Wednesday, May 20, 2015



i feel like i say that a lot. but i owe ya'll a huge whoops. I just realized that i'm just shy of a year since i last posted.
not cool.

my b
so much has changed since then.
i ombre'd my hair again
i bought 2 pairs of gold sneakers (slip on's and velcro'd ones)
i got SUPER into 1 direction
i bought taylor swift's album and fell in love with it and i'm seeing her next month in concert
i got super into the show broad city
i got older
i got over ryan gosling (the fact he had a baby with another woman might have something to do with that)

There is other stuff too. but those are the biggies.

and now...the reason i came back to blogging, even if just for a moment.
I have to gush about something so absurd, i'm rolling my eyes super hard as i type this.

on a whim, my roommate, a friend and i decided to do the 21 Day Fix.
For those of you who haven't heard of it, it's a fitness/eating plan. by the same people who do p90X
You get colored tupperware containers letting you know how much of each kind of food you can have a day. They give you a worksheet to figure it out
(for example, I get 4 green containers- veggies, 4 reds- on and so on)
There's a lot you can't have. It's basically a clean eating program. but it doesn't feel like it. you don't really feel like you are lacking much. I mean, sometimes you do. But mostly it's not an issue. There is also a workout video. A different workout for each day of the week. all 7 days. then on the last week, you do 2 workouts a day.

We are on day 18.

Why am i telling you about it on day 18, instead of 21?
Because. I want to share what's happened so far.
I'm not going to give weight and measurements and stuff. because i didn't take those beforehand. I tend to get overly focused on the numbers, and I didn't want to do that. I just wanted to see what would happen.
here are the things that have happened so far

  • i've eaten a lot more during the day. a lot more protein. lots of veggies. 
  • i can still have coffee and wine. hooray!
  • peanut butter has become my favorite treat
  • my nails have been growing super fast. I get regular gel manicures. the girl who does my nails was shocked at how much they had grown since i was in there last. she said it looked like 3 weeks instead of a week and a half.
  • though i've only done specific workouts once a week, by week 2 (only my second time doing each one) they were loads easier. it was shocking
  • my face is thinner. i've had several people start telling me that mid-week 2
  • i feel muscles that i haven't felt in a while. 
  • i pulled down my pants without unbuttoning/unzipping them last week to go to the bathroom. freshly-washed pants. so they would normally be a bit snug
  • i don't crave a lot of things that i thought i would. some just doesn't sound appealing. like reeses cups
  • i feel good! not like in the "omg i have to tell everyone, i feel like a new person" good. just...good
  • i feel like my eyes are...whiter. does that make sense? 
  • i see small, subtle changes in random places on my body. like my feet. no joke. random parts of my arms. 
  • i kind of enjoy the workouts. i mean, they are HARD. like, really hard. But they are do-able. I've been good about not skipping any of them. and i'm actually really proud of that

so, when i finish on sunday...what is next?
i'm going to have a cheeseburger. no joke. it's happening. and a beer. because that is what i miss the most.
but after that, i'm going to keep doing the workouts. maybe take a day off here and there. but for the most part, i'm doing them.
i'm going to stick to the eating plan. maybe a cheat here or there. but again, for the most part, sticking to it.
Then, i'm starting it again in june. that's how much i like it.

if you are interested in it, let me know. there are some tips i wish had been shared with me. there are some first cardio has a move that makes your jaw drop when you realize you have to do it for a minute.
also, i wish i had done the 10-minute ab video, a bonus one for the first 2 weeks, then thrown into the rotation week 3, from the start of the program. because it snuck up on me today and oh my word.

so there you go.
i highly recommend it! it's really the only program that i've seen such amazing changes on. and it builds amazing habits. it's not something that you just finish and walk away from. it becomes implemented in your day to day life.