Ok, that's all for now. More later when the rest are opened!