Tuesday, February 4, 2014

deal with it

after the last post i found about 10 more "deal with it" gifs that had me laughing like a weird crazy person at my desk

i'll share them at the end.
but first
next month marks 2 awesome, crazy, hilarious, wonderful years with this weirdo

things you should know about Aiden
  • these pictures were taken 3 seconds apart. the first face is because i told him he couldn't shove more food in his mouth until he finished his bite. that was the response. kid is serious about food. but he bounces back quickly
  • he's an entertainer. he keeps everyone cracking up. he lives for the laugh
  • he calls me Nenni. it's the best nickname i've ever been given. so that is who i am. we don't try to correct it. i'm nenni. that's that.
  • he can make animal sounds now. the best are his sheep and gator ("chomp chomp")
  • Family Fued is his favorite show because all of the clapping
  • he loves his mom more than anything. he's such a momma's boy. it takes everything to distract him when she leaves. he sometimse panics when i show up, afraid she is leaving. but quickly calms down once he realizes it's all cool
  • he loves to take you by the hand to show you something. Once we were in the car, both in the backseat and he was so excited ot show me everyhting "nenni....park. NENNI! CAR! nenni...people!"
  • he loves people. anyone who's name he doesn't know is "people"
  • correction: his favorite person is himself. he loves facetime becasue he likes looking at himself. if you want him to do something on camera, you have to flip it so he can see himself as it happens. he gets lost in his own eyes
  • he can recognize most letter from the alphabet
  • he is going to be a big brother, and can say "baby sister"
  • he  thinks he is a lot older than he is. he loves playing with the big kids
  • he says "hankerchief" super funny. 
  • he can say "i love you" and loves to give hugs. seriously...heart breaker

and now to the GIFs!